Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, June 29, 2015

O' DRAMA can you see! (92nd email)

Oh dearest fam.
            Miss you and love you! JJ Im just going to say its been a heck of a week! In the sense that it didnt happened the way we planned it but its all good.
            Long drama story short, the bishop called us like 2 days before F´s baptism wanting to cancel it. Because we didnt announce it very well, and there was an activity that was interfering a bit. Before I go any farther, I am not on anyone´s side. So yeah we called G after that to see what she had to say, and she wasnt happy. She called the bishop herself to see what was up!  She accepted to move the baptism for this upcoming week, yes July 4th, MERICA´s B-DAY in case you forgot!! However we talked to G later on and she was still a little shooken up because they have been waiting a long time for the baptism, and her situation doesnt make it any easier (the whole separation thing). So they took last Saturday to spend time together (G and F), to talk about it, and start over. J And today just now we received a text saying that F´s baptism will be on July 11th now!! J This whole situation has been a mess this week, but maybe it will be good to prepare more for what we got in front of us. Hope you understood, I tried to explain in the easiest and least dramatic way possible! Other than that they are both doing OK now! J Galso told us that she found a house and she is thinking about moving this week during F´s school break. Sooo keep prayin for the whole family they still need the prayers! J
            We have been so worried about this whole situation that it has made it difficult to work in the other aspects of the work unfortunately L. But we did have another day interchange, and now one of my bffs that I lived with in Aeroparque is my ZL now. Sooo we had an intercambio together and it was super fun and spiritual! J Also this week has been super spiritual because as a zone we are focused on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And I think slowly apply it every day is helping us out individually as well as in a zone. We have been focused on verifying on what the Atonement means for all the missionaries. And now we have a Zone Plan to ask the same questions to everyone, especially with the members ¨What does the Atonement mean to you?¨J
            Also we had a ward devotional-activity where we remembered the Martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the history of the Santa Lucia chapel. Oh yeah and the worst part was Elder Connor and I had to sing a duet. We sung Praise to the Man in spanish and english! Members seemed to have liked it.......

            Oh yeah Mom and Dad I got a couple of questions for ya. Soo Mom you wanted me to get Paul a legit Uruguayo jersey. Well I checked today and it costs $100 bucks, it didnt have a collar, and it didnt have Suarez´s name on it. I would have to pay to put his name on it, it would probably be an extra 20-30 bucks if you want to do it_ So let me know what you want, could you maybe send me pic of the one you want and I can go look for it.
1.      Do you want me to buy the original jersey for $100? (there are fake ones for cheaper)
a.       2. Could you send me a pic of the one you want me to get. I think last years jersey had the collar btw.

And Q#2 could I get me some Uruguayo futbol gear, but I wanted to ask you guys permission first because I have been spending a lot of money and for 2 the whole set would be like $250 bucks. Dont feel bad to say NO, but of course I wouldnt mind if you said yes. If you can though, its not too important so dont stress over it. Thanks Mommisis and Dad oh Dad for everything ha! J
            Oh yeah Dad I would really love to thank you for last email about Alma 29. Guess what I loved it so much that I decided to tell everyone in my district to read it and to share their feelings in the district meeting! J The Spirit was super strong!! I feel the same dad my soul is really full of joy because of the mercy and Atonement of Jesus Christ. Not coincidentally that we focused on this as a zone this past and upcoming week! J

WELL THATS ALL FOR THIS WEEK FOLKS! Talk to ya next pday! :) I LOVE YOU ALL TOOO MUCH thanks for the love back!! I guess they arent trunky letters if they are as good as the first letters I got from you guys! :) Have a good one! Peace! 

Les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie
ps ALEXIS should definitely friend F she would LOVE It! they are like the same age. G and F talk about connecting all the time!
Love the Uruguayan people!  Santa Lucia June 2015

Who's that selfie?

Crazy Elder Rollins & Elder Ivie

Diligent & faithful Elder Ivie wanting to learn more!

Want to learn more about this amazing book?  The Book of Mormon

Sketchy selfie...not real sure 'bout this!

Ahhhhhh, I can't see!  At a mall in Santa Lucia!

Monday, June 22, 2015

New comp., now it's us and Saint Lucy :) (91st email)

The Ivie Fam!
                YAY hey guys again! J Writing you guys a little later today, we just played some futbol, ate and did some shopping (not for just myself too) ;) if you didn’t notice already ;).
                Alright to confirm the craziness last week, my comp. has arrived! His name is Elder Connor and he isn’t from Utah but from Raleigh, North Carolina! J Funny thing is, he was trained by one of my favs and one of your favs as well Elder Petersen!!! J He's a good kid, I like him! J Super serious, and quiet like me at the beginning of the mission but he's awesome! I think I will be spending my last few changes in the mish with him here in Saint Lucy! J
                First off before we get too deep into the email, I TOTALLY JUST GOT your trunky letters already!! USA here we come oh my gosh, thank you for those, Im guessing they got here a little early but I will bear it out to Sept. 10 for ya guys! It better be worth it, hahaha jk it was when I got to the CCM, those letters still help me when I look back through my journal so thanks pappie and momisis!
                Anyways Im doing great here, it was a cold week though. Winter has finally come for reals now. Its been quite the transition with the weather and comps I still don’t know what to think, I don’t even know how to describe this week but what we do know is that F is so getting BAPTIZED this Saturday!!! J Im gonna be in contact with Elder Rollins this week to see if President gave him permission to come back, I would have to say that he lives like 3hrs. away from Santa Lucia, I hope he can come back! F is doing awesome right now, she really wants to get baptized for herself and not for anyone else. She is so excited for this weekend but we got to prepare just a bit more. News on G this past week she told us that she is getting separated with her partner this week! Yeah we were shocked we tried to convince her that the Gospel is for the whole family but she already made her decision. She doesn’t like the example he is to her and her daughter so yeah keep praying for them, the whole Family A so that everything turns out alright. #verycomplicatedsituation
                Other than that not too much happened this week, we had a great Stake Conf. weekend where a Seventy came (I cant remember his name) but he spoke to us about having an efficient Ward Council. I LOVED the meeting, it made me super excited to work with them more this week! I think the work with the ward is a big key that we are missing here as a companionship. I think working with the members little by little we will have great results. The goal of the mission is not to just baptize baptize baptize. Its to baptize more, retain more, and rescue more! J We will be able to get more with MORE work with the members of Santa Lucia. It should be a good change, Im pumped! My district is named Ivie League so yeah we are pretty much the coolest! J

Well yep thats the week sorry very vague, Ive ran out of time again but I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH! Have a fab week, its good to hear everybody that has been changed by the mission, I testify it does, IF YOU LET it, and try your best, thanks dad! :) Have a fab week, enjoy the pics
Welcome to Santa Lucia 

To welcome new companion--June 2015 

New comp Elder Connor & Elder Ivie

Modeling by a random sign in Santa Lucia

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PEW!!!!!!!! (90th email)

Hey Guys!
Ahhh such good news from the ward, I cant believe just about everyone is home already, makes me feel older and older everyday. And yes I will go looking for a Suarez Jersey for Paul dog, he is my Uruguayo homie! (With a collar right?)
Anyways Im sure you guys are anxious for the changes as well soooo YEAH IM STAYING, Im pretty sure I am dying here in the mission which I am very happy about! :) And its even more GRINGO time here in Santa Lucia, I believe my new comps name is Elder Larsen but I guess I will see him tomorrow! Oh yeah and I am still DL! :) Oh yeah rando info. Elder Petersen is now a DL too , woot for him haha! Oh yeah and I talked to him last night and he told me that you Mom and Dad are like best buds with his parents now!! And that you are going to his homecoming in like 6-7 weeks, he loved the idea! HOWEVER he is going to send me a trunky pic with him and you guys at his homecoming and its going to destroy me! Haha jk but he gets to see you guys before me no fair! ;) It will sure be fun for you guys, I love Elder Petersen so much! He is a homie too. Oh yeah my comp. Elder Rollins is obviously leaving to Maldonado, a tourist zone next to the beach so fun for him! And yes if you couldnt tell already I am going to miss him A LOT! I love that guy, we were chill. :)
Alright moving on from the sappy stuff, we HAD A SEMANA LOCASA! Yeah crazy week, I dont even know where to start. GLOFLO (G and F), ahhh we had such a great week with them. On Thursday we had the plan to ask F when she would like to get baptized. We got to the charla and asked her, and G was like this aint my decision, she can get baptized whenever she feels ready, she doesnt have to wait for me! After she said that F perked up and said but Mom Ive already made me decision. YES she already prayed if she should be baptized and she got her answer!! She is prepared and amazing, she is 10 yrs. old but raised by her mom in religion and that she gets it and feels the spirit so strong in the charlas and when she reads the BofM with her Mom every night! SO yes we out a baptism date for the June 27th!!!!!!!!! 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Or less!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the prayers, dont stop praying she is super excited, so is her mom and her Dad has accepted the baptism which is good.
On the other hand G is also doing amazing and wants to get baptized so much. Yesterday she told us that she had made the decision that at the end of this week, she was going to separate with her partner forever. Yeah. That came out of nowhere, she told us that she has been praying for quite some time now and feels that she should get separated with him. And let me tell ya this aint an easy situation, because as we know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for FAMILIES! :) And we want all this family to have a chance to receive the blessings from Heavenly Father. But G feels its gone on too long and that he is not going to change. We had no idea what to say, we told her to keep praying and looking for the right solution to this problem and she said she would. But she is pretty set on this decision! We are SUPER HAPPY for her because she might be able to get to her goal of baptism and temple soon but the situation is super complicated. So keep praying with us for her and F so that they can have an assurity what they are going to do!
Quickly and lastly we had interviews with Pres. Cook, and it was super special as usual. He gave me some great advice and all I could feel was an intensive amount of pure joy from my Father in Heaven that He loves and cares for me! I really felt what the scripture in Mosiah 4:11 describes as having tasted of his LOVE and receiving a great JOY, or something like that. It is great to have this assurity that as long as I am doing my best daily, He will make up for my faults! Good stuff, I think I have mentioned that scrip. before because its one of my favs in the mission now!
Alright bye guys sorry ran out of time, but have a fab week as usual! :) LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!!
Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
yeah ive turned into a model these days...what can I say the mission is wonderful!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rolling... (89th email)

            URUGUAY! We saw that they destroyed Guatemala 5-1!! Did you guys see the game?? Ummm oh yeah quick question too is ´Merica in the CopaAmerica?? Rumor has it they arent...and I am very upset.
            Anyways I just got Grandmas card, its great to hear that she is all caught up on the emails and coming back North soon! J And oh yeah and good news about Jim and Donna! Also I think I have just received my last ensigns for the mission Ñ) but that's alright thank you SO SO MUCH Mom it was a HUGE blessing to have that system to get ensigns before anyone love you too much!! J
            It was a good fast Sunday this week, I felt like my stomach was eating itself but I surely did need the fast physically and spiritually! We had SO MANY PEOPLE pop in at the beginning of sacrament meeting it was insane. F showed up this week, G dropped her off for the 3 hours and F just loves it everytime she goes! G unfortunately couldnt go because she had to take care of someone but she is doing super good. I think every charla that we have with her, we come to realize how complicated her situation really is. She is sooo ready, and so is her daughter but their situation isn´t quite yet. They want to get baptized and sealed in the temple but they have to make a few changes first. HOWEVER the Lord is really working hard through them to get the boyfriend to open up a little! He actually let F come this week, she wasnt going to make it to church this week but they convinced him to let her go!!! Also we had a charla with them yesterday and one of F´s questions was ¨when can I get baptized?¨ Sooo yeah she is SUPER ready and she can get baptized and maybe thats what the G´s boyfriend needs to see to open up so we will see how this week goes. We´ll see what decision to make because it aint ours! So yeah keep praying for them, they need all the prayers they can get!
            Other than that we are doing amazing as a companionship, I LOVE Elder Rollings Stones! J His toe is getting better, he worked all week on it, so far so good. This might be my last week with him, he already has 4mths. in Santa Lucia so sadly Elder Rollins bye bye, I think I might cry...
SOOO next week is CHANGES, holy hannah montana! Tuesday expect an email from me, ok_
            A fun thing we did this week was we went to go ask this guy that was making these scone things on the side of a street.  We asked if he knew someone. He said no but as good missionaries do we BOUGHT a scone and started talking about his life and beliefs! But it became a little complicated because other customers came up so we kind of just waited patiently until he was done with them, then continue talking. However he never got done, more and more and more people started coming so we thought we lost him. BUT being good missionaries as we are, I hope, we started talking to the customers about the gospel!!! So while they waited for their scones we taught them the goods of the gospel. Got their addresses and got a few new investigators to teach! Yay! It turned out that the guy making the scones didnt really want anything but he took a pamphlet and wished us luck. So you never know what will happen in sticky situations like that but the Lord sure does! J I enjoyed that experience a lot!
            Scripture that I liked for the week, is in D&C 103:36. The Lord measures how victories and blessings we receive on our desires and will to do HIS work! J
            This upcoming week, we got some good cush comin´up. Zone Meeting tomorrow, and interviews with Pres. Cook on Wednesday! JAlways LOVE the interviews with President, he always knows what to say. So yeah super excited for this week! 

And just to let you guys know a miracle just happened, like just now! Well sort of I just found out from my comp. Elder Araujo from Bella Italia, that Silivia´s brother (you remember Silvia right, how could ya forget about her?) well her brother is taking the charlas now, in Durazno (my first zone I was in) and is going to get BAPTIZED in a few weeks here! Hope it all goes well, I am already starting to see the blessings of gospel through generations! :) Just thought I would share that with ya, it got me teary eyed I love the mission! :) 

Thanks for the love and prayers every week, they are heard and felt by me especially LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!! Linds dont work too much that goes for you too Dad, I wonder where Linds got that from? Haha its in the blood! Have a fab summer! Love ya´ll

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Cripple (88th email)

Touring Montevideo with Elder Rollins--May 2015

Elder Rollins had a little toe surgery so we headed home!

What to do while Elder Rollins was recovering from toe surgery?
Why of course, read Jesus the Christ and eat Tie Dye Cake!  
(about 2/3 done with Jesus Christ in 4 days!!)

Good day beloved ones!
                ALEXIS I GOT YOUR LETTER!!! You really made those pants/shorts???? And I thought I was going to learn how to sew!! I am so proud of you!! That’s sooo funny that Franklin walks to my room everytime, maybe she thinks its her room now!! No no no Franky poo!
                Anyways yes another great week in the Uruguay Montevideo mission as Pres. Cook would say! J We recently almost got in an accident on the bus however the Lord is protecting us. We have been flying all around town-city ALL week to get my comps toe fixed. We haven’t had much time to work but it had to get fixed now and as of now my comp. does still have a toenail but only half of one!
                I wont even go into detail with everything but long story short we went to quite a few hospitals all week but they weren’t letting us with the whole insurance thing and everything so we took matters into your own hands and went to the big guns! Yes we went to the BIG BOYS HOUSE J Bringing it back, I always say that but its because I love Montevideo. Anyways we went to the British Hospital in Montevideo, because who knows how many missionaries they have operated on so we knew they would get us in no problem. J So we went Friday, early in the morning got there around 10ish, we had lunch in the mall next door (hence the BK, its cheaper here that’s why we went and I love it!), and did a bit of shopping for souvenirs while we waited for our appointment at 1pm. Then the hour came around they took us in no problem, they laid my comp. down and went at it! Within 10min. they had it out and bandaged up. We left about a half hour later and caught the next bus to Santa Lucia, luckily we had no problem however my comp. did have to walk in a sock thing all around town haha! So yes the next few days we were in the house ALL day because it aint smart to walk on a recently operated toe you know_! HOWEVER WE HAVE MADE GOOD USE OF OUR TIME and went to church on Sunday woot! And epically we have been reading Jesus the Christ this whole time and we are 2/3 thirds done, and we´ll be finishing it today. JJust so you know we started Friday, and its almost 800 pages, but we are definitely reading it in English! Its still hard to understand for me, and I know this might sound super lame and over exaggerative (is that a word?) I CANT READ IN ENGLISH! Well, yes I can but at the beginning it was hard to pronounce all of words and I read super slow….mock me all you want but it’s the darn truth. So this reading had been a big help with English, and more importantly to draw me closer to my Savior who I represent. I feel of his love even more now and I don’t doubt the sacred authority and power he has trusted me with! J This book has been a blessing for me, and even more epic to read it in 4 days, we´ll see how today turns out. I challenge you guys to read it too, haha jk focus on the BofM for now!
                We haven’t had much contact with G and F this week, they both couldnt make it to church this week :( but she told us on Tuesday that the fast that we did with her was a HUGE blessing for her! JJ Wow, I could feel the Spirit so strong when she told us what happened, she said, Sunday night was when she decided to lay it down on her partner. She got up the courage to talk to him openly and direct, she told him that she wanted to be Mormon, she wanted to get baptized and that were going to have to make a change so that it could happen!! She said it just came out so clear that she felt peace inside, her partner respected her decision and said give us 2 mths. to think about what we want to do. So yeah first off we are hoping that they will make a decision within this time frame and we hope its for the positive that they get married and the whole fam. gets baptized! Yay for eternal families! J After everything I am so grateful all the prayers for them, thanks guys so much! I am grateful for the Lord in helping G progress and reach this wonderful blessing of baptism and having an eternal family! Everything will happen in the Lords time. J Thanks again. Miracles are real aren’t they?
                Anyways enough of the cheesiness, I did want to share a quick scrip. with you guys in Mosiah 4:11-12 that talks about remission of sins. I have been studying quite a bit this week on what this entails and I love what the Lord has shown me! I love how it says that we can retain a constant remission of our sins through diligent prayer, thanks, and repentance to the Lord for our mistakes. And if we do this we can RETAIN a remission of our sins and CONTSTANLY be forgiven of our faults. I also love that this will strengthen our love and faith that we have for the Lord and his mercies! I love the word King Benjamin uses ¨taste¨ of his love. One of the only ways to taste of his love is to humble ourselves and realize that repentance is not a one time thing, it is constant process and reminder of his love as he sheds his mercy upon us. J Its comforting to know that one of the ways that God shows love for us is his mercy through his Beloved Son and his Atonement. J I also feel a greater responsibility to help people taste of this same love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for them!
                I hope that made sense, anyways yes I heard about L.Tom Perry yesterday, what a jolly servant he was. I love him. Thanks Mom and Dad for the info, I think i´ll wait on seeing the flight schedule, I think the dates are good enough for now, WOW is right mom!! SOO GOOD TO HEAR ABOUT Carson, my bud i´ll shoot em a trunky email hehe. I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH, have a fab week love yall

les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie