Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, January 26, 2015

¡Im here! (70th email)

Bueno! Hey fam!
                Currently right now I am in a mal (3 Cruces) waiting for my comp. E´Olsen to finish signing his Visa. I remember when I had to do it like it was yesterday, crazy!!
                But yeah its been a better week! J I am getting used to the ward, they are really helpful especially the youth. We got a few priests like come out with us just about everyday for a couple hours. And especially with this new mission plan, we are really trying to get the members involved! Most of the time its just a lack of communication when members and missionaries don’t work to be honest so we´ve been trying to pass by members houses more to let them know this new mission plan!
                This week has been quite the miracle week. On Friday we had another interchange with our District Leader. Sorry these things aren’t very interesting to tell but personally I think they are really fun. I got to go see a new area, called Belloni. Also I learned a bunch from our District Leader that has really helped me ever since! Now for the super miracle of the week!! Sooo while I was in Belloni on the interchange we received a call from my comp. that was working in our area! He told us that he received a call from the mission offices, and they told him that they had a ref. for us from MORMON.ORG!!!! You know it is a super interested person when they request the missionaries to come visit them through the church! So yeah we visited her the next day, her name is S, and she is amazing! J She told us that shes been thinking for awhile now if she wanted to listen to the missionaries. I guess her cousin got baptized, and the change that she is seeing in her has made her want to make the same change. She is Catholic, but she told us she is looking for more, more love, more change in her life! Really I just feel so blessed that God has given me another chance to help another one of his daughters come unto His Son! J We met her on Sat., had a charla with her, and went to church the next day! She told us that she felt very well received by the members, she feels really good and is constantly reading, the pamphlets, BofM, and Gospel Principles Book! What a blessing she is in our lives! J
                Oh yeah and I GOT the package already MOMMA!! J Thanks a million, really I adore stuff from America. Maybe its not totally worth it, but its just awesome to have a treat from America here and there! J Thanks again Momma, but of course I am always asking favors. As long as this isn’t expensive, could you send me like 20-30 printed photos of my life before the mission! Not sure you might have to guess on a lot but here are a few suggestions:

I hope this is ok,
Pics of when I played baseball, me and my pet snakes as a lil’ guy, me playing tennis if you have any? Pic of house of course, pic of the house with snow (Uruguayos love seeing snow ;)) FAM PICS of all of us together! Me and my sis´s! Vacations, Moab, Hawaii, and last but not least my farewell.
                Well, I hope that isn’t too much to ask. Its not urgent at all, and it doesn’t have to be a lot at all! If you guys could whip a few pics of your favs that would be the best, love you guys thanks for everything you do fo me! J Other than that I am set for the rest of my life, oh yeah and I did take a little bit of money out today to buy a few souvenirs if that’s ok! I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO MUCH LIKE ALWAYS! :) Thanks for the weekly emails, literally weekly Im diggin´ it its been an awesome day. Chau talk to ya'll next week!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

PICS: #1 Elder Olsen, yeah model or somethin
          #2 Shakira, yeah we tra
Elder Young

We trapped Shakira!

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