Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, January 26, 2015

¡Im here! (70th email)

Bueno! Hey fam!
                Currently right now I am in a mal (3 Cruces) waiting for my comp. E´Olsen to finish signing his Visa. I remember when I had to do it like it was yesterday, crazy!!
                But yeah its been a better week! J I am getting used to the ward, they are really helpful especially the youth. We got a few priests like come out with us just about everyday for a couple hours. And especially with this new mission plan, we are really trying to get the members involved! Most of the time its just a lack of communication when members and missionaries don’t work to be honest so we´ve been trying to pass by members houses more to let them know this new mission plan!
                This week has been quite the miracle week. On Friday we had another interchange with our District Leader. Sorry these things aren’t very interesting to tell but personally I think they are really fun. I got to go see a new area, called Belloni. Also I learned a bunch from our District Leader that has really helped me ever since! Now for the super miracle of the week!! Sooo while I was in Belloni on the interchange we received a call from my comp. that was working in our area! He told us that he received a call from the mission offices, and they told him that they had a ref. for us from MORMON.ORG!!!! You know it is a super interested person when they request the missionaries to come visit them through the church! So yeah we visited her the next day, her name is S, and she is amazing! J She told us that shes been thinking for awhile now if she wanted to listen to the missionaries. I guess her cousin got baptized, and the change that she is seeing in her has made her want to make the same change. She is Catholic, but she told us she is looking for more, more love, more change in her life! Really I just feel so blessed that God has given me another chance to help another one of his daughters come unto His Son! J We met her on Sat., had a charla with her, and went to church the next day! She told us that she felt very well received by the members, she feels really good and is constantly reading, the pamphlets, BofM, and Gospel Principles Book! What a blessing she is in our lives! J
                Oh yeah and I GOT the package already MOMMA!! J Thanks a million, really I adore stuff from America. Maybe its not totally worth it, but its just awesome to have a treat from America here and there! J Thanks again Momma, but of course I am always asking favors. As long as this isn’t expensive, could you send me like 20-30 printed photos of my life before the mission! Not sure you might have to guess on a lot but here are a few suggestions:

I hope this is ok,
Pics of when I played baseball, me and my pet snakes as a lil’ guy, me playing tennis if you have any? Pic of house of course, pic of the house with snow (Uruguayos love seeing snow ;)) FAM PICS of all of us together! Me and my sis´s! Vacations, Moab, Hawaii, and last but not least my farewell.
                Well, I hope that isn’t too much to ask. Its not urgent at all, and it doesn’t have to be a lot at all! If you guys could whip a few pics of your favs that would be the best, love you guys thanks for everything you do fo me! J Other than that I am set for the rest of my life, oh yeah and I did take a little bit of money out today to buy a few souvenirs if that’s ok! I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO MUCH LIKE ALWAYS! :) Thanks for the weekly emails, literally weekly Im diggin´ it its been an awesome day. Chau talk to ya'll next week!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

PICS: #1 Elder Olsen, yeah model or somethin
          #2 Shakira, yeah we tra
Elder Young

We trapped Shakira!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Buena Italia! (69th email)

Good Afternoon my dear family!

Tis´ another week has past! Wow time does fly by especially seeing those pics that you sent me Mom & Dad! LOVE! :) Thank you I almost shed a joyful tear of the good memories and hugs we've had! Haha anyways it was a better week here in Bella Italia for us. Yes Mom I'm eating good, the members feed us here like everyday! :) Shakira is cluckin´ around like usual, she is like 15 years old and she lays an egg like every 2-3 days! She's a boss. Lindsay it is super great to hear that you have BOUGHT Rosetta Stone and you will be learning from the Natives! I love it, you've gotten serious now cant wait to chat up with ya. However I will for sure be teaching you the Uruguay accent, none of that Peru nonsense jk! But really Uruguay accent is the bomb. Alexis the sewing queen, atta go girl already preparing for motherhood eh?! Im super glad you enjoy it, you need to teach me but really. Sounds like you are on the hyper side, I guess all of us go through that stage, Mom, Dad, and Linds good luck with that one haha. Mom thanks for the awesome quotes and talks on hope/light, really an awesome truth to remember there thanks so much. However what do you mean you are DONE with the sports? Details what happened?! Maybe I dont want to know....well anyways that stinks :( DAD!  Crazy things happening!  Im pumped for you, especially if you arent as busy and not going to crazy. I would love to hear details as time goes on.

Anyways quickly on to my week, we had a good week! Tuesday I had a chance to go to the big boys house again!!!! Yep we went back to Malvin for a Multi-Zone Conference, all the Zones of Montevideo went which is like 4! Yeah so it was awesome I got to see my friends from my past zones, ate some Subway for lunch, learning how to bring the Spirit better and more into the charlas that we have with our investigators and last of all learned about some Family History interestingly enough! I think we are going to be doing some of that ourselves in the upcoming months so we can help the recent converts and our investigators get involved in it! Wow I was quite surprised the church is hauling with the familiy history. Yeah I am a little behind, as you can tell but anyways it was an awesome conference. Also we had a couple of intercambios with other missionaries. I got to work with a super newbie Elder Holmes. And while we were working a former investigator approached us in the street, his name is W and said hey what happened? My baptism is tomorrow right? Its was crazy because we talked to him in the street but we were never able to find his house. But the Lord blessed us with a miracle and luckily he found US again! :) He rememberd that we had scheduled a baptism date for this week with him. But obviously we got to get him to church, and have him take the charlas! So yeah sorry I am being very brief because I am running out of time but yeah miracles here in Bella Italia! :) Also S's family is starting to go to church again, and once they get reactivated we can schedule a date for S to get baptized, because he wants to! So yeah we are hoping the best for these 2! :) Thanks for all the prayers! 

Thats all folks! It should be a good week ahead of us. Recently our mission just started this new program to get the members involved more and in a more EFFECTIVE way! :) Which is key, so yeah we got a few meetings this week to talk about it and I am super excited. This really is a Marvellous Work & a Wonder! :) Love you guys TOO MUCH! Thanks for everything have a killer week, see ya

Les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie
Montevideo Uruguay Mission--Dec '14

MultiZone (Montevideo) Conference--Jan '15

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello from beautiful Italy (68th email)


Hey fam hows it going?! Sounds like its warmin' up there a little bit too!! Haha yeah I am sweating here just typing this, and it aint because im nervous for anything! ;) This humidity is insane, I forgot how strong it was and let alone its 10:00 in the morning! Ohhh well whattcha gonna do?! Im doing good this week, its sort of been a rollercoaster week of emotions for me. Its still been tough for me speaking louder, and sometimes I still get a little frustrated but I know thats not what I should do. I learned a really big lesson this week that I would love to share I hope it makes sense. So Friday we had a Zone Meeting in Barrio 14, and it turned out to be amazing. We talked a lot about urgency and how we need to maintain it. We were talking about what we can do better to maintain it as a mission. And obviously we came down to the conclusion that it starts with us individually. I realized in that moment I need to improve on somethings. I realized that my attitude has been lacking lately, so that day I said a prayer and kept it in my heart and my mind all day! And let me tell ya I had one of those days that has changed me ever since. The Lord blessed me with a loving/happier than happy attitude that day! It was amazing to feel, I didnt even want the day to end because it felt so good. It was a hot day, we got rejected a lot as well but we had so much success! I felt confident during the day, we met some awesome people that were willing to listen and just felt sooo good inside. Ahhh I cant put it into words but I can say it was the Spirit giving me that light! :) Sounds cheesy but it was such a miracle day for me, I love the tender mercies of the Lord. The only challenge now is keeping that attitude up! Thanks for the prayers and the cheering this week, I know it helped me feel this way! :) 

Other than that we did a few more things, we had a choque de fuerza thing again, but now in a place called Pando like 40min. away! It was fun we helped some hermanas find some new people to teach! I got to work with our district leader E' Eraso, I love that kid he's helped out a lot lately! :) Oh yeah Dad random question do you know of the building/company Zonamerica?! I dont know, maybe not its just a cool looking building that we passed by on our way to Pando this week (see pic)! Pretty sweet looking I was freaking out when I saw it! Other than that we are trying to do our best here in Bell Italia, E' Olsen is patient and helping me a lot, especially with the speaking louder thing. He has a booming voice if I might say! Unfortunately S couldnt make it to chruch because he was on vacation again. But hoping this week we will see progress, keep praying for that little guy also his parents because they need to support him and go church with him! Anyways thats it for this week. We got a Multi-Zone Conference tomorrow which should be da bomb I am really excited! Its gonna be back in Malvin, where we had the meeting before in my last area! Should be a fun time, all the zones of Montevideo are coming, I think that really is only 3 but still its going to be awesome! 

PS: Super glad you got those postcards! :) MERRY late CHRISTMAS! thanks momma for sending those out! :)

Love you all, hope you all have a sweet awesome week! :) thanks for writing me everybody! best fam ever I have. LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!!

les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie
Zonamerica building in Bella Italia--Jan 2015

Thought that building looked pretty cool

House 'mate' Shakira.  Lives in Elder Ivie's backyard.  Sneaks in the house and does her business!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Bella Italia part dos! (67th email)


Yes I made it safely here in Bella Italia! I am basically just in downtown Montevideo now and interestingly enough I can still SEE the airport from my area! I think there might be 1 area splitting Aeroparque and Bella Italia. But Im in a different Zone, crazy right?! But yeah I like it here, I cant lie its been a little tough week finding some people. Yesterday our only progressing inv. L texted us and said that she doesnt want to keep taking the charlas!!
:( That was a little strong blow HOWEVER we are moving forward with faith! Its been a little tough for me being Sen. Comp. too. Its hard for me to take the lead on some things but, I am very convinced that I was sent here to Bella Italia so that Elder Olsen could help me out! He is awesome, really direct and isn't scared of anything. I get along with him, I just hope the feeling is mutual! I can tell we have a lot of differences but hey we are meant to be companions and I am very excited to work with him and get to know him more this change! :)

Its been quite the crazy week though as usual! Since last P-day me and E' Petersen had to go say bye to a few people. Pretty sad I gotta admit but thats how the mission is! You get so close to these people because I love them and really was grateful to meet them and serve them! I think saying bye to Estefany (Recent Convert) and her family was the hardest for us! E' Petersen and I got so close to her because she was so awesome, and so prepared! We were so blessed to teach her and see her get baptized. Lots of crying too but not from us fortunately, but almost from me! Ahh well I had some great/challenging times in Aeroparque but I am better because of them! I know the Lord needs me here in Bella Italia! Oh yeah other facts that I havent really told you guys. Elder Olsen is from Kansas City, Kansas! Hehe, he's got a funny accent. Umm Bella Italia is a ward about 60-70 strong and it belongs to the MaroƱas Stake! We are the only 2 here in this ward BUT it is a big area like always! We have a chicken in the house...well in the backyard, named Shakira!!!!! THE BEST!! She is hilarious and fat always cluckin' for food. I will have to take a picture with her and send it to you guys next week! :)

By the way thanks for all the emails this week! Its the BEST to here from just about all of you!! :) Good news about 'dem Badgers!!!! TOO SICK! My boys got a HUGE game this week! And to answer your question, why not!! I would love them! I love those Gingerbreads the only weird thing is it blazing hot here!! But anyways YES mom I want them! :) Linds remember when we found Alexis's old cup of Hot chocolate with the mushy gingerbread cookies in it! Hahahaha dont ask me how I remember that experience but it scarred me for life! Anyways anything else I need, nah...nothing I really need need. Stuff that would really yummy to have would be like cookie/cake mixes, mac n' cheese, peanut butter, just stuff that can be easily made that I really miss! Haha BUT mom it really isnt that necessary. And you dont have to send me all of it at once! Thanks momma! I am so blessed to have a Momisis like you Momma! LOVE packages! :) Haha

Anyways that its for the week, here we go, week DOS in Bella Italia, wish us luck and many prayers! :) I love life and the mission! Have a great week everybody, it was awesome seeing a picture of Eldine! I miss that sweet lady! Walkin' her to her house every Sunday.... :) LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie