Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, February 23, 2015

Talk about losing ourselves in the work! :) (74th email)

Buenos dias beloved family!

Wow wow wow wow super busy week for us here in good ol´Beautiful Italy!! :) I have gotta admit it has been a super stressful week, because we have so much to do, I got a cold (not too bad), and lots of other crazy stuff. BUT I am doing amazing because I think this has been one of the most rewarding weeks in my entire mission! :) I can really testify even more that losing yourself in the work is the only way to find pure happiness in the work! So what did we do then?

Well to start off we've been finding lots and lots and lots of people to teach lately and that is exactly what we needed! I dont know if I told you guys about S last week? But he is a stud muffin to the max!! He was a reference from some other Elders, he is 13 yrs. old, but acts like a 20/25 yr. old super mature! Well long story short he came to church this week!!!! :) We went to pick him up and he was waiting for us. So we have been really focusing on him this week, when we pass by we dont even have to ask him if he read or prayed. He just starts going off like the other day we sat down he told us he read the Testimony of Joseph Smith and how an angel visited him 3 times, found some plates, and so on and so forth! But what?! At his age Im not sure but I dont think I could have told you that the Angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith 3 times? Well maybe I dont know but the point is S is progressing a lot and through him we have been able to teach more in his family! His sister M (means Miracles and she is the one who is 8yrs. old), and his older bro. M (means Mark, yeah you know who that is). And they both want to get baptized as well!! Unfortunately they didnt go to church because they were sleeping and the mom isnt quite sure she wants M to get baptized. But thats the thing their parents are members just inactive. So yeah if you could pray for all of them, so we can help them ALL come back to the light of the gospel, thanks! :)

Saturday was a huge day for us!!! We had a capilla abierta here in Bella Italia, for those who dont know what that is. Its a open house, where people can come in freely and see what we actually do in the church. There are like lots of stands where missionaries/members present specifically what each organization does. We had a couple of Hermanas (Missionaries) come present the basics of the Gospel, Plan of Salvation, Restoration, Temples, etc. and the best of all people had the opportunity to listen to the words of Christ. Like what they do in Temple Square with the Christus!! Unfortunately I wasnt able to hear them in spanish because Elder Araujo and I were in charge of the baptism stand, where we taught about the baptism of Jesus and invited people to be baptized when they felt ready! :) This was my first one ever, so it was really different for me (do they do those in the states?) Anyways but it went amazing!!! All the members invited so many people, we had 27 non members attend, which is really good and lots of people that want to learn more! SO thats what I was talking about when I said we have a lot of people to teach now! But we are super excited for the work that we have in this upcoming week. What a blessing it is to have members and missionaries working together! :) Oh yeah and you are going to like this, here is the link so you can watch of the Capilla Abierta we had here. Capilla Abierta Links: Buscar YouTube :Debbie and Mike Burnett

As I said last week I am working a lot on the attribute of Charity and Love this change. And I came across this scripture, which I am sure I have mentioned before in an email but I love it sooo much its Moroni 8:16. It talks about how perfect love casteth out ALL fear! :) I love it because sometimes I am a fearful man I cant lie, but if I have faith and imagine the people in whom we are talking with not HOW they are but WHAT they can become. I will be able to develop this perfect love that Christ has for me! :) The Lord really does watch over me and what a great way to finish the BofM like this! Oh yeah, yes I have done it!! It might sound pathetic, I am still a very slow reader BUT I finally finished el Libro de Mormon for the 1st time ever on my own this past Thursday! The thing is I didnt just read it but I studied and applied it more than ever! :) I know the book was translated by Joseph Smith and it was to help us through the tough times we have. It has helped me this 17 (ish) months and I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven for giving me this blessing and having the opportunity to share with the people of Uruguay. 

Sooo I that was my week, I am probably missing something but I love you all TOO MUCH and hope you have a fab. week, hope the link works! By the way Momma thank you SO SO much for the names, It should be perfect I just need to figure out a way to print em off! Because we have to let the Temple Staff know that we are bringing some but it will work out. Maybe I will get the names before we go I sure hope so! :) I will let you know more details later!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Elder Aruajo and Elder Ivie at a Capilla Abierta Buscar in Montevideo Feb '15

Yay!  An American meal!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Shakira Lives! Peruvians! and Cancún oh my! (73rd email)

Oh what a beautiful morning family!
Wow what a rollercoaster week let me tell ya'll! Elder Araujo has arrived safe and sound here in Bella Italia and to be honest I love the guy already! He's from Lima, Peru, yeah I know what you are all thinking my first Peruvian comp! Woot I was a little scared at the beginning to be honest haha but I love the kid, he's got like 8 months in the mission and is teaching me how to make peruvian food. Just like your peruvian friends Linds! But I'm sure your food dominates ours because you are all 5 star chefs so yeah maybe we'll somethin' fancy one day i'll let ya know. We did make like rice cake things yesterday, they are like the latkes the Leifers make but with no ketchup and a little different flavor! They were yum anyways!
Anyways wow we've been on the hunt for people lately because sadly when you baptize someone, sometimes this happens when you dont know where to go next. But luckily we have been blessed to get to know a kid named Sebastian, who is the brother of another inv. we have. He pays lots of attention, and wants to get baptized we just gotta get him to church. Also he wants to take advantage of the summer and hangout a lot so he doesnt have too much time for us as he says but he´s gettin there! If you could pray for him that would be fabulous. Even though I know you guys already do it. :)
This week I received a letter from the Irvine's, it was Kailtyn's (Sister Irvine's I mean) farewell invitation!! :) So awesome, I hope she is doing good and getting used to the mission life, sometimes I wish to be back into her shoes! Because that was such an exciting time for me, it was tough, but it changed me forever. However I am super grateful for the experiences the Lord has given me here in Uruguay that I will never regret!
A new change has started and Ive been thinking a lot about what I want to change and I came across this scripture. Its quite powerful and direct but it hit me hard 
35 Wherefore, know by this thing which thou hast said, thaif the Gentiles have not charitybecause of our weakness, that thou wilt prove them, and take away their talentyea, even that which they have received, and give unto them who 
shall have more abundantly.

It hit me hard because I want to work on my charity and love. I noticed that I was striving to develop that Christ-like attribute as much as I should of! So this change is going to be filled with love! Heavenly Father really does answer prayers! :) 
Oh yeah also in like a month we as a zone are all going to have interviews with Pres. and go to the temple!!!! :) They all challenged us to find a family name to take the temple that day! Not to stress you guys at all, but if a specific person comes in mind that needs some work done I would love to do it! :) Well obviously its my own family! I think I also might have the opportunity to do baptism too if it needs to be done. Should be an awesome experience, I cant wait! Hopefully we can find someone and work it out. Just wanted to let you guys know.
Oh yeah and almost forgot Valentines Day was a blast actually! Well I think they celebrate it down here but not like it is in the states. However we went to the Belloni Ward and helped the elders over there with an activity they were doing called Viajes de Cancún (Cancun Travels)! Its where a bunch of people go around playing games trying to win money so they can ¨pay¨ for the trip to Cancun. So thats where we came in, I had a little game where you had to bounce ping'pong balls into cups of water. Just little games like that people played and when all was finished, depending on how much money they got determines where they will sit in the plane. After everyone is done boarding the plane, we did a little simulation of the plane taking off. But then suddenly something went wrong with our plane and we crash and die!! Haha this is a super lame explanation of the activity but long story short, they took us around to show what it would be in the 3 Kingdoms of Glory. So yeah we had a good time, had a little spiritual thought about the plan of salvation and had refreshments! You guys are probably like that sounds lame but it was really fun, I just cant explain it!
PS: SHAKIRA LIVES! I think she was depressed for some reason so she just sat in her pen all day long starving herself. But she´s walking now and we gave her some rice yesterday and she´s been feasting every since. :)  Also that is so awesome to hear about Jennica, she looks amazing! I agree with her on the Christ-like attributes thing I just find it hard to sometimes recognizing them in the moment. Christ-like experiences come to Christ-like missionaries I always say! :)
Anyways thats its folks sorry Linds about not writing, I honestly thought I wrote you recently but I guess I forgot to don't hate me! I'll give you shout out this week or next week! Love ya babe! Just like I love you ALL TOO MUCH have a fab. week, paz!
Elder Olsen & Elder Ivie proud to be an American!

Goodbye Elder Olsen :-(  Hello Elder Araujo :-)

Zombie Minecraft toy...what?!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Transfers, worries about chicken, baptism, chau elder :( (72nd email)

Hola amorosa familia! 

Hey yo! Times have changed I might say so myself, we got changes call last night and......................I am going to stay!!! Haha yeah Im staying obviously everyone knew that, I am really excited I love this area and ward even if its super hot everyday you cant change that! Its good to hear that we arent the only ones hoggin all the heat down here! Anyways but yes Elder Olsen is gone, he is off the the Coast! Should be fun, its all a lot cooler in temp. there seeing that he is on the coast. He's been here 4 months or so and it was time for him to go! :( Gosh I just love all my comps. I hate when I have to leave ém but hey its the mission and life. SO yeah I am going to be with a latino named Elder Araujo or something like that, I have no idea who he is. Maybe he is a relative of the Araujo guy that used to play for the jazz that blowed! Haha if I remember right?! 

It really was an amazing week though, we were busy all week we didnt have any time for anything!! We were going from one place to the other planning the baptism of Silvia, making invites, and fillin´ the font! But yes as I mentioned and as you see in the photo she got BAPTIZED!!!!!!! And I had the awesome opportunity to baptize her too! :) I am super grateful, I wanted Elder Olsen to baptize her because that would have been his 1st time baptizing someone but, he didnt have pants and I guess it just worked out to be me. It was amazing, Elder Olsen actually got to confirm in Sac. Meeting the next day, and he killed it. He speaks really good spanish, I tell him everyday, I am proud of that lil´ guy! :) Im gonna miss him, he was hilarious! But anyways back to the baptism, it was awesome unfortunately none of Silvia´s fam came because they arent members and live super far away. I thought her cousin that lives like a hour away was gonna to come but she couldnt make it. But luckily this awesome boss ward stepped up and lots showed up to support her! This ward loves her, they are like all fightin with us to see who is going to get her a scrip set! Haha she really was a perfectly prepared woman, and I cant thank the Lord enough for getting to know her! :) I am also super glad to stay here and teach her more, she is a true daughter of God! :) 

Oh yeah now he comes the random paragraph where I just throw a bunch of random stuff out. Soo we think Shakira is sick because she doesnt walk around now. We leave her food and she comes and eats it when we arent around but other than that she just chills in her pen. Maybe she is dehydrated or giving birth we have no idea but it is a tragedy! I am really worried for her, shes my gurl! I love her, ha whatever! That is awesome news on Kaitlyn and Jennica, I love missions,  I love them both of those sisters! Sister missionary crush I have no idea what they are talking about......hahaha maybe but not really im super focused momma! Wow there has been a lot of passing aways lately, they are all in my prayers. How great it is to have the knowledge of the gospel and of the plan of Salvation. So that we can do fam. history and do the work in the temple. I feel ya dad I want to get soo involved in fam. history now! FamilySearch now is so so cool, and wizardly I cant wait to use it, but really! Well thats all I got, as you can tell I am rushin a lot but I love you guys TOO MUCH!!! Have a killer hot awesome week! It was great to hear from everybody especially you Big Anne luvs ya! 

les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie
Baptism of  Sylvia in Bella Italia Feb. 7, 2015

Elder Ivie, Elder Olsen & Sylvia!  An amazing day!  :-)

Chapel in Bella Italia

Camping in our backyard in Bella Italia!  Feb 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bon jía! (71st email)

Hello loved ones! 

Wow what a week its been. Thanks for the awesome emails! :) Anyways its sort of been a normal week. Last P'day was a blast, going to the mall and stuff but today we will be staying here in Bella Italia. We actually have a Zone Activity here in about an hour or so, should be good stuff! But yes it is blazing here still!!! Like literally the sun just eats you here, but hey I'm livin´ still puttin on sunscreen dont worry. Actually on Wednesday we had another interchange with the same guys because we are the only Elders in the district. This time I went there with the newbie Elder Holmes and it rained all day.......normally I would be dreading it because I literally despise the rain. However I have been asking the Lord to make it cool down for a bit and he sure did answer. It rained non-stop for 24hrs., it was a little slower day because nobody wanted to open their doors but we got lucky and got to talk to a few people in the streets. And at the end of the day, I was already soaked so I just walked and splashed in a bunch of puddles on our home just cause. Brings back good memories when I used to play in the puddle on the corner of our house! Haha love that pic of me sittin' in the puddle with my bowl cut! 

Anyways back to what happened, you want to know about S?! Well.......she is progressing so much!!!!!! Its been a little hard to have charlas during the week because she works all day and has no time to talk. So we just maintained in contact with her by phone throughout the week. Anyways she is reading, praying, and she came to church again!!!! :) She is probably the most prepared person I have ever met. The way the Lord has guided her onto the right path through the Light of Christ just makes me want to cry tears of joy. That might sound cheesy but thats the way I feel. She is amazing, and I cant believe I was able to cross paths with her at this time. I am forever grateful for the Lord for having the oppurtunity to get to know and teach her the True Gospel of Jesus Christ! :) And most of all, she will be getting baptized this SAT the 7th!! :) We are going to be praying for her all week. Also I really have gained a stronger testimony of Member Missonary Work. Two Sundays ago S got to know a Sister in church, that sister felt impressed to get her number because she told us she felt something different when she met S. She could already recognize the glowing Light of Christ that S had. :) So we called her up and asked her if she could join us in a charla with S last Sat! And it was a divine charla, the Spirit testified so powerfully. S had a bunch of questions and the sister helped us answer them and bear testimony. This is why we work with members, this is why inv./recent converts/less actives/inactives/ and members of the church need friends in the church. So they can feel like their loved and not alone! Really a life changing experience for me this week in that aspect! :) I love being a missonary, l love this ward and my comp. Sure we come across rough times but Elder Olsen has taught me a lot and I love him for that! :)

I am doing good guys. Thanks for the emails, letters, packages, just everything you guys do cheers me up sooo much! :) Thanks Mom for getting those pics, I know you love sending stuff, and I love getting stuff for ya! Ha stamps I am set probably for the rest of my mission to be honest! Ha I will let you know if I need more. Congrats Alexis on the chime choir performance at Lone Peak! I CANT believe Jennica is already comin´ home, insanity. Yep we be old. A Rodge is my boy and I knew he would do it. Good week of sports. Anyways I love you all TOO MUCH! :) Have an awesome week, hope the weather stays good I would kill for some 40´s right now! Chau ya´ll!

#2 Arco iris!
Oh Uruguay!

Arco iris!!  (Rainbow)

Enjoying some 'Merica food!!  Jan '15

Ooooh, Shakira laying our breakfast this morning!!  Eggs!