Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

FELIZ AÑO CAMBIOS! (66th email)

                What a jolly, happy, mixed emotions week it was. You guys are hilarious, you want to know what the member said about you guys! He said that you guys are like a japanese family because they take a billion potos!! Hahaha but I loved it, it was awesome and I am looking forward to seeing a few today! J I gotta admit, I was a lot crazier this time, I hardly cried but that doesnt mean I dont miss you guys! I think I´m just got used to the misión. I was just so so so excited to see all you guys. Also I would like to thank you for the prayer Dad, it touched my heart and very different because it was in english. It caught me off guard I gotta admit! But yeah and I would like to thank you for talking about yourselves a lot this time. It was sooo good to find out what was going on back at home, and to hear from everybody! J Thanks for comin´down Anne, Ive missed seeing you this whole time, I am super glad you are lovin´life and you are still in Moab, oh yeah and I´m still your lumiere! Love you Big Anne!
                Momma! I got the other package with my card, jelly bellies, puzzle and all the amazingly delicious ´Merica stuff!! The only thing that stinks about it is resisting day by day not to eat all of it! J So thanks Momma, oh yeah I got the Christmas Card too soo awesome but why do you have to be soo big Alexis? Good night!
                Alrighty the big BIG news here it is I guess, quite the big changes here and they are……….drum roll please………we are BOTH outta here! Yep they kicked us both out, its called a whitewash here in the misión. Bye E´ Petersen….anyways he´s off to a place called Centenario in the zone Melo. And Im off to BELLA ITALIA in the zone Maroñas!!!!!! As Senior Comp. for reals this time, ahhhhh kind of pumped kind of nervous as usual but it should be a fun time. Im with E´Olsen, a youngin in the misión Ive heard. Ive also heard that he is really awesome and funny so lets hope so! I will have to tell you more details next week, but should be a party! Im gonna miss E' Petersen I know I say this about every comp I have but I really am gonna miss him! I just have too good of comps. each one teaches me something different! I think E' Petersen really taught me how to be humble to the Lords will. Nothing is a coincidence, it all happens because it is Gods will. What we have to do is try our best, just like you always say Dad! Also he taught me to apply the scriptures a lot more to the mission! The scriptures arent just a story but principles to be LEARNED! We had really great comp. studies because he shared not only what he learned in his study but how he was going to apply it into the mission! :) I love that kid, Im gonna miss em' but we live close no worries there we might go play a round or two of golf someday! 

It seems like it always happens when you are about to leave you get the work picking up a bit! I dont know if I told you guys about Santiago but he is a friend of some recent converts. He is only 11, just like you Alexis but he really is special! He has a hard time paying attention and we´ve had to teach him really slow this week! But he looks very probable to get baptized in this next month! He has a baptismal date for the 17th of Jan. and wants to get baptized!! I just hope the other missionaries keep in contact with him, and help him get to the gate to baptism. Im sure they will, its been awesome getting to know that kid I hope the best for him! Other than that, we found a few more people for the other guys to teach now luckily! 

Thats all folks I hope you enjoy the pics!! Christmas was really fun this year! :) Next time I talk to ya guys I'll be in Maroñas woot!! I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!! :) Have a good chilly news years eve!  CHAU!

The Bishop cooking a pig in Montevideo--December 2014

2nd Christmas package in Montevideo 2014

Christmas morning 2014

Talking with the family back in Utah!!  Yay!!!!

les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas 2014 Conference

For Unto Us a Child is Born! (65th email)

Merry Christmas to all and to all good night! Hohohoho

                Oh the weather outside is frightful but talking to you guys is soooo delightful so since we have 2 times this week to talk! Let us skype, let us skype, let us skype!! J Woot it’s the big week! Oh yeah and next week is changes week again, good gravy! So yes I will probably be talking to you guys on Tuesday next week but I cant promise you that quite yet because we might take out the oros again. We´ll have to see, stay tuned! Anyways back to skype info. SO yes we will be Skype video calling on the 25th of December, I will be speaking first and I will be calling you guys at 6:00pm our time, 1:00pm your time, right? I hope that’s a good enough time for you guys. I got 40 minutes to talk!  J Really looking forward to it, and it should be pretty good internet so we shouldn’t have any problems! Woot!

                It was quite the Christmasy week if I do say so myself. Random thing we did was, we had to shower last pday because we didn’t have water. SO we were invited over to the mission home by President and Hermana Cook to shower in their house! Haha kinda weird but amazingly nice! I haven’t showered in something like that in forever in fact ever! But don’t worry we have water, it got turned on that night. Kinda a random-interesting experience that I had in the mission this week, but yeah it was worth it, the Cooks are just too nice to us!

                As you guys already know Wednesday was the Christmas Conference with the whole mission and it was of course a jolly ol´time.  E´Petersen was in the choir, they sung 4 songs all together, there was 2 solos. One of them was by an Hermana that was amazing, mainly because she song one of my favorite Christmas songs ¨Breath of Heaven¨ by Amy Grant! It’s a classic, and she sung it real good! The music is always a highlight of the whole thing. But Pte. and Hna. Cook addressed us as well. Hna. Cook has this quote that I really love she says ¨Put the Lord first, others second, and yourself last.¨Its been quite a special experience to look back at this past year and see how I could have done it without my Savior on my side! I definitely need this time in my mission to reflect on the ultimate gift the our Heavenly Father has given to me personally! And yes, I've seen the ¨He is the Gift¨video by the church, thing is I've never seen it in English haha its called Ël es la Dadiva¨in Spanish! We´ve been going around to everybody we visit and presenting this video, it has been moments never to be forgotten. I get the chills every time I see it! As I said last year it is quite the honor and privilege to represent Christ himself in this time of season! J So yeah anyways back to the Conference we finished with the program, we got a gift full of goodies, caramel corn, and random fun things from the Cooks for Christmas! Then we ate!!! Pizza, salad, too much Watermelon, ice cream good stuff like that it was very satisfying! It was the best and my last Christmas Conference in the mission……

                A scripture that has really helped me keep my thoughts on the Savior this Christmas season was 2 Nephi 25:29 
29 And now behold, I say unto you that the right way is to believe in Christ, and deny him not; and Christ is the Holy One of Israel; wherefore ye must bow down before him, and worship him with all your might, mind, and strength, and your whole soul; and if ye do this ye shall in nowise be cast out.

Love the part where it says that we should bow before him and worship him with all your might, mind, and strength just like it says in D&C 4!! I kind of applied that way because Im in the mission in this christmas season I am remembering this scripture SO I will never forget who my Savior is, NEVER! :) I just wanted to share that quick little thought! Umm I wanted to ask for a picture of the christmas tree!! Its a tradish!! I gotta see it! Dont worry about it, what are you guys doing for the holidays?? You guys going to I-HOP?? I hope so!! Sooo delicious, and a never dying tradition! :) Well anyways that basically all I got for the day, I will see you guys in 3 days anyways, umm I stink at thinking of questions before hand so maybe it will just be a spontaneous random question time, BUT I want to hear more of your guys life please!! Well thats its folks thanks so much for the package so I can spend Christmas opening presents by the tree, what a necessity it is! I am sooo excited for this week AHHH I love you all forever and always see ya soon!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

THE COOKS Christmas Tree oh yeah the guapos! 
President & Sister Cook's Christmas Tree--Montevideo 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014



Bueno. I don't have a lot of time to write today but I will make the most of it. It was a week a lot like last week I gotta admit. Very good learning, hard from experience kind of week. But me and my comp. have discussed it out a lot this week! And we are working real hard, its just been a little hard to find success! The Lord has been blessing us with lots of people to talk to, but its been hard to get a 2nd visit with them. Im sure you know how that is Dad! Yeah so we are in that right now! No new investigators really came this week, we had a friend of a recent convert come but we havent had a charla with him yet we will have to see if he's willing to talk to us! ;) 

Its been a busy week though, we've gone to Malvin a couple times to help other Elders out, in fact the Elders in Carraso. The people there are amazing people but I little hard to contact! Haha the people we contacted in the street werent from there, they just worked there and were going home! So maybe we helped some other zones out, you never know! But yeah we had a choir practice on Wednesday, and no mom I am not in the choir. I LOVE to sing, but I cant really sing especially with big competition here in this mission and no I am not just wimping out either! Ha but its gonna be amazing!! Cant wait!! Speaking of Christmas I will be seeing you guys soon!! THATS RIGHT!! Just kidding I remembered we just havent worked it out with anyone. We are gonna talk with some members this week. So I will let you know all the details this week but it should be on Christmas Day VIDEO CALLING WAM BAM!! :)

And yes..........ITS WAS MY BDAY! Thanks for all the bday wishes today! Thats why I dont have a lot of time today because ive been looking at all the amazing bday posts, and pics! I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH! Thanks yall I had a great day yesterday here in Uruguay! It was quite the strange one if I do say so myself. It always is a strange day on your bday in the mission! 1st off I didnt get to shower because our water was turned off, so we had to go to another area like 20min. away during lunch just to get showered!! Yes dont tell anyone but I went to church without showering in the morning!!! NAPPY! But anyways then the rest of the day went fine, I was wished happy birthday from a lot of the people especially the youth! Estefany invited us over to her house and we ate a little food and we had this little jelly cake thing, then she gave me a present! She is the best, I know right?! I got that Santa Hat, thats in the pics! I had some other members get me that little christmas tree, and Estefany also got me the tinsel for the tree!! It really is beginning to look a lot like christmas!! :) Ahhh its so the best time of the year! Alright thats it I gots to go but thanks for the amazing pics, and 9 months left photos AHH! LOVE YOU ALL hope you have a good week and see you soon! FELIZ NAVIDAD!

LES AMO, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Birthday cake in Montevideo 2014.  Santa hat gift from Estefany!

Birthday cards!!

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Montevideo 2014

Christmas tree given to us by a member!

Love this face!  Palm trees in Montevideo!

Monday, December 8, 2014

On the First Week of Christmas... (63rd email)

Opa! Hey Fam!
                Another great week in the Uruguay Montevideo Mission! Every week is a great week because I'm in the misión but we did run into some difficulties this week.
                Wednesday was an awesome day though, we had interviews with President Cook again! I love that man, as I say so many times but really Chris (Elder Johnson) has an amazing grandpa! J Umm anyways he helped me a lot, he always is looking out for me and is always willing to help me with my problems! His wife couldn’t come because she has been really busy lately and shes been working too hard! So Pres. told her to stay home, hmm kind of sounds like a familiar situation at home eh?! Anyways yeah so it was great but the sad thing is I might not be with E´ Petersen next change in about a month! :(  Sad days…
                Anyways then we had some classes about faith and the BofM given by the assistants. We had lunch, and perks about being in Montevideo we got Subways footlongs!!! I know I know it doesn’t sound like much but here in Uruguay Subways isn’t as common, especially for a Zone lunch!! Hmm it was super eat fresh! Ñ= Then we stayed because somehow my comp. sneaked into the Christmas Choir. Because on December 17th the mission is doing a huge Christmas Conference-Program kind of what they did last year. And the Christmas Choir here is a big deal! They gotta do quite a few practices before the program, its like the step down from being in MoTab its sooo legit! Haha but yeah its gonna sound amazing, cant wait! J I love the Christmas Season! And yeah I know you are gonna ask it but, I have no idea what I am gonna do for my birthday!? Ive been thinking about it all week, but I cant come to a conclusion!! I´ll make something up like I usually do here in the mission. Its super weird to have birthdays and holidays in the mission because we have such high expectations but nothing SUPER eventful happens. Anyways its alright I guess you guys will hear all about it next week! Oh yeah by the way quick question. I GOT A PACKAGE!!! JJJJJ And I think it’s the Christmas package but, I cant tell is it the package with all the shirts, candy, and ties? I haven’t opened it yet, thats just what it says on the outside. THANKS FAM you da bomb!! This is really testing my patience though.
                What else happened this week? Oh yeah we had a Zone Meeting on Friday where they talked about the ¨He is the Gift¨video that the church just recently put out! I know I know it’s a huge deal for me because I haven’t even seen it yet! Im sure you guys have probably seen it like 500 times already but it looks soo sick from what the Ensign says! I am really excited for it, because the First Presidency has asked us to share it with everybody so we focus our hearts more on the greatest gift that has ever been given! J
                Sunday it rained again but in the afternoon thankfully! However it didn’t turn out the way we wanted! Its been a hard few weeks trying to find people to teach that really want to progress and are basically truly interested! Thankfully the Lord helped us find quite a lot of people to talk to. I think he is just giving us as much as we can handle, little by little to teach us a lesson on being diligently humble so that we can show Him our true desires to do His will! That’s what im thinking…we´ll see what happens this week. But hey the Lord did bless us with quite a few less actives and recent converts in church as well! Just little tender blessings the Lord is giving us day by day is keeping us going! J

Thanks Momma for sending that card off so quick!! If it doesnt  get here on time dont worry about it, I will just have a late bday lunch!! But yeah by the way my comp. and I are soooooo pumped for that!! He wants to be fed bad haha! :) thanks for all the early bday wishes, next pday will basically be my bday as well! All is good here! :) Hope ya'll have a great week, is there lots of snow yet?!?!?!? Oh White Christmas's are missed here, people just dont know what they are missing! Anyways I LOVE YOU FAM TOO MUCH! Thanks for the love!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie

Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh the weather outside is frightful... (62nd email)

Hey-Oh Family!
                Hello from insane bipolar Uruguay! The weather has been insane lately. For example Sat. night I was sweating to death of the humidity. Then Sunday it rained ALL DAY! But hey I'm alright, you would think I would be accustomed to all of this change in weather stuff! Oh well…its been a pretty normal week sorry don’t have to much to tell again. Oh my gosh just got all your letters, like really right now! I just had an Elder throw all your letters at me, LOVE YOU GUYS! What a early Christmas Surprise! Thanks guys, but really thank you sooo much!
                Anyways this week was a sad week. As I said we´ve been in a trio with E´ Garcia and he headed out 2:00am Thursday Morning! He spent like a week with us, helping us out teaching us his wise missionary techniques. He taught us to pass by the members houses a lot more, they really trusted him a lot. That’s what E´ Petersen and I have been working out. Work through the members, that’s what we should have been doing in the 1st place. We are still in the hunt but we seen some great success in the recent converts! We didn’t have many come to church because it was raining a bunch and everything shuts down in this country when it rains. We are getting better with the weekly contact with just about the majority of our 25 Recent Converts! J Anyways yeah E´ Garcia taught us some great things, that have really changed my mission. I know that E´Garcia was sent here to be with us for a specific reason. To help both E´ Petersen and I as a companionship!
                Tuesday we had a thing called Choque de Fuerza where all the missionaries in one zone go to 1 specific area and work, teach, and find new people for those missionaries to pass by. We did it again in Montevideo (Malvin) and I got to admit it was one of the toughest ones Ive ever done on my mission. NO ONE wanted to talk to us I mean NO ONE! We were just walking the streets for 2 hours straight, knocking on doors and just getting rejected out of the wazoo! It was a blast!! No not so much, we were getting exhausted/frustrated to say the least! Then like the last 5 min. came along and we almost called it quits, one of those experiences BUT we decided to go try one more street that we didnt go by right next to the church. We went and knocked on a few doors and of course no answer so we were just like ok I guess thats it sadly! As we were walking back I saw this mid-20´s guy walkin´ down the street, blaring his music that typical kind of guy. And I could notice that he was trying to avoid us but I just went for it! He actually stopped, took off his headphones and listened to us, it almost caught me off guard for a min. haha! Umm turns out that he was basically atheist, like he always grew up with the thought that God didnt exist. But this is the killer, he was actually interested!  We invited him to get baptized when he gets his answer, and set up a time to come back!  He hardly believed but wanted to listen it was a pure tender mercy/miracle from the Lord. That contact made that whole thing all worth it, quite the big testimony builder for me that you just have to DO it! Man up Elder Ivie and DO IT! Just follow the Spirit and TALK! Ahh I love the mission. That was my big experience of the week. Not too much more happened this week, Thursday was Thanksgiving and funny enough we didnt have too much money so guess what we made (you will see it in the picture), chicken bread tortilla things, and burgers with mayo! Woot woot! :) Definitely one of the weirdest Thanksgiving dinners/lunches I've ever had but hey thats the fun part about it! We were laughing that morning, making our stuff because well yeah you know why.....quite the linner eh?! But it didnt turn out as bad as you think, people dont really celebrate thanksgiving here but they gave us random snacks and sandwiches all throughout the day so we were eating like all day basically! :) DAD, COUSINS, VIDEOS of you all I love IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just dont have speakers nor headphones so I didnt hear anything but I will figure a way to hear it sometime. Still anways it was amazing to see all your faces, especially KENZIE!! INSANE she is back, by the way you havent change that much haha, from what I saw no offense. Haha I LOVE YOU GUYS! 

2 topics of interest I would like to address, NAVIDAD!! What time do you want to do Skype? I dont have too many details but what time would work the best for you guys first!? And the other point will be in another email.. Oooh private! Anyways have a good 1st week of December loved ones!! Soooo excited to read all the letters, I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!! Our boys are representing momma!! :) By the way all you guys looked amazing in the Thanksgiving Dinner pic. love it!

Les amo, tu hijo Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Chicken bread tortillas & burgers

Thanksgiving meal with Elder Peterson in Montevideo--Nov '14

Monday, November 24, 2014

Preaching the Gospel 3 by 3 (61st email)

                HAPPY THANKSGIVING this week! Not really sure what we are gonna be doing here, Uruguay doesnt celebrate it at all! L I hope they do something for everybody here Montevideo but I highly doubt it! Hna. Cook is pretty awesome though so we’ll see how it goes! Oh my an American Thanksgiving would be glorious right now. But maybe we will try to make a pie or something to make it memorable! Its all good here sorry I dont have too much to tell this week.
                The big news that I couldnt tell you guys last week, Im staying in Aeroparque for at least 6 more weeks with Elder Petersen!!!! And the random other news is…..we´ve been in a trio this past week! Yeah his name is Elder Garcia, he is an elder from Guatemala that was supposed to go home last week but he wants to come home the same time his brother is from his misión in Nicaragua (no idea how to spell that!) So he will be with us until Thursday, his plane leaves at 2 in the morning. The interesting thing is, he was Elder Petersen´s comp for a time in another area. So Elder Petersen is in heaven, because he loves that Little man! Just with these couple days being with him, I have learned so much from him and I understand why Elder Petersen loves him so much! He has been helping us get to know a lot of the less actives) oh yeah to make it more confusing, Elder Garcia used to be in Aeroparque so he knows the area just like us!) Soooo basically its been a real blessing having him with us. As I was saying he has been helping us get to know a few of the less actives and investigators he used to work with. As well as befriending the members ALOT MORE! That is something we need to be better as a companionship, because of course if the members trust in us more they will be more willing to help us in the Lords work! Elder Garcia is so loving and knows how to work with the members.
                This is going to be a scattered email because its been quite the strange week. On Friday we got to know all the newbies in the Zone, I really loved it because they were talking about how our zone needs to be more united. To trust somebody you have to get to know them! And when we trust everybody we are going to be efficient and willing to help each out. Its super basic stuff but it changed my view on how we all need to work harder and more efficient if we want success in the Lords Work. Saturday we started to do activites again, we have planned it out so we do at least one every month by us! There wasnt many that came but it turned out to be successful anyways! We had a little spiritual message at the beginning, then we played some ping-pong, foosball, and futbol of course the usual! Its super fun though, just to take a little time out of the day to just kick the ball around and have fun with the youth! Especially because it doesnt happen very often here. Dad, you are probably just chucklin, remembering all the luau´s you had in Hawaii. Im sure it gave them a great opportunity to get everyone together, feast and have some fun! J Other random stuff I saw a candidate running for Pres. here in Uruguay and he totally waved at me from his car!! Legit!! I was freakin out, I have no idea why. Oh yeah Sunday I walked to Gospel Principles and they told me it was my turn to teach it! Wow I knew this momento was gonna come again, I still get so nervous but I guess you can say it went alright! Thats why you have the manual am I right?! ;) Other than that nothing much happened this week, Ive been eating super healthy lately and I feel good!! Sandwiches all day! Well yeah thats it, I hope ya'll have a great 'thanksgiveme' week! hehe EAT A BUNCH! Especially pumpkin pie that goes for you too Lumps! I love you all TOO MUCH, you are all the bomb! :):) Cant wait for the package! AHHH oh yeah and mega good sports lately momma!

Les quiero, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Monday, November 17, 2014

BOO! Awesome Week! (60th email)

Well hello family!

I hope this surprise email finds you guys doing fabulous!! Well just to let you guys know why I am emailing today. Yeah soo we thought we were gonna have pday on Tuesday until last night when we got a call from the Zone Leaders that we are going to work with the new missionaries coming in tomorrow (Tuesday) so we have to have pday today! The only down to everything is I have no idea if I am leaving Aeroparque or staying! I am pretty sure I am staying because I've only been here 2 changes (12 weeks!) but honestly you never know what the Lord has in store for you sometimes. SOO you will have to find out next week if I gone or staying. I really have enjoyed my time in Aeroparque, especially with E´Petersen! J Ive learned an incredible amount of stuff from him in this short time. I always say that but really he has been one of my favorite comps. of the misión Ive gotta admit! J We just get along too good, thats why I would love to stay! But of course be humble Elder Ivie if the Lord needs me somewhere else, Ï will go where you want me to go Dear Lord.¨ This sounds like a farewell to Aeroparque when I dont even know still…kinda weird.

Anyways the week! What a miraculous wonderful week it was! I guess I will get to the highlight of the week, well highlights its been a very enlightening week if I do say so myself. First we had that Multi-Mision Conference with Elder Christensen and who would of thunk that he spoke spanish, like fluent Spanish! I guess he served in Chile on his misión, also interestingly enough his wife speaks spanish too apparently she lived in Uruguay as a little kid or something like that! Anyways I understood the same. It was a day full of spiritual answers, I went into the conference with a couple questions and they all got answered someway or another through the Spirit I just know it! I learned how to be a more converted and sanctified servant of the Lord. As it says in Alma 13:3

And this is the manner after which they were ordained—being called and prepared from the foundation of the world according to the foreknowledge of God, on account of their exceeding faith and good works

Elder Christensen shared this scripture with us and said that we have been chosen and called of God to do His work from the foundation of the world! There is no coincidence that I was born into the wonderful family with the Gospel as the center of the home for no reason! By the ¨foreknowledge¨ that God as he knew I was going to be chosen to serve Him in Uruguay! I feel it when I read this scripture. When I humbly forget myself and put faith in my step day by day He blesses me and gives us miracles and tender mercies. And that leads perfectly into a miracle/blessing that happened at the end of this week.

Of course Ive been talking about our amazing investigator, Estefany for about 3 weeks now. Well this past Sat. was the big day, where it all went down! Yes Estefany got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):) (see photo) And yes for the 1st time in my mission, I got the chance to baptize her! :) But the day was not about me obviously, I am just humbly grateful for the chance I had to share that special day with her! I gotta admit though I was a little nervous, 1st time on the mission in SPANISH!! It was too hard but just like 1st time nerves on the mission. Good thing I had the chance to baptize you Alexis, I was probably more nervous then if you didnt tell. Anyways awesome day it was, lots of her family came down from Montevideo. Even the aunt that Estefany used to go to church in Montevideo with! :) She got confirmed Sunday, and I think she feels a lot less stressed now! Thats all I got for this week. Sorry about the surprise email this day, I had no other choice but it should be fun taking out the newbies, showing them around good ol´ Uruguay! Haha anyways dont make fun of me in the pic I couldn´t see, the sun was destroying me. Thanks for the goods, ps Dad your last 2 emails have been the bomb diggity. It did what you said and read Elder Scott´s talk on prayer, well I am almost done. As well as your wizardly break down on Alma 26, easily my favorite chapter ever. And what surprised me the most is, I found so much more that I even recognized before. I guess thats how the scriptures are right?! Thanks Momma for sending the package, it should get here on time as long as I dont move out of the big boy CITY! Love you all TOO MUCH!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Baptism of Estefany--November 15, 2014 in Montevideo

1st Baptism Elder Ivie performed in Uruguay

Uruguayo Practice Field 

'Peace' Elder Ivie--Montevideo, Uruguay Nov '14
He wished he could have gone on the field!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Would you look at that! (59th email)

                What a heck of a week its been! But really it was a better week here in Aeroparque. We had a companionship goal to end out the week strong and thats what we did, Sunday was another miraculous day!! J However its a mega long story….
                Anyways the news with E, is good and bad news. We had some good charlas this week, preparing her for her baptism this upcoming week. However Friday was a shocker day, we were teaching her about tithing and her baptism and how she needs a baptism interview this Friday. We asked her how she felt like about it and yeah she broke down. With the few words she could squeak out, she told us that she was a little scared mainly of just messing up after she gets baptized. It took us by surprise really we didn´t know what to say! It just got quiet and we sat there for sec. Thinking and listening to the Spirit cause I know He was there. E' Petersen bore his testimony on how we are never alone, the ¨Lord will never forsake thee.¨  I bore my testimony and felt like I needed to talk about the Sacrament! J It was good and super spiritual but mainly we told her what she needed to do personally, we told her she needs to read, medítate, and pray about Moroni 7:13, But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do goodand tlove God, and to serve him, is inspired of God.
Then Sunday came around, and E doesnt show up!! We were freaking out, we called her right up and no answer, we called again no answer. So annoying as we are but sometimes you got to do it, we sent her a message! 2min. later she responds and says she is at her friends house for a sleepover and that she couldnt come!! Devastated!! So yeah I gotta admit at this moment I was flippin out because I thought we were losing her, with the charla and not coming to church but fortunately that was not the case. We had a charla later at her house and she was a lot BETTER! We found out from her Mom that she just gets really stressed sometimes and is way too hard on herself like I am sometimes! ;) I think thats why the Lord led me to her, so she could teach me to be more patient and not freak out! Anyways the good news is she changed her mind and that she would like to get baptized this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She didnt share with us why she changed her mind exactly but I really feel that the Lord answered her prayer. He told her it would be alright and she would have His help every step of the way. Thats what I feel, and I know she is doing this for the right reasons. Guys I have a strong testimony of answers to prayers, sadly Dad I couldnt get to the talk by Elder Scott this week but I will this week I promise!! Ive been excited all week, just cant find time. I know you were inspired to send that talk so I could share it with E, maybe I will still have a chance this upcoming week! :) bueno, lots of prayers so excited for Saturday!

Oh yeah and M and L came to church too, they have a car but it was a mega sacrifice because they live really far from the church and they brought all their kids too! It really shows that they want to take this step in their lives! We just have to help with marriage, was that a big problem in your mission Dad? Never asked you that....anyways yeah next week p-day is Tuesday, thats insane right!?!?!?!?! The change is already ending!!! What are we going to do? yeah what are we gonna do Dad? This week we have another Multi-Mission Conference in Malvin with Elder Christensen this time!!!! Not sure if he speaks spanish, if not translator and all in english for us woot woot! :) Super pumped for that too, how blessed we are to have general authorities instruct us. Ummm that is basically it for this week. We had an awesome week this week, thanks for all the prayers and stuff! best fam ever!! LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER & ALWAYS TOO MUCH! Say hi to Kenz for me woot! crazy beyond belief....

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
PS: HALLOWEEN matching ties, and our interesting random lame costumes
Elder Peterson & Elder Ivie in their Halloween ties!

Random lame Halloween costumes-Oct '14

Cake Boss, Elder Ivie!  Aeroparque, Uruguay Nov '14

Homemade chips & salsa!  Not very common in Uruguay :-)  

Monday, November 3, 2014

This is missionween!! (58th email)

Hoola from rained out Uruguay!
                Wow what the change of weather its been, from like blazin’ hot humidity, to raining ALL weekend!!! Im tellin´you Uruguay is just as bipolar as Utah! But oh well the rain made it a little difficult this Sunday. Not a lot of people came but we had some good success this week! J E is doing amazing, progressing a bunch, she came to church and just wants to keep hearing more. We had quite a few charlas with her, she agrees with everything, and asks us questions!! We put a baptismal date with her for  November 15th, 2 weeks and she is looking good to getting baptized that day! She has been quite the miracle, her Mom sometimes listens to us too but still a little firm on not coming to church quite yet! But yeah pray for her this week, she is still trying to find her answer to all of this, I´ll keep you updated thanks guys! J
                It was a good Sunday, E came and loved it, it was testimony meeting and we got to hear from some recent converts and they did amazing! I love hearing what they have to share, and their conversión stories. Its truly amazing how converted some of these converts are, they just shine and so willing to share their testimonies!
                Oh and yes Friday was Halloween!! :o) Gotta admit pretty normal in the misión, we went out and worked! A kid, E, went out with us to a place called Villa Tato like 30min. Walking! What a stud eh?! We recently found some new investigators that are amazing too! M J and L are their names, they love it when we come over, they are super interested just they need to get married before baptism of course. We usually find a lot of those but they said they are making plans! They look very posible as well! But anyways that was basically what happened this week!! :)

I had a real spiritual week, I was reading in Alma 42 and some things that really caught my attention was in vs. 20 where it talks about how if there was no law or consquence for sin, nobody would be scared to sin. Interesting thought, never thought of it that way! But what I loved the most was vs. 30-31 where Alma the Younger is inviting his son Corianton to humble himself, to not deny the merciful power of the Lord. And then he invites him to come preach the gospel with him, and they preach REPENTANCE! :) It shows how each of us need the Atonement and how none of us are perfect, and how we need the wonderful mercy of our Savior Jesus Christ. Yes, we make mistakes but God looks at what we can become not what we've done! Love it! It makes me want to preach repentance to everybody because I want everybody to feel the cleansing power of the Atonement in their lives, just like I have!

I love you guys soooo much!! :) It was amazing to see your pumpkins Alexis, oh yeah and the wonderful, hanus make up I almost died!! :) You guys sure spooked me, good one! Sorry if you stressin to much for my christmas package! Dont stress it will get here, but dont be stressin momma. Oh yeah one more stressy thing sorry, if its too late dont worry about it but if you could send a couple of those cheaper CTR rings but in spanish (HLJ)! But really this time if its too hard or too expensive dont even worry about it. And ohhh quick question momma how much was the Plan of Salvation Puzzle you bought me before the mission? LOVE YOU CHAU gotta go!
Familia Este!

les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Monday, October 27, 2014

Noche de Brujas mericanize​d Happy Halloween!​! (57th email)

Yup from Uruguay!
                Well hello family how are thou?! Another week has gone by it was a good one and a little rough and fun! Mira! Umm first off Sunday some crazy things went down! 3 of us had to give talks this past week, of course the topic was Missionary Work. Yes we are still young and kind of procrastinated and waited til the morning of to do them. After that we had to hurry on over to church/area to pick up a new investigator, E. She was a reference from 2 elders in Zone Norte Montevideo. One of the Elders gave me the reference last week but sadly I kind of forgot about it with all the other people we were teaching. It was in the back of my mind the whole time, to make me look not as bad. But anyways they called last Thursday and told us to go find her because she was amazing! And yes she is sooo prepared, she has already gone to church in Montevideo like quite a few times in her Aunt´s ward she just needs to get to know our ward. Seeing if she gets baptized shes got to get to know people. But anyways we walked with her to church and she just walked right in to Young Womens courageously like she´s been going to this ward since birth. She is awesome, we got a charla with her tomorrow and we be puttin a baptism date for the 8th or the 15th. Her Mom doesnt really want to go to church but she likes us and supports her all the way! She was a miracle! And a couple days ago we received another reference from the other elders. The person lives super far and we have been able to visit her but we call them and they are all down to listen which is another miracle for us! It might sound kind of iffy but really we will take all we can get because I gotta admit its been a rougher week on the work part. And these 2 references were tender mercies this week from the Lord!! :) Anyways things are progressing here in Aeroparque again, I love the mish, I love my comp., and I love life!

But this is where the story gets juicy, while we were waiting for Sacrament Meeting to start and you will never believe who showed up.....THE COOKS Pres. and Hna. Cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of the Uruguay Elections going on in the Carrasco Ward (in their chapel) everybody had to come to our ward! So yeah all the mission missionaries, temple pres, temple 1st counselor, AMERICAN FAMILIES (brought back so many memories of you guys, sooo awesome and funny!) and lots more! Our chapel was full pretty much and we 3 had to give talks may I emphasize again!! GOOOD GRAVY Elder Petersen and I were flippin out!! Luckily it went alright I was a little, just a little....at the beginning of my talk like always but it got better I knew the Spirit was guiding me and I could feel the power of the BofM as it has had on my conversion because thats what I spoke about! How can we use the BofM in Missionary Work? It was quite the experience! After the meeting we found out that some locos chucked rocks at Pres. and Hna. Cooks car!!!!!! They left a dent and broke the drivers side windshield! So we stayed around to help them clean and vacuum it up. But a bonus was they took us to their house after and we had an awesome American/Mexican Taco lunch in the mission home with just us and the Cooks!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo dece, unfortunately I didnt take a pic because forgot my camera but it was sooo delicious and nice of them to feed us! :):) Ta riquisisimo!! Yup pretty much a crazy, scary,  super fun day you could say! 

Nothing much else happened during the work, as I said we are picking up the missionary work here again, and so is the heat! Not sure how hot its been but the humidity is definitely out and it is HANUS! Deja vu from Durazno!! I am already sweating too much and summmer hasnt even started yet! Are you guys planning a wintery Halloween?! Hahaha that would be insane, well but you do have the lights up YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clark even without your Rusty you keep the tradish going! Love you too much! Sorry about the late email, we played some sports with the whole Zone this morning it was a good time! So I am guessing the Irvines are still there visiting Peru?! That was amazing to hear about KAKE´S CALL to New Jersey, congratulations Kake, welcome to the best experience of your life, and the best opportunity to get to know the Savior through serving His children ahhhh its glorious!! :) Well dont get too cold Trick or Treating this week, especially you Linds haha Alexis you are getting too old for it arent you?! Hehehe Love all you guys today and forever oh yeah and TOO MUCH (you cant forget that one mom) ;) Have an spooky week!

Les amo, tu hijo y unico bro. Elder Tyler Scott Ivie