Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, May 25, 2015

20 (87th email)

Wat up from Saint Lucy!
                Hey hey hey wow hittin the 20´s here soon! No lo puedo creer! Ahh well, how was the week for ya´ll? School is coming to an end over there eh? Countin down the days Alexis? I would. I cant believe you will be in 6th grade soon, are a big girl now! J Hope you got gooood summer plans because I sure do! Love you beautiful! J
                Lindsython, who are thou babe? Eatin any new uruguayo dishes from Sammy´s Bistro yet haha or whatever its called? I sure hope you stalked some Elder Butterfield this week, because he is a handsome one and stuck in the same situation as you are. You 2 are perfect for each other haha jk but maybe you never know if dont try! Just dont turn too cowboy on me ok!?
                Mommy and Daddy it is what it is! Gone on any date nights lately??? Hehe I hope you like your new job dad, still dont know too much of what you do but I am glad you dont have to work another day in your life because of it! J Also I would like to thank you for the wonderful emails you continue sending to me, I actually used the one about working in the Lord´s vineyard in the District Meeting the other day, yer a wizard Dad! Thanks again, love you TOO MUCH! Mommisis I am perfectly fine, thanks for all the cards and packages lately Ive been sort of on a stand still but its good for me, I definitely dont NEED anything and its time for dieting haha. Hope you are feeling better and enjoying your time off for another week haha! J LOVE YOU TODAY AND ALWAYS MOMMA! Quick Q padres, did you guys by any chance get my flight plans_ Trunky! Because rumor has it, you do…..
                Alrighty then to the week in wrap, G is doing great! J This week she couldnt make it to church because the person she takes care of (which is a member) wasnt feeling up to par so INSTEAD she had us take her daughter, F to church!! J Yes F is her 10yr. Old daughter that looks a lot older than Alexis (from what I know, seeing that I havent seen you in a few years). She is very spiritual and mature, she wants to get baptized but with her mom. She wanted to go to church as well, so her mom sent her with us and she loved it!! She told us she wants to be a missionary already! They are both miracles and hope that can receive the blessings from Heavenly Father as soon as possible but of course its all in the Lord's time. Its definitely a process that requires much patience in fasting and praying! We´ve been praying for her a lot this week as Im sure you guys have been too. We actually fasted WITH her this week too so she can be guided to make the right decisión. For now she hasnt made any decisión so dont stop praying for her, her daughter, and for maybe future husband. Because that is what we want now, an eternal family! J Its quite the intense decisión, but I am sure she will make the right one and the right time.
                My comp. and I are doing good. I had no idea what no time meant until I was called DL, Ive been bu-sy!! And a bit stressful but I got over it this week, it was mainly because I had a talk this week in sac. meeting as well. But im good! Elder Rollins is awesome, I really like him we laugh and make nerdy jokes all the time! He is very obedient  as well which I love. Oh yeah its been quite a week because we´ve been trying to get his ingrown toe’nail situation worked out! Yeah Lumps maybe you can give him a few pointers!! J So yeah we went to the hospital on Sat. to get an appointment. They looked at it, and sent us to another hospital to get antibiotics, creams and soothing lotions, etc. To prepare for the SURGERY! Ha anyways we dont know when the surgery is but we have to go tomorrow to get an appointment so it might be this week or the next we´ll see! Good luck Rolli(ngs) Stones! J Haha thats what everybody says to him.
                Other random things, how is the BoM Reading goin?! For me not so good, I am just finishing 2 Nephi, I literally have no time but I aint giving up so keep being the example for me fam! SI PUEDO! This week I have learned an important lesson, to never forget to sincerely pray no matter what situation you´re in. I learned that sometimes I pray fervently when I am struggling with something and I forget to be humble and look for the Lords help in all things! To be grateful for him in all things! Like it says in Alma 34:38…that we should be grateful for everything he gives us, especially for the blessings and tender mercies we receive every day! :)

Alrighty not too bad long of an email eh?! Its because I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!!! :) Have a good one, send some rain this way we are in a drought! Have a wonderful summer week! Woot! hope you like the pics!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Homemade Pizza...ahhhhhhh!!  Elder Rollins & I
Santa Lucia
Being funny with Elder Rollins

Building in house in Santa Lucia--May '15

Now it's time for GOOD EATS...Yay!!!

Historical Garden in Santa Lucia--May '15

Libro de Mormon modelos

Tree Parks for 'lyfe'!  Looking so good Elder Ivie!  May '15

Having fun swingin'!  

Monday, May 18, 2015

Una semana barbara! (86th email)

Barbaro Familia Barbaro!
                W.O.W it was a crazy busy week, but such a rewarding one. First off sorry I am emailing so late we had a Zone Activity this morning in Santa Lucia!! We played some futbol, volleyball, and ate chorizos and ice cream! It turned out sooo good, at little stressful because we had to buy all the food for 20 people. Sooo I guess I kind of know how you feel Momma, sorry I didnt know how stressful it was.
                Anyways to the week, we have this investigator named G that has a SUPER LONG complicated story but the missionaries have been teaching her for  about 3-4 months now. My comp. Elder Rollins told me a good analogy that describes G perfectly! So once upon time there was a stonecutter that was sledge hammering a huge boulder and when he hit it the 100th time it broke, but it wasnt the 100th time that made it break. It was the 99 times before that!! This whole time the Spirit has been preparing her, and it hasnt been easy for us or her to get her to this point. But it was amazing to see through the small answers from the Spirit, G has gotten to this point. Where is she at now? Well yesterday we had an amazing charla with her and her daughter F. Another testimony builder, about having members in lessons they can testify of marriage and eternal families so much more powerfully because they are going through it first hand. So anyways she has come down to the conclusion that she has to get BAPTIZED in this church!!!! :) So she said she felt READY, same with her daughter F!! :) The only thing that she needs to do now is do everything she can so she can get to the font, which includes living the Law of Chastity. Yes she isnt married and living with someone so she has come down to the conclusion that she either gets married to him or separates from him! She is going to take it to the Lord this week, so can I ask for some fervent prayers this week for her so she can make this important decision! :) I testify that the Spirit works in people, just as it works in us! She has progressed so much since the first time she came in contact with the missionaries. For example she had doubts about the priesthood, temples, she would NEVER even think about putting on a skirt to go to church and we saw her yesterday with a skirt on in church! Haha that was super big for her, now she doesnt have these doubts she testified in Relief Society that she KNOWS that the BofM is true and is word of God. She is amazing and its been quite special to see that boulder just crack for the 100th time this week! :) Ahh there is so much more to tell, because she has received so many answers to her prayers. Maybe later I will tell you guys more! 

Alright random quick other news, we built a house on Saturday, well we built a roof which was super boss, send pics next week! :) Umm momma if you could keep me informed about college classes that would be fab. :) Thanks again for doing that! I am doing awesome everybody, sorry if I dont write as much, being a DL is a busy job! Heard that Nina Dobrev is gone momma NOOOOO! What else? I love my comp. he is a skwirmy stud! Peace out till next week! LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH! Great to hear about Braxton and stud lookin Cammy.

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Monday, May 11, 2015

TOO LONG! (85th email)

There we are!!  YAY!!!!
Hola to the ola!
                Wow hace mucho quo no nos vimos! ;) Its been awhile fam, its been a brutal 1 day without seeing or hearing from ya! I hope everything is ok. But really that was amazing yesterday, super weird that it was our last one! Thanks Mom and Dad for being preoccupied about my future, I guess I just have a hard time accepting it. I'm really looking forward to good times with ya guys again! J But with that being said, I am SO DOWN for family vacations to Cali and Moab, if I had to choose it would be them both! Also I hope you guys enjoy the pics, my comp was getting ya´ll good haha! J
                Alright clarifications about Santa Lucia if you didnt understand last night. We are in the city of Santa Lucia, the ward is called Santa Lucia it is one of the oldest wards in Uruguay which means there is A LOT of history here as well as drama unfortunately. Its about a ward of 60-70 members that come every week! Yesterday was a bit brutal because it was mothers day and voting here so the numbers were fairly low sadly. More info, Santa Lucia belongs to the department or county you could say Canelones which is just outside of Montevideo! Interestingly enough this place really reminds me of my 1st area Durazno. J Oh yeah random there is a member here that totally knows where Highland is, and you will never guess who he´s related to...the Buhlers!!!! Its his brother’in’law or something like that! Small world eh?! I reallly like this ward, it is super peaceful here and my comp Elder Rollins is a 35 AP test genius, yeah I am chump compared to him but I love ´em! J
                Grandma it was awesome to see you made it yesterday, I love your cards and appreciate them so much! J It was great to see you, I love you TOO MUCH! To answer your question from yesterday, I had to think about it for a minute and I have come to a conclusion. To be honest with ya there are SO MANY things I have learned and would LOVE to apply after the mission. Im sure with time I will be given opportunities in my life to apply them but what I have come down to is let the Holy Spirit guide! Its a principle that is essential to progress to Our Heavenly Father. It first starts with the preparation so the Spirit can not only be with us but STAY with us! Daily prayer and scripture study is a great way to welcome the spirit into the day. Our daily decisions will determine our eternal progress, our Father has provided us a guide so that we can obtain what He has. So to sum it all up is to be worthy of Spirit day by day so that He can guide us in EVERY decision and thing that we make and do! J I really love this principle and I hope it made sense to you.
                Today, P-day is going to be a good one, I get to write you guys a LONG email because I got time, after we be eating lunch then off to play tennis-raquet ball with a less active we are working with! He´s so cool! J

So thats the week in a wrap!! :) Great to hear about Blaze Call, and Joey atta boy! Thanks for everything peeps you are my loved ones! Have a fab week as always and I will try to get caught up with you guys soon on the readin´ see ya! LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH, hope you like the pics hehehe!!

Les , Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Eating CHEVICE that Elder Aruajo made!  LOVE fish!!

             BYE Bella Italia and Shakira!

       Hello Elder Rollins and 10 kilos of rice!

Eating HONEYCOMB right from the branch!  Kind of weird but sweet!
Sunset in Santa Lucia with Elder Rollins!

Ahhhhh!!!!  MOTHER'S DAY 2015!

My two beautiful sisters!!!  Love them!

Excited to talk to the fam!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Transfers, craziness, roughness, lágrimas de gozo, y más (its a BIG one this week!) (84th email)

Not easy saying goodbye to Sylvia--May 2015

Eating carpincho (tasted more like fish)  Bella Italia May 2015

Shakira in May 2015 (losing her feathers)

Hey hey hey!

It was quite the emotional week to be honest with ya´ll! Its gotten chilly here recently, ever since Sunday we´ve been using sweaters! Ahh last winter thats freaking me out, speaking of I figured out this week that 2 years ago (April 30) I received my mission call!! SOO OLD UP IN HER!! Anyways enough of that.

Im going to say it was a tougher however rewarding week, thats how I would describe it! Well I guess I´ll tell you guys that later on in the email because I would imagine you want to hear the news!! Alright in advance this is what they told me but I am still having a hard time believing it so dont be surprised if there are any changes but most likely I doubt it! Alright so my comp. is staying here in BELLA ITALIA!!!!!! But not with me, another gringo though to keep his english up!! J So yes I am off to………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Santa Lucia, LAS PIEDRAS!!!!!!!!!! Fyi that is still in Montevideo woooooo I'm pretty happy about it what can I say, Im a Montevideo kind of guy ha! J I believe Las Piedras is farely closer to Maronas where im at right now. So yeah thats the news oh yeah my comp. is a gringo, Elder Rollins wooo gringo time!!!!! Now the biggest new of all that I still have a hard time believing is…………..I was called to be District Leader!!! Yeah Im still freaking out about it, first thing I asked myself was can I do it?!?! Then I thought if the Lord called me to do it, why not?? But yeah still freaking out inside but very excited to have this opportunity to help His missionaries in every possible way. I know its going to be a lot more work, and very stressing at times (Im sure you are laughing right now Dad) but Im up for it, the Spirit will guide me and tell me what I need to do! Things are just about to flip upside for me in the mission, we´ll see how it goes. J

YES SKYPE THIS WEEK!! I will have to let you know, if I dont let you know in this email just expect a member to be sending you guys an email! Ummm Im trying to get in touch with the Elders over there to get it all lined up so I´ll keep you updated! But so excited to see your LOVELY beautiful faces! J Happy Mum day!

Oh yeah so this area Im going to cry when I leave, O how I loved Pretty Italy! What I really just adored here were the members, especially when they worked with us. Thanks to the new mission plan that we started like 6mths. ago we´ve bridged the gap between members and the missionaries to do the Lords work! We still have a LONG way to go but we are getting there. J On top of that the members here feed us just about everyday and they cook AMAZING! ) If you can tell by the pics, I think I gained a little chub however dont w good shape soon ;)) It hasnt been easy saying ¨bye¨ to everybody, especially Silvia and Sebastian but Im confident they will stay strong! J Last but not least, Im gonna miss my little peruvian bud Elder Araujo. 2 changes together lots of jokes, little arguments, but darn good friends, I admire his conversion story (got baptized at 16 years old), I admire his patience and service to the Lord, I LOVE the kid!

As I said it was a little bit tougher week personally but I have a testimony that God answers prayers for sure! I was reading in my daily BofM study (speaking I need a pic or something of that chart you guys are following because I think I am falling behind) and I came across one of my fav. chapters 2 Nephi 4-Psalm of Nephi! Nephi being a prophet and obedient to the commandments of God even felt imperfect and the necessity to repent and build himself on the Rock of our Redeemer! J So yeah that chapter, the love from the ward, and 11 less actives in church this past week were all tender mercies from the Lord! J One of them was a family that havent came in like a year, C and P are their names. They are my favorite! She is a recent convert and he is returned missionary with a hard past! However when I saw them walk into Sac. Meeting I almost shed a tear. I love them so much, and so happy for them and their 2 daughters! J Their goal is getting to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity! J Ah I love missionary work! I love this ward, Im gonna miss it but the Lord needs me in Las Piedras now.

So I hope this email answered a few questions, yes for like 3 days here in Uruguay the skies were gray from all the ash it was crazy!!! It was weird because it like dried our noses and mouths to walk around outside! Nothing to extreme though, we are good now sorry forgot to tell ya guys!! Alright I will be SEEING you guys soon, like I said I will get a member to email you guys thanks for everything, Im good for now momma! Love you all TOO MUCH! :)

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
PICS! Saying bye to the peeps of Bella Italia! My favs!

-As you will see in the other photos, weird things are going down here in Bella Italia, Shakira is turning into a dinosaur, we are turning into fish tasting meat carnivores! Its the goods here!orry i´ll be in