Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy :-) -- (56th email)

Hey oh! A whats up familia!
                Hows my fam doin this week, is it getting a little chilly if I might presume. Ha like my formal language. Halloween is sooo close, I remember last years Halloween in the CCM like it was yesterday. We dressed up in tunics with our bed sheets, haha good times I wonder what I will do this year probably nothing close to that but you never know! Sups excited to see your costumes, especially the one and only CAVANI!!
                Anyways I hope all is well, all is well here in Aeroparque I gotta admit it was a little slower work week but it was a great-fun one! On Tuesday we had a Multi-Zone Conference with 3 other Zones with Pres. and Hna. Cook! I know you have heard about plenty of these from myself but can I just say they are the bomb diggity! Dad you might remember how they were. Im sure you had them right? President Cook always has something wizardly to say! I talked about the importance of committments and how they not only help our investigators but us too! At then beginning he focused a lot on how we have to be committed-converted to the Lord. It was super spiritual, he talked about when we got our misión call, and how every single one of us wrote an acceptance letter back to the prophet. And how that letter wasnt just a piece of wasted paper! It was our written contract on paper and in our hearts that we would obey the misión rules and serve Him fully for the next 2 years. I almost started crying, it was so spiritual. It reminded me how the Lord expects me to the do the best I can, just like you say at the end of every letter Dad! J I understand my purpose as not only a servant but a friend of the Lord to do His work! Then we had lunch, talked with my besties from the CCM and continued learning, practicing, and fun stuff like that!! And aww yeah guess what I found out, I got the second package!!!!!! J Those airheads bites are legit momma! Now I got both of the shoes they should last me the rest of the mish thank you! And wow the rings are amazing!! So much cooler lookin on my finger! I love it! J
                Alright continue on with the week, Friday was quite the day we had a giant interchange with the whole zone. We all switched up and I got to work with the a misión financer. What they do is they work in the offices of the misión, managing the finances, and helping President for the major part of the day! Its definitely a little different from the normal life as a missionary. We were like traveling most of the day, we went to the mall for lunch and had Subway again which was glorious! Then we went back to the offices, worked some more, then left for the bank in a part of Montevideo called Ciudad Vieja (Old City). Its in the mission so ive never seen it before but wow it was gorgeous beyond belief! I felt like I was in Italy, it was that kind of style of living! I wish I would have taken some pics but I forgot my camera. I advise you guys to look it up on Google its amazing! :) Umm anyways we basically were just running all over the city turning stuff in, making deposits, pickin up stuff lets just say I am a lot more sympathetic for the financers in this mission they do soooo many things for us! It was a good time. Oh yeah we had an awesome Family Home Evening with Melanie, and her family on Wednesday! And her Dad thats not a member showed up! And boy he showed up, with a ton of questions! The Spirit was definitely there because me and my comp. wouldnt have been able to answer all the deep thought questions he had without him! He likes our church, and Melanie is workin with him to get him interested and hopefully come to church!! :) That would be amazing if we could get their whole family back to church and baptized!

Oh yeah and the BIG sunday, we didnt have much success as we wanted to, lets just say we got some things to fix this week! Only 4/27 converts came this week, and no investigators in church! This is why this week was a little slower. But things are alright, we will fix some stuff up this week and committ people to come this next week! Good thing in the conference we focused on committments because thats what our inv. need to complete! Should be a fun week, wish us luck! :)

I CANT BELIEVE HNA. (kenzie) IRVINE comes home this week, and what KAKE is going on a mission!!!! Woohoo I cant wait to hear where she is off to! :)  Love the pics, thanks DAD! My sisters are babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I would love to congratulate you all on the family scripture study and FHE!! If I have learned anything on the mish, is how crucial it for every family! I understand why you guys try so hard to have it Mom and Dad, sorry if I didnt pay attention sometimes, wait what did I say that. Im guilty pay attention Alexis that scriptures is a way the Lord talks to us and answers us! Best family ever! And yeah Linds. read the scrips and go to FHE too, love ya babe! Anyways have an amazing week, I will try to have even a better week and love the mission , ive never been happier! Love you ALL for forever and ALWAYS! 

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Having fun at a Multi-Zone Conference in Montevideo Oct '14

PANCITO!!  A bread they make in Uruguay

Busy typing his emails to his family & friends :-)  The CTR ring looks great!!  Love it!!

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