Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, October 27, 2014

Noche de Brujas mericanize​d Happy Halloween!​! (57th email)

Yup from Uruguay!
                Well hello family how are thou?! Another week has gone by it was a good one and a little rough and fun! Mira! Umm first off Sunday some crazy things went down! 3 of us had to give talks this past week, of course the topic was Missionary Work. Yes we are still young and kind of procrastinated and waited til the morning of to do them. After that we had to hurry on over to church/area to pick up a new investigator, E. She was a reference from 2 elders in Zone Norte Montevideo. One of the Elders gave me the reference last week but sadly I kind of forgot about it with all the other people we were teaching. It was in the back of my mind the whole time, to make me look not as bad. But anyways they called last Thursday and told us to go find her because she was amazing! And yes she is sooo prepared, she has already gone to church in Montevideo like quite a few times in her Aunt´s ward she just needs to get to know our ward. Seeing if she gets baptized shes got to get to know people. But anyways we walked with her to church and she just walked right in to Young Womens courageously like she´s been going to this ward since birth. She is awesome, we got a charla with her tomorrow and we be puttin a baptism date for the 8th or the 15th. Her Mom doesnt really want to go to church but she likes us and supports her all the way! She was a miracle! And a couple days ago we received another reference from the other elders. The person lives super far and we have been able to visit her but we call them and they are all down to listen which is another miracle for us! It might sound kind of iffy but really we will take all we can get because I gotta admit its been a rougher week on the work part. And these 2 references were tender mercies this week from the Lord!! :) Anyways things are progressing here in Aeroparque again, I love the mish, I love my comp., and I love life!

But this is where the story gets juicy, while we were waiting for Sacrament Meeting to start and you will never believe who showed up.....THE COOKS Pres. and Hna. Cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of the Uruguay Elections going on in the Carrasco Ward (in their chapel) everybody had to come to our ward! So yeah all the mission missionaries, temple pres, temple 1st counselor, AMERICAN FAMILIES (brought back so many memories of you guys, sooo awesome and funny!) and lots more! Our chapel was full pretty much and we 3 had to give talks may I emphasize again!! GOOOD GRAVY Elder Petersen and I were flippin out!! Luckily it went alright I was a little, just a little....at the beginning of my talk like always but it got better I knew the Spirit was guiding me and I could feel the power of the BofM as it has had on my conversion because thats what I spoke about! How can we use the BofM in Missionary Work? It was quite the experience! After the meeting we found out that some locos chucked rocks at Pres. and Hna. Cooks car!!!!!! They left a dent and broke the drivers side windshield! So we stayed around to help them clean and vacuum it up. But a bonus was they took us to their house after and we had an awesome American/Mexican Taco lunch in the mission home with just us and the Cooks!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo dece, unfortunately I didnt take a pic because forgot my camera but it was sooo delicious and nice of them to feed us! :):) Ta riquisisimo!! Yup pretty much a crazy, scary,  super fun day you could say! 

Nothing much else happened during the work, as I said we are picking up the missionary work here again, and so is the heat! Not sure how hot its been but the humidity is definitely out and it is HANUS! Deja vu from Durazno!! I am already sweating too much and summmer hasnt even started yet! Are you guys planning a wintery Halloween?! Hahaha that would be insane, well but you do have the lights up YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clark even without your Rusty you keep the tradish going! Love you too much! Sorry about the late email, we played some sports with the whole Zone this morning it was a good time! So I am guessing the Irvines are still there visiting Peru?! That was amazing to hear about KAKE´S CALL to New Jersey, congratulations Kake, welcome to the best experience of your life, and the best opportunity to get to know the Savior through serving His children ahhhh its glorious!! :) Well dont get too cold Trick or Treating this week, especially you Linds haha Alexis you are getting too old for it arent you?! Hehehe Love all you guys today and forever oh yeah and TOO MUCH (you cant forget that one mom) ;) Have an spooky week!

Les amo, tu hijo y unico bro. Elder Tyler Scott Ivie