Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bon jía! (71st email)

Hello loved ones! 

Wow what a week its been. Thanks for the awesome emails! :) Anyways its sort of been a normal week. Last P'day was a blast, going to the mall and stuff but today we will be staying here in Bella Italia. We actually have a Zone Activity here in about an hour or so, should be good stuff! But yes it is blazing here still!!! Like literally the sun just eats you here, but hey I'm livin´ still puttin on sunscreen dont worry. Actually on Wednesday we had another interchange with the same guys because we are the only Elders in the district. This time I went there with the newbie Elder Holmes and it rained all day.......normally I would be dreading it because I literally despise the rain. However I have been asking the Lord to make it cool down for a bit and he sure did answer. It rained non-stop for 24hrs., it was a little slower day because nobody wanted to open their doors but we got lucky and got to talk to a few people in the streets. And at the end of the day, I was already soaked so I just walked and splashed in a bunch of puddles on our home just cause. Brings back good memories when I used to play in the puddle on the corner of our house! Haha love that pic of me sittin' in the puddle with my bowl cut! 

Anyways back to what happened, you want to know about S?! Well.......she is progressing so much!!!!!! Its been a little hard to have charlas during the week because she works all day and has no time to talk. So we just maintained in contact with her by phone throughout the week. Anyways she is reading, praying, and she came to church again!!!! :) She is probably the most prepared person I have ever met. The way the Lord has guided her onto the right path through the Light of Christ just makes me want to cry tears of joy. That might sound cheesy but thats the way I feel. She is amazing, and I cant believe I was able to cross paths with her at this time. I am forever grateful for the Lord for having the oppurtunity to get to know and teach her the True Gospel of Jesus Christ! :) And most of all, she will be getting baptized this SAT the 7th!! :) We are going to be praying for her all week. Also I really have gained a stronger testimony of Member Missonary Work. Two Sundays ago S got to know a Sister in church, that sister felt impressed to get her number because she told us she felt something different when she met S. She could already recognize the glowing Light of Christ that S had. :) So we called her up and asked her if she could join us in a charla with S last Sat! And it was a divine charla, the Spirit testified so powerfully. S had a bunch of questions and the sister helped us answer them and bear testimony. This is why we work with members, this is why inv./recent converts/less actives/inactives/ and members of the church need friends in the church. So they can feel like their loved and not alone! Really a life changing experience for me this week in that aspect! :) I love being a missonary, l love this ward and my comp. Sure we come across rough times but Elder Olsen has taught me a lot and I love him for that! :)

I am doing good guys. Thanks for the emails, letters, packages, just everything you guys do cheers me up sooo much! :) Thanks Mom for getting those pics, I know you love sending stuff, and I love getting stuff for ya! Ha stamps I am set probably for the rest of my mission to be honest! Ha I will let you know if I need more. Congrats Alexis on the chime choir performance at Lone Peak! I CANT believe Jennica is already comin´ home, insanity. Yep we be old. A Rodge is my boy and I knew he would do it. Good week of sports. Anyways I love you all TOO MUCH! :) Have an awesome week, hope the weather stays good I would kill for some 40´s right now! Chau ya´ll!

#2 Arco iris!
Oh Uruguay!

Arco iris!!  (Rainbow)

Enjoying some 'Merica food!!  Jan '15

Ooooh, Shakira laying our breakfast this morning!!  Eggs!

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