Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello from beautiful Italy (68th email)


Hey fam hows it going?! Sounds like its warmin' up there a little bit too!! Haha yeah I am sweating here just typing this, and it aint because im nervous for anything! ;) This humidity is insane, I forgot how strong it was and let alone its 10:00 in the morning! Ohhh well whattcha gonna do?! Im doing good this week, its sort of been a rollercoaster week of emotions for me. Its still been tough for me speaking louder, and sometimes I still get a little frustrated but I know thats not what I should do. I learned a really big lesson this week that I would love to share I hope it makes sense. So Friday we had a Zone Meeting in Barrio 14, and it turned out to be amazing. We talked a lot about urgency and how we need to maintain it. We were talking about what we can do better to maintain it as a mission. And obviously we came down to the conclusion that it starts with us individually. I realized in that moment I need to improve on somethings. I realized that my attitude has been lacking lately, so that day I said a prayer and kept it in my heart and my mind all day! And let me tell ya I had one of those days that has changed me ever since. The Lord blessed me with a loving/happier than happy attitude that day! It was amazing to feel, I didnt even want the day to end because it felt so good. It was a hot day, we got rejected a lot as well but we had so much success! I felt confident during the day, we met some awesome people that were willing to listen and just felt sooo good inside. Ahhh I cant put it into words but I can say it was the Spirit giving me that light! :) Sounds cheesy but it was such a miracle day for me, I love the tender mercies of the Lord. The only challenge now is keeping that attitude up! Thanks for the prayers and the cheering this week, I know it helped me feel this way! :) 

Other than that we did a few more things, we had a choque de fuerza thing again, but now in a place called Pando like 40min. away! It was fun we helped some hermanas find some new people to teach! I got to work with our district leader E' Eraso, I love that kid he's helped out a lot lately! :) Oh yeah Dad random question do you know of the building/company Zonamerica?! I dont know, maybe not its just a cool looking building that we passed by on our way to Pando this week (see pic)! Pretty sweet looking I was freaking out when I saw it! Other than that we are trying to do our best here in Bell Italia, E' Olsen is patient and helping me a lot, especially with the speaking louder thing. He has a booming voice if I might say! Unfortunately S couldnt make it to chruch because he was on vacation again. But hoping this week we will see progress, keep praying for that little guy also his parents because they need to support him and go church with him! Anyways thats it for this week. We got a Multi-Zone Conference tomorrow which should be da bomb I am really excited! Its gonna be back in Malvin, where we had the meeting before in my last area! Should be a fun time, all the zones of Montevideo are coming, I think that really is only 3 but still its going to be awesome! 

PS: Super glad you got those postcards! :) MERRY late CHRISTMAS! thanks momma for sending those out! :)

Love you all, hope you all have a sweet awesome week! :) thanks for writing me everybody! best fam ever I have. LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!!

les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie
Zonamerica building in Bella Italia--Jan 2015

Thought that building looked pretty cool

House 'mate' Shakira.  Lives in Elder Ivie's backyard.  Sneaks in the house and does her business!

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