Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, February 24, 2014

Its coolin down.....u​n poco 24/Febrero​/2014

¡Buen dia familia! Another awesome week in the mission field of course. Honestly there are some hard and good times in the mission, I definitely understand that but the thing I realized a lot this week is there isnt ever a ¨dull¨ time in the mission. We are always busy trying to visit loads of inactivos and menos acitvos. Just like these past couple weeks we have been going through our big list of menos and inactivos and boy did we find a lot! Its been awesome because I am starting to understand the bringing back menos activos has an equal amount of importance as baptisms. However that doesnt mean we have totally given up on our investigators yet of course! ¡NUNCA! I have got to admit its been a little hard finding a lot of new investigators lately and the ones we have definitely want to take their time. J's dad wants her to read El Libro de Mormon more and come to a greater understanding of the importance of this gospel. Now we understand what our boundaries are so we dont rush anything. Thats alot of responsability on our shoulders but we have been taking it one step at a time, she is one hard girl to reach but I have patience! :) Anyways thats just about it with the investigators, F is still waiting on her marriage but we do have a charla with her husband this week. ¡FAMILIA INCOMPLETA! As missionaries we target those kind of invesigators im sure you know how that goes dad. But anyways we are super excited for that I just hope it doesnt fall because the husband is a stud and he needs to be sealed in the temple with his family forever!! 

I love my companion Elder Western, he is a stud and he helps me with the language and understanding how to become a better missionary through obedience, faith, and humility! We get along super well so life here in the mission field is super good as usual. This week he shared an awesome scripture in Moroni 8:16 I believe. I love when it says ¨perfect love casteth out all fear.¨ The lesson that I got from this scriptures is I truly love someone enough and have the desire for their salvation the Spirit will comfort me and give the confidence to share this wonderful message even in a different language. I honestly believe this works because my Spanish is getting better mom!! Haha what a miracle, its been hard for me to find confidence in talking with the people. But this week I understand the importance of loving the people a lot clearly. I am super grateful for my comp.and the scriptures that help me become a the missonary the Lord and you guys want me to be! :) 

Mom and Dad I am super glad you are spending sometime together! What the what museums?!?! Thats super cool honestly, I would die to go see those paintings its just super random for you guys I guess its just a craving haha. Thanks for sharing that thought with me Momma, on my mission I have definitely come to a clearer understanding of the Atonement. During life but especially on the mission you learn to really rely on Our Savior and His Atonement. I wish I could watch that clip. Oh well I cant believe you guys went to the temple with Tommy Graham!! What a stud I keep getting pumped for him more and more everyday! Its coming up so quick when I hit my 6 month mark he is going to be chaocito! Love my Tommy Graham! Anyways awesome sports week especially Basketball! Ballers is right Momma! Russia got the most medals?!?!?! Totally rigged what a joke but oh well congrats to the Utahans too sick! And I think you are right momma Uruguay didnt participate in anything! There live for the summer Olmpics just for soccer! Mom I think im doing good on clothes im perfectly set even for the winter haha! And yeah with the photos we have been super busy, I havent had anytime and im still in Durazno so its still the same! But hey I will try better these next couple weeks. Durazno had their big parade thing with drums, dancers and such for 3 hours Saturday night but we obviously cant go to that! ehhh a little too crazy for us missionaries even members probably!! Alrightly LES AMO MUCHO! Im glad its warming up, send my luck to family in Wisconsin that cold does not sound pleasant, it sounds like a fantasy where im livin! Ok Hasta promixa semana you guys are the best as usual! :)

Amor, su hijo Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Monday, February 17, 2014

Legal to live in Uruguay--ESTAMOS EN MONTEVIDEO​! (20th email)

¡Familia! I found a way, I found a way as Drake would say. I found a way to email you. Sups cheesy but I had to because I am so excited I get to hear from you guys this week. Haha anyways its been quite the interesting Pday so I dont have too much time. But I will try to gather my thoughts. So as I said right now I am in a Cyber in Montevideo´s terminal. As I said in last email I had to sign for my VISA so now I'm official a URUGUAY CITIZEN!!  (at least for 2 years!)   Vamo Arriba! Hahaha I'm legal to live here now. Anyways I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and the 3 hour bus ride we had to stand up the whole way! Soo yeah im pretty much super tired thats why im probably going crazy too. 

But anyways my week was pretty good. The members here in Durazno are still laughing at me as usual because I stink at Spanish but I understand, and I know I stink at Spanish so im ok with it!  It is usually all teasing anyways. This week has been extra special and different because we have been visiting a lot of menos activos just like last week. I honestly feel working and bringing the menos activos back to the fold are just as important as baptisms. The number might not look the same in the statistics but to me getting a family or a single person back to church makes me just as happy. We have also been trying to fortify the ward as usual. Trying to give them oppurtunites to get involved in Missionary work. Because sometimes I feel the members dont understand fully how crucial there are in retention and supporting those menos activos, investigators and converts! So family keep it up! You guys are more important than us missionaries. We just find and teach, you guys befriend and keep those people partaking of the fruits of this gospel. The happiness that this gospel brings. We got a few investigators...J needs permission from her dad before she can get baptized. Her Dad is all for it, but he thinks J needs a little bit more preparation and to read and pray more! So hopefully this week we can charla and see how the progress is going. Hopefully soon we can see her in the waters of baptism! :) Another investigator is named M, he lives right next to J actually. He is pretty interested and every time we pass by he lets us in. We have had 2 charlas with him about the Restoration and he has had lots of questions. He has had religion in his life and trying to understand why there are so many churches and which one is the right one. Unfortunately he went on vacation for 2 weeks to Brazil which is the worst for us missionaries. But we are praying he is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon so he can find out the answer for himself. We are crossing fingers he doesnt forget about us when we get back! Anyways that is my week not much, a lot better weather lots of overcast but hardly any rain. The flood went down and we can finally get to some of our other investigators! Haha love my comp. we get a long really well! Looks like things are going as smooth as ever back at home! 16 medals for USA!! Tooo sick!!! Keep it going that is my boys. Is Uruguay even in it?! People  havent  been talking about it too much. Or we are just staying busy that we have no time to talk about it  haha! I cant believe Shaun White didnt get anything!! I was expecting sooo much from him this year! This was probably his last Olympics, well it cant be he has to go out on a good note! We'll see what happens the rest of the week, closing ceremonies are this week eh?! Time flys by when you are in service! Its good to hear about all the studs and studesses in our ward going on missions! Highland 6th is bringing the world his truth! The Baums send me the monthly missionary newsletter its so awesome to look through that and see whats up! Well thanks for all your prayers and love! :)

Les quiero, Elder Ivie

Monday, February 10, 2014

GRINGOS KILLIN' IT!!!!! (19th email)

                Bastante bien semana! Esta semana fue muy deficil pero maravillosa también. Like I say always every week is better and better in some way. First off I GOT THE OTHER PACKAGE!!!!! J GOLDEN thank you so so so so so so much guys. The candy is amazing and all my favorites too, well any american candy is my favorite! I took it way to for granted before the misión. The Hymn looks so good for Elder Castro, he would have loved it! Just a tad week late but maybe I will find a way to mail it to him.  J
                The week was super tough and fun! Me and Elder Western have been working and staying busy focusing on 3 investigators. First A, we knocked on her house, we talked and agreed for us to come back. Since then we have had 2 charlas with her and she has been sort of interested. However she has been difficult to get to church because she simply doesnt want to go. So we have been trying to teach the importance of the church and really trying to find a friend her age in the church to go with! Unfortunately she said ¨she was going on vacation until this Friday¨so hopefully we can pick up with her on Friday and get her to church on Sunday! Second, her name is J she is a friend of a member about 15 years old. We have bene trying to set up a charla with her but we found out that she lives all the way in a pueblito called Carlos Reyles and she can really only come out once a week for church if she is interested. Thats the key we arent sure if she is interested, this week we will definitely. However she did attend church last week with her friend and she says she wants to learn more about the Mormon church! So thats a plus! Lastly J, I have told you guys about her the Little girl that is Alexis´s age. She is one difficult girl to get a hold of. She is either gone or some excuse comes up! But we did talk to her after church yesterday and we talked about her desire to be baptized. As of right now we dont think she is ready so we are crossin fingers and prayin lots that we can have a couple charlas this week to prepare her to meet the waters of baptism and progress! She is awesome, super happy girl, and shes got the family support in the church which is most important! Other than that we are working on a few menos activos and strengthen the Ward with activities! Super fun! J Oh yeah the weather has been incredible the week! Uruguay has bipolarness weather like Utah!! Raining one momento then super blazing humid scorcher the next! Im telling ya the humidity is destroying me! But I promise I am alive, I keep putting on sunscreen and hope it doesnt wash off with all the sweat!
                Anyways thats my week I have a Little spiritual thought that I learned from a Zone Conference we had. We read in Genesis 22, where it talks about when Abraham has to sacrifice his son. We all how the story goes but the part I loved the most is when Abraham says something  3 times in the whole chapter. In Spanish Abraham says ¨Heme aquí¨. In English it translates to ¨here I am¨what an amazing phrase. Abraham had unshakable faith in Heavenly Father, he didn´t doubt he was all ready to sacrifice his ONE and ONLY son just to be obedient and faithful to God. I then asked my self, am I doing all I can to obey God? Am I working in His sons place they best of my abilites? As I said its been super humid this week and I got to admit its been hard to go out to that beastly heat. But I do it, its definitely super hard and not the funnest to walk the streets like that. But Mom, Dad, Lindsay, and Alexis I love the Lord so much!! My goal everyday day is to make His will my will. To be dilligent and obedient as best I can! I am definitely not perfect at this I can tell ya that. But im trying and I know the Lord will bless me! J Lord, ¨Heme aquí.¨
                To clear up some questions. Elder Western is from SANDY UTAH!! Haha can you believe that small world as you said mom! :) He has 16 months in the mission so he is pretty darn old. He came from a place called Fryle Muerto (i think thats how you spell it). The name says it all it means dead fryer! Hahaha he said it was suuuuper hard but he is a stud super good at spanish and speaks fast! The rain has been MEGA this week as I said but fortunately the flooding has gone down a bit. However news around town is that they had to evacuate like 1.500 people!!! I dont know about you but that seems like a lot to me! But people have started to move back in and everything is getting better. We have seen the power of faith and prayer in this hard time for these people. Miracles are real, this has been the topic amongst the ward this week thanks for all your prayers! Donna and Jim feliz ataciones!!!!!! Woohoo that is such great news thats going to be awesome for them. Tell them congrats and I love them for me! How long is their mission? AND OHHHHHH I knew you were going to talking about the Olympics, ohhh the flying tomato! Im gonna miss him, winter is always my favorite too! Esta bien a mission is of course better but that doesnt mean I can cheer on ´Merica! USA USA! Too sick I hope to see Gold medal flow this next week. Alright fam thats all I got! Buenas suerte con el español! Haha Les amo!! :) Love you guys forever and always until next week que pasa lindo!
PS: Next week me and Elder Western will be going to Montevideo on Pday to sign for my VISA finally! Haha so I am not quite sure yet but, we might not be able to email. I sure hope we can, I am easily finding some way to at least write something. But if I cant, dont be alarmed Im ok Momma! J Loves

Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christmas FINALLY arrived!!! One month later!

                                          MERRY CHRISTMAS ELDER IVIE!!  1-29-14

New Companion & Day at the Zoo!!! (18th email)

Dearest Familia,
                La obra misional esta aquí en Durazno es mucho mejor!! Anyways I met my new comp. On Wednesday and he is awesome. He is a stud muffin and a super good missionary. He has the strongest desire to serve the Lord and makes me strive to be a better missionary. Life is honestly best when we are busy in the service of God. This past week has been mega busy trying to get new investigators but we have had so much success! One of them has a baptismal date for the 21st of February and she is super interested. Another one named J, 16 years old, attended church with a friend so she is already progressing! Attending church helps an investigator progress so much and get more comfortable to open up to us missionaries. We just need her mom to allow us to come over and have a charla with her! Haha we are super anxious and hoping we get one this week! Oh yeah also J (another investigator) her baptism obviously didnt follow through but we are hoping this next month we can help her get ready. We definitely don't want to rush things because what I learned super early in my mission and Elder Western totally agrees with me is why rush a baptism if the person is just going to fall away in 2 weeks. I'm not saying thats going to happen but it did happen to her brother and we and her family don't want the same thing for her. So that is our mission this month! Wish us luck and thanks for the prayers as well! I know they help because she attended the church yesterday!! WOOT WOOT! Not much to tell about the missionary work but we are definitely remaining busy and finding some good new investigators prepared by the Lord. And also one goal that me and Elder Western have is to focus a lot more on the menos activos. Because as I found out recently this ward has like 350 plus people in it but only 60 or some attend. THATS A HUGE PROBLEM!! We have already visited 3 inacitve families so now we just need to get back to church! AHH menos activos are hard but if we can rekindle the spark they used to have with the Spirit I know they will come to church this next week!! YO TENGO FE! :) 

Anyways this week has had some unexpected surprises as you guys know its been raining like a MEGA here! And those words don't even describe it all. As of yesterday people have been going crazy because Rio Yi (River Yi) has been overflowing this whole week with the rain and its reached the outer parts of our area. So yesterday people started to evacuate out of their homes. We are far enough away that I believe we will be safe but keep those people in your prayers. Its a pretty crazy situation and they say the rain wont really stop until tomorrow or so. Its possible that it could rise even more than it has! The worst its ever been and we are in summer here!! Also another surprising unexpected thing happened this week. We got a call on Friday from the Bishop that the recent convert that me and Elder Castro visited all the time named Francis passed away. I was in shock we were such good friends with him and we just talked this past Sunday right before Elder Castro left! He died of a heart attack. So me and Elder Western attended the funeral on Friday. Super sad to see such a good friend pass away but one unique thing the church has. A knowledge of the Plan of Salvation I will be able to see Francis again and give him a huge hug saying ¨You did it!´ What perfect timing right? He got baptized attended the temple and recieved the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood! He was an amazing man! :)

Well anyways got to go dont have as much time today as usual but I LOVE you all and always will! Have an awesome week and dont forget about dooby this week! HIS BDAY WAS YESTERDAY! Love that little guy! :)

Love Elder Tyler Scott Ivie