Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, June 29, 2015

O' DRAMA can you see! (92nd email)

Oh dearest fam.
            Miss you and love you! JJ Im just going to say its been a heck of a week! In the sense that it didnt happened the way we planned it but its all good.
            Long drama story short, the bishop called us like 2 days before F´s baptism wanting to cancel it. Because we didnt announce it very well, and there was an activity that was interfering a bit. Before I go any farther, I am not on anyone´s side. So yeah we called G after that to see what she had to say, and she wasnt happy. She called the bishop herself to see what was up!  She accepted to move the baptism for this upcoming week, yes July 4th, MERICA´s B-DAY in case you forgot!! However we talked to G later on and she was still a little shooken up because they have been waiting a long time for the baptism, and her situation doesnt make it any easier (the whole separation thing). So they took last Saturday to spend time together (G and F), to talk about it, and start over. J And today just now we received a text saying that F´s baptism will be on July 11th now!! J This whole situation has been a mess this week, but maybe it will be good to prepare more for what we got in front of us. Hope you understood, I tried to explain in the easiest and least dramatic way possible! Other than that they are both doing OK now! J Galso told us that she found a house and she is thinking about moving this week during F´s school break. Sooo keep prayin for the whole family they still need the prayers! J
            We have been so worried about this whole situation that it has made it difficult to work in the other aspects of the work unfortunately L. But we did have another day interchange, and now one of my bffs that I lived with in Aeroparque is my ZL now. Sooo we had an intercambio together and it was super fun and spiritual! J Also this week has been super spiritual because as a zone we are focused on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And I think slowly apply it every day is helping us out individually as well as in a zone. We have been focused on verifying on what the Atonement means for all the missionaries. And now we have a Zone Plan to ask the same questions to everyone, especially with the members ¨What does the Atonement mean to you?¨J
            Also we had a ward devotional-activity where we remembered the Martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the history of the Santa Lucia chapel. Oh yeah and the worst part was Elder Connor and I had to sing a duet. We sung Praise to the Man in spanish and english! Members seemed to have liked it.......

            Oh yeah Mom and Dad I got a couple of questions for ya. Soo Mom you wanted me to get Paul a legit Uruguayo jersey. Well I checked today and it costs $100 bucks, it didnt have a collar, and it didnt have Suarez´s name on it. I would have to pay to put his name on it, it would probably be an extra 20-30 bucks if you want to do it_ So let me know what you want, could you maybe send me pic of the one you want and I can go look for it.
1.      Do you want me to buy the original jersey for $100? (there are fake ones for cheaper)
a.       2. Could you send me a pic of the one you want me to get. I think last years jersey had the collar btw.

And Q#2 could I get me some Uruguayo futbol gear, but I wanted to ask you guys permission first because I have been spending a lot of money and for 2 the whole set would be like $250 bucks. Dont feel bad to say NO, but of course I wouldnt mind if you said yes. If you can though, its not too important so dont stress over it. Thanks Mommisis and Dad oh Dad for everything ha! J
            Oh yeah Dad I would really love to thank you for last email about Alma 29. Guess what I loved it so much that I decided to tell everyone in my district to read it and to share their feelings in the district meeting! J The Spirit was super strong!! I feel the same dad my soul is really full of joy because of the mercy and Atonement of Jesus Christ. Not coincidentally that we focused on this as a zone this past and upcoming week! J

WELL THATS ALL FOR THIS WEEK FOLKS! Talk to ya next pday! :) I LOVE YOU ALL TOOO MUCH thanks for the love back!! I guess they arent trunky letters if they are as good as the first letters I got from you guys! :) Have a good one! Peace! 

Les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie
ps ALEXIS should definitely friend F she would LOVE It! they are like the same age. G and F talk about connecting all the time!
Love the Uruguayan people!  Santa Lucia June 2015

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