Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#ldsconf to the MAX bomb diggity (54th email)

Bon jorno familia!
                Wow changes week, and I got a few surprises for you guys wait for it……………ohhhhhhhhhh I am out of…………………………………………. a companion! J Gotcha ya! Yes my chileno is gone, Elder Aguilera is leaving to Maldonado. One short change but, what a crazy awesomely one it was! I think I learned more from him than any other comp. He is a mega stud and really knows how to work through those references just like he told me at the beginning of the change! J It made me a better, more confident person and because of that my Spanish is flying and more importantly I love and will miss that kid! He is almost done with his mish, he´s got like 4mths. left!! I will be staying obviously and my new comp. is a gringo!! Woot woot gringo time again!!! His name is Elder Peterson, I've met him before but its not the kid I know from Pleasant Grove he is going home this week!! LOCO! I am so old. Anyways should be a fun next change! I will meet him tomorrow. J
                Back to the past, Tuesday worked out amazing!! M bailed at the last minute, she had to stay in the house because of the ¨weather¨we tried to convince her mom but she wouldn't give in! But as we found out later on in the week, her mom isn’t quite in agreement with our church! She wants her to get baptized in a different church, so yeah we ran into some opposition this week. We haven’t been able to pass by her this week to talk to her in person but I will keep you updated! J As for the other two yes they got baptized!!!!!!!! Tatiana and Sofia got baptized and will get confirmed this week!! JJJJJ(see photos) As well as one baptism from the other Elders! We are pretty content and amazed from all the miracles and blessings the Lord has provided us in Aeroparque! Ñ= We accomplished our goal of 6 baptisms the month of Sept., we promised the Lord we would do it through prayer, we tried our best and the Lords helping hand did the rest! They are all active and lovin' the church! J Sebastian got ordained in the Aaronic Priesthood last week, Melanie is reading, bearing her testimony to us everytime we see her, and Geraline is helping us baptize the rest of her family haha! ;) True hijos de Dios!
                One quick simple testimony building experience. 2 Sundays ago, it started to rain, we ran to the church because it was the closest. We stayed there for a bit, thinking about what we were going to do. We wanted to finish out the day working but it we didn’t want to get wet, we also didn’t have like any planned charlas. We were about to call it a day and just go home, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. So we left the church already soaked within like 10sec. but instead of going to the bus stop we made a last decision to go to Tatiana´s house around the bend! So we did it, we arrived to her house soaking wet but miraculously she was waitng for us, she let us in and we had an awesome charla. We prepared her for her baptism that was comin up in 2 days! While we were teaching her the rain stopped! J Quite a simple experience but a prayer answered I know it! I have a huge testimony of faith in prayer now. Alma 31:38, Alma found joy in his Savior Jesus Christ from praying with faith! I know that is what happened to me this week, at times I forget what name I am carrying on my plaque, I'm guilty I admit it! But this week I remembered that I carry not 1 but 2 names on my missionary plaque mine, and JESUCRISTO. J I represent Him, because of that he has trusted me with his power, and authority to help the people here in Aeroparque. A weakness is just a stepping stone, I am more confident in myself and my Spanish because of my comp. and my Savior! This past change I have recognized, and been amazed at what the Lord has provided me to keep going! And General Conf. was an amazing way to wrap up an amazing week! J GENERAL CONF. was a sweet wonderful dream this past week! It all just make sense!! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! I loved everything but my favs were the 1st talk by Elder Packer about the life of the Savior, Elder Holland about Tithes and Offerings, Pres. Thomas S. Monson, Sunday Morning about the path of Jesus Christ, and last last but not least that’s for sure was Elder Bednar´s talk about sharing the gospel! That was the whip cream and that pumpkin pie!! Oooh pumpkin pie, its that season! J
                And am I correct that somebody really close to me has a birthday comin up tomorrow you don’t say?!?! Again?! Good gravy almost a beehive, kill me now ha jk! DUUUDE lil´sis FELIZ CUMPLEANOS guuuurl! Send me a pic of the party! You are going to party right?! Momma responding to your questions, we went to the Stake Center in Malvin to watch GC, and they had us hooked up with english!! We brought like 6 converts with us, and 1 investigator which turned out awesome, a little crazy but it worked out good and it was basically their 1st GC so thats a lot to take in :)  E'Aguilera will be pleased with the CTR ring when I give it to him! Thanks momma! LOVE YOU TODAY & ALWAYS too much...thats my little addition haha. Have an awesome week, Dad you are a mega wizard, your emails just keep getting better and better. Lindsay I LURV YA, HI by the way, and Alexis I will respond. You are all too amazing, love ya have a too sick week! :)

Les amo demasiado, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Tatiana's Baptism Oct '14 in Aeroparque

Sofia's Baptism Oct '14 in Aeroparque

Zone Este in Aeroparque October '14

Wall Battle Wound (fell & hit the wall...Ouch!)

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