Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, June 30, 2014

Disqualified but 'Merica? (39th email)

Package from Elder 'Papa' Franklin--love 'Merica candy :-)

Elder Ivie the Baker...?

Uruguayan celebration after Uruguay soccer beat Italy 1-0--June 24, 2014  

Dearest familia how art thou? You know what, just found out TODAY from this random guy that 'Merica is still in it!! And we playin against Belgium or something like that? USA, USA, USA! Unfortunately I cant say the same for Uruguay :( boy was it a sad day here on Saturday. All of the Uruguayos are blaming it on the FIFA Organization and Brazil for kicking Suarez out for 4mths. I saw a replay of him biting that Italians shoulder, yes I saw a replay but it was just on somebody´s TV in fact on everybody´s TV I couldnt help it! Anyways so everybody here says they lost because of that, just because Suarez is toooo good! Now they hate Brazil and want them to go down soo bad. But really thats all that people talk about down here, interesting eh?! Anyways I GOT ANOTHER PACKAGE! I AM SO LOVED! Ha this time from Elder Papa Frankilin, I had no idea he was sending me one either! I love that Elder so much! He sent me a bunch of goodies from Merica, oh how glorious!
Alright continuing on, my week was a good one. We´ve still been seeing a lot of opposition lately, trying to keep our spirits and attitude high! Thats my goal for the week. We had an awesome charla(lesson) with D, L, and her friend that happened to be in the house A Tuesday. We had lots of plans set out for them this week but unfortunately they all fell and we couldnt really contact them during the week! Which all led up to them not coming to church this week. (Brace yourselves I´m not mad but this is all what happened this week) Then we found out that B was leaving to 33 for 2 weeks for vacations, as well as for J too! We talked to the J'meister on Saturday and he was just about getting ready to leave. He is still grounded apparently just not for vacation (school break). And that aint the worst, we also found out that his Mom rather have him get baptized in the Catholic church, not knowing why just cause I guess. Now J is sort of starting to doubt the answer he got from the Holy Ghost. Remember a couple emails ago I said he recieved his answer, and wanted to get baptized. Well he lost a little of that desire which is the icing on a sad little cake. :( But hey things will get better, I know it will! It may not be easy in the moment but thats all part of the mission experience. Dont worry about us, just keep those people in your prayers and we will work it all out these next couple weeks. :)
I was reading in the recent Liahona Momma! Oh yeah thanks so much Im so excited to get them every month now! Anways I found a talk, dont know if you guys read it. Its called ¨Heavenly Help for Our Mortal Journey¨ by Bishop Dean A. Davies. He talked about how he accompanied Elder Holland in a devotioal with all the LDS Cadets of the U.S. Air Force Academy. Elder Holland had been answering a few questions when he just threw a random question that a cadet asked to Bishop Davies. The question was ¨Does the Lord give us challenges that are intended to impede our progress?¨ Quite the interesting question isnt it, it caught my attention. Anyways then Bishop Davies goes on and tells a few stories to back up his point and in conclusion he answers the question and says ¨NO.¨ I love what he says here also ¨When we face test and trials, rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, let us ask these questions: ¨What can I learn from this experience and How will this experience strengthen me and help me prepare for the future?¨ Wow, I love this with all my heart. I know sometimes I look at trials or test in the negative way because they bring negative thoughts and feelings! But what I learned from this talk is if we just take a step back, and see how this situation is going to help me, and move forward with a positive outlook. We are going to find that it is easier to bear with the help of Lord and his yoke! :) I know this is true, the times when I receive a stronger testimony is when I have to rely on my Savior, Jesus Christ. And I learn to trust and lean on his strength and mercy! I know I will see miracles happen this week if I can do this better personally and as a companionship. Elder Ramirez and I are going to be doin some serious work this week! Helping the branch out, and hopefully see some miracle progress with some of our investigators! :)
Hope you all had a good time up at the Irvine´s cabin!! I LOVED THE PICS sooo much, it is sooo awesome to see your guys faces also! Haha but where were you Mom and Dad? Im sure it was a little bit more quiet this time without the real party not being there! ;) Ha love you guys! I totally downloaded the video and Im going to watch it right now thank you so so much ive been dying to watch it for months! AHH! Gracias! Its good to hear the the 6th ward is still pumpin out those missionaries. People that just graduated are probably heading out which makes me feel sooooo old! good gravy.
Anyways love you guys TOO much! :) Thanks for always braggin about me! Ha have an awesome week and dont party too much! Talk to you guys next week! :)

Les AMO, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Monday, June 23, 2014

VAMOS ARRIBA CELESTE! (the color not the cousin, still love you though Celeste)--38th email

Hoooola Familia!
Buenos dias from Uruguay! Pretty normal week in the mission but you guys will probably think its not so normal. Uruguay won this week!! Hey hey its about time, this place was hoppin and I´m in a little tiny town, I cant even imagine what happened in Montevideo! People were just yelling from their cars, honking their horns, doing whatever to support their country. We thought it would be a lot easier to work because people would have been super happy, willing to talk to us because they were filled with adrenaline but, it was exactly the opposite. Little hard in the work side but good for Uruguay that they won! Hey heard that USA won too!! Woot woot! But not sure about the Sunday game, im sure I will be finding that out from one of you guys today! Crossing fingers....
Umm so yeah lots of opposition this week, we had a little trouble gettin people to church this week. On Wednesday we passed by J's house and his mom answered the door and said J had been grounded and he wouldnt be ungrounded until he got his grades up! So that put a HUGE damper on everything because for one thing he is impossible to find, and now we couldnt even talk to him. We try explaining how coming to church will help him be more focused on his homework but she didnt really agree with that! So we really havent had a good sit down charla with him this whole week and he couldnt come to church yesterday! We are still trying to keep high spirits because he is so golden and ready for this step! He hurts when we have to push back his baptismal date and im sure it hurts for the Lord even more too. But oh well there always will be opposition. We are praying hard to get contact with him this week and get him back on track! Can I ask you guys to keep him in your prayers especially this week! Thanks so much :) Its been difficult with S and M because its just getting up and going to church which is holding them back! We had a good lesson with them on Sat. though. We kind of layed out everything they have to do to get baptized. There biggest task is to get married and in order to do that, S has to get divorced from her previous husband. We told them that all of this depends on them, that we cant force them to do anything but God really wants this for them and they have to find out for themselves! I felt the Spirit, and the love God has for both of them and their family! We gave them a picture of the Uruguay temple and they are so fascinated with it and kept saying ¨Que precious!¨ Like how pretty, how precious its awesome! We invited them to put that on their wall, and to put it in a place where they will always see it. To have that ultimate goal, to get sealed for eternity with their family! Oh how I hope they get there someday. With that lesson it struck me hard the importance of having a family sealed and united in the gospel for all eternity! I just couldnt stop talking about the happiness we have felt together, I know this is super cheesy but thanks for all the awesome memories fam! :) Anyways so we will see what happens with them this week!
We also found 2 old investigators this week named D and his daughter B. We had a couple charlas with them this week, and we got one today with them wish us luck! D is very hesitant to listen but his wife L and his daughter B both want to get baptized! Woot woot! We are going to plan a date tonight for B and probably talk about that L needs to get married first! Boy have my eyes been opened to the world where nobody wants to get married just live with each other! Utah really is a bubble....but I love it! Anyways yeah they are awesome I think they are going to let us come over Wednesday to watch the game with them! The Uruguay game, we can watch it, if we watch it with an investigator I believe so should be interesting never watched a full game with a bunch of Uruguayos! :)
Also lately Ive been thinking of how we can help this branch grow in other ways than baptism! This branch definitely needs some more unity in building the Lords kingdom! Always something we should be striving for! We are trying to think of different ways to excite them and want to leave with us or bring their friends to church. Because I remember before the mission I knew it was important to be involved in the missionary work but I didnt know really why it was important? Members are key to missionary work, if we got a member to go visit some of our investigators or even their friends that would be amazing! But im sure every returned missionry knows how hard this is but it can be done! Not sure how right now because never really tried it too much in my mission especially in a Branch but we are going to see miracles! Little by little I might not see it in my time here but I know it can and will happen! For example we had an activity with the some of the Young Adults from 33 on Saturday and boy did it turned out awesome! We had them get out, rescue and find some less actives and investigators with us to bring to the activity and hey we got a few! Some less actives came and got to talk to some of their old friends and see how fun the church really is! I think they had a good time and hope it sparked something back into their hearts! With this turn out I think we are going to be doing a lot more activities in the future and why not theres food everytime! ;)
Quick little scripture in Hebrews 5:8 it says ¨Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered.¨ Interesting scripture to me because its talking about Christ and how it wasnt easy for him, of course it wasnt. And sometimes its hard to keep all the commandments because we got the influence of Satan too. We might suffer through pains or temptations but everytime we learn a lesson out of it! We always learn to be more obedient and dependent on the Lords guidance for help! It increases our patience, strength, and humility in our day to day lives. Quick and simple but sometimes not too easy for me, Ive been trying to get better at it though!
Yeah thats pretty much it sorry not too exciting of an email but I am doing better than ever, happy, healthy, and hearty! :) Love the mish, love you guys always! Are you guys really heading off to Disneyland? Jelly. Haha jk VAYENSE! Umm I do have one request is there anyway that you can send that #BecauseofHim video to me through email or something? I still havent seen it and I still want to see it sooo bad! But if you cant find a way then really dont worry about it, I will find a way! The weather is getting pretty chilly I got to admit! Its usually warmer outside than it is inside! I starting to pull out the gloves and beenies! I think the winter here is going to be just about the same as Utah maybe worse with the humidity. Its going to be crazy! Wow a crazy match though with ´Merica and Portugal! 28sec. left oh well at least its not a loss woot! Sounds like everything is going good there though! Hope you had fun at G camp Momma! You are the queen of G camp´s! Thanks for all the prayers guys, it helps me along every day. :) End of June.....thats freaking me out lets just not talk about it. Love you guys TOO MUCH! You guys just brag about me too much, im not that cool. Anyways chaoucito! 

LES AMO, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie


Monday, June 16, 2014

La Mundial...ahhhh!!!! (37th email)

Hola linda familia,
Wow what a spiritual and awesome week for me personally! :) Boy has it been crazy here in Uruguay, even in the little town of Varela! I didnt see too much crazy stuff but boy they werent kidding about the silence. The game here started around 4pm, everybody was getting ready, buying their food, running around with Uruguay flags just like the Superbowl in the states! Then once it hit 4.................crickets..........dog bark.........and nothing. We basically were the only 2 people out in the streets! It was just us and our only friends were 3 dogs that followed us around. I know what you are thinking that is pretty sad eh?! All we could talk to was our 3 faithful followers it was pretty funny! And one of them almost past out because we walk so much and he was sooo fat! So yeah that wasnt a very easy day, the mission pres. said we could watch the game if we found an investigator to watch it with but, nobody wanted to watch it with us! :) We are left out hanging to dry, poor us eh?! But yeah unfortunately the game didnt work out into our favor but we still in it! When does USA play? Tomorrow or Wednesday right? We are going to destroy!!
Anyways we had a pretty good week, it was a hard work week because we had interviews with Pres. Cook on Wednesday, Multi-Mission Conference in Montevideo on Thursday, and Saturday the crazy game! But anyways it was a super spiritual week for me. I learned so much stuff from Pres. Cook in the interview he gave me some great advice, wow he is filled with the Spirit! He made me feel so happy and loved he really is called of God and is magnifying his calling to the max! I love him and his wife they are best! :) As I said we had a huge conference in Montevideo this week with our mission and the Uruguay West Mission. Elder Lynn J. Robbins from the Seventy came and talked with us which was amazing! Boy have we been blessed to have 2 General Authorites come in the past 2-3 weeks! I learned so much from him, and could really tell he is called as a special witness of Christ and is here to help improve us as missionaries! One thing I really loved was when he spoke about the Spirit and how the only way for us to get a testimony is by the Spirit and we dont get a testimony of the Spirit through the 5 senses! The only way to receive this testimony is through faith and action to the will of the Lord. He gave an example how Laman and Lemuel saw an angel and were commanded by God but never received a testimony. But they saw an angel? Thats the thing, seeing isnt believing! Its faith, and thats what our investigators need. They dont need visions, or to touch the gold plates to believe the Book of Mormon is true. We as missionaries need to invite this people to take a leap of faith, keep commitments, and receive the manifestations of the Holy Ghost for themselves. This is essential because with the Holy Ghost nobody can receive a full true conversion! Its crazy how essential it is, but anyways thats what I loved from the conference and want to be better at it! Also in my personal studies I read in Moses 1 about Moses' encounter with God then Satan! I learned so much about how temptations will always come especially when you just a had a super spiritual experience! But as Moses did we can cast Satan, because anything he does we can always overcome it! We have the Savior and His Gospel on our side and no adversary can beat that! Ha cheesy but it really helped and strengthened my testimony!
Unfortunately none of our investigators made it to church yesterday! The parents of B (S and M) committed to coming after Bruno's futbol game but bailed at the last minute! J the 14 year old that wants to get baptized was in the City of 33 for the game and missed his bus coming back! :) But we had a charla with him later in the day on Sunday and said he wanted to go and was still pumped to get baptized! Woohoo he is such a capo, he told us he might invite his huge extended family to his baptism which would be insane! But yeah so we are in for a big week with that big guy, so excited for that! He is just super hard to find, he is 14 but always so busy! Was I that busy when I was 14? I think I still was living in the backyard hunting for bugs and snakes hehe!
Yeah so that was basically my crazy week, sorry I was all over the place! Oh yeah I got a package from BIG ANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TIA!! YOU ARE AMAZING I had no idea you were sending one! I was soo pumped, Ive gotten so many packages this past couple weeks Im going to get fat again jk! Sounds like a great past week in good ol´ warm Highland! Have fun at Girls camp mom!  Soooo glad the Heat lost.....and GO USA!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the prayers, things are rollin here I love it here and cant wait for this upcoming week! :) Until next week I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH! Have an awesome week and dont party too much without me...speaking of Disneyland?? What. When?
LES AMO, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Package Aunt Anna sent!  Love his humble abode :-)


Sunset & farming community in Varela--June 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014

Este.... (36th email--36 weeks out!!) WOW!!

Thumbs up Elder Massey!  :-)

Awesome kid--Bryan!

Leo--Elder Massey baptized him in May 2014

Amazing family in Lascano--there's like 15 kids!

Elder Massey baptized Rueben in Lascano (helped teach him!)

President Cook & Elder Ivie--June 2014

Sister Cook & Elder Ivie

Sure do love PACKAGES!!!!!!!!
Keep 'em coming!!!  :-)

Buenas Tardes Familia!
And yet another awesome week passes by! I am doing pretty good here in Varela. Its been pretty hot during the days but when the sun goes down its gets freezing!! Its so weird I cant tell if I am in summer or winter! I cant believe its already June, Alexis is probably just chillin, Momma you are chillin too probably but super busy with camp and YW stuff!? When is camp I forgot? Daddio you never have a summer off, you are always goin at it! Someday I will be as efficient as you, one day! And Linly what are doing? Preparing for San Fran, and still workin at Communal? Sorry I feel like I dont ask how you guys are doing individually very much so I hope all is BUENASO and LOVE YOU! And finally the wait is over for you guys, I will be sending lots of pics today so so sorry!
Anyways first week of the change and the work is picking up a bit like it should be. We got one investigator in church today, his name is B. He is the son of S and M (the couple that we´ve been teaching for a while that arent married). He is pretty cool, definitely has a short attention span but we are going to try to teach him a lot this week and see how ready he is for baptism! But its been a hard decision because we would love to baptize him but his parents arent baptized and arent too interested right now! We´ve been trying to keep it really easy and slow for them so they can see the importance of a Gospel centered home. They committed to go to church Saturday night last week. But when we passed by them before sacrament meeting they just barely got up and werent up to going! We were like noooooo! Its so hard to get them to church and it was perfect weather!! But hey we tried all we could do, but they just chose not to go this week which was a super bummer. Patience is a virtue eh? Thanks for the advice in the last email Dad by the way, they do have their agency and we have to respect that! We will see how the lessons go with them and B this week, keep you updated! But it was awesome to see B in church yesterday or even an investigator its been a few months since we got one in church!! So me and Elder Ramirez are pretty satisfied with that! :)
I dont know if you guys remember my last few emails I was talking about a family with 3 girls that we were trying to contact! Well, we found them all together and had an awesome charla with them Wednesday and we got another one tomorrow!! We are teaching different doctrine in their house so its going to take some time before they can tell and feel a difference in their lives! However the 3 girls that only turned out to be 2 (the other one was just a friend of them) are so awesome! They volunteer to say prayers and love talking about things of God! I am super excited for that lesson tomorrow, we are going invite them to be baptized! Pray for that one. Other than that not too much news with all of our other investigators they were all in the Festival that was this weekend! All day and all night long I believe, LOCO!
Spiritually its been a better week, I would love to share a scripture this week I feel like its been along time since Ive shared a scripture, uh oh my bad! I was listening to the talk that Elder Holland gave in like 2009 or 2010 about the Book of Mormon! Ive always love that talk its a classic and it helps me realize how important it is to our investigators and for ourselves. At the end of the talk he references a scipture in 2 Nephi 33:10-11. It is when Nephi is bearing his testimony about the Savior it says quite simply that if believe in Christ, you will believe these words because these words are His! Ha super simple but super close for people, even for me sometimes to understand! If we believe in Christ, we will not only believe them but we will want to apply them in our lives to gain a stronger testimony of Our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ! I love it so much, He is the reason I am here and He is the reason I keep moving on! Mom I love that one quote you sent me, the quote from Elder Ballard where it talks about the days in the mission, and how everyday is the Lords and so I am going to work the hardest and treat what that day deserves! Time flys by here and sometimes its hard to see how important every day is to us, to our investigators, and especially to the Lord! Anyways thats what I learned today if it made any sense thanks for all the support and prayers, I know you guys are cheering and praying for me!
This week we got a few conferences, its gonna be a busy one! We got interviews with Pres. Cook on Wednesday and Thursday a double mission conference in Montevideo!! So both missions in Uruguay are comin and Elder Robbins from the Seventy will be speaking which will be amazing! He served his mission here a long time ago, we are super blessed to have so many General Authorities come and speak to us! Super excited for those 2 days as well! Also Elder Massey baptized again in Lascano, he baptized one of our investigators named R. We werent sure he was baptized already so they must have figured it out and yeah its awesome to see Lascano still baptizin the world!! Its kind of sad not being there for those baptisms but obviously the most important part is that they can come to Christ, and no matter where we are, we are serving God and sharing the message of salvation that is so awesome to me! I will send you guys a pic of the baptism.
Oh yeah and question for Big Anne, do I really have to wait to open that card? I know you and normally you are super sarcastic and joking but Im not sure on this one! Christmas is sooo far away Anne please! Ive been obedient so far. And Dad really Mountain Men.....Momma GO RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wins on a double fault that is insane!!! :) So happy for him thats his 9th?! Anyways you guys have an awesome summer hot week! You are guys are amazing and I loved that picture at the dinner table with the classic or should I say not classic Lasagne recipe! Haha go Momma love all you guys! :)
Les quiero, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Semana de Cambios (35th email)

Feliz Junio!!! Hola familia how are things goin in the heat of Utah? Im doing better this week haha I am always doin good just last week was a little but rougher! We got the change call last night and we both are staying haha surprise surprise!! LOCASO eh? Yeah so Elder Ramirez and I will be together for another 6 weeks at least! But we found out, remember Elder Western? My comp. before Elder Massey in Durazno, yeah well he is comin to 33 and being our new District Leader!! Ha small world, and whats even more interesting is he was Elder Ramirez´s comp. before too so we are both pretty excited for that! Elder Massey is staying in Lascano for another change so he isnt gone quite yet!
Anyways not seeing too much change here in Varela we are still trying to find some more people to teach! Those 3 girls that I told you guys about last week, are suuuper awesome but the parents are kind of a little fishy, and not big fans of us!  So we are just trying to get there trust and hopefully be able to share more with them this week! We are trying to get them to pray and how to recognize the Spirit. Wish us luck with them this week! We also had an awesome charla with one of investigators named J, he is like 17 years old and a pretty religious kid. He is so hard to find because he is always playing with a friends like a teenager should be! But, we had an awesome charla with him yesterday about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism. Sometimes people have a hard time grasping on the concept of having the proper authority to be baptized but he understands it super well! We invited him to be baptized and he said yes!! We just need to set a date with him and get him to church which is going to be the most difficult, because he goes to 33 every Sunday! But anyways thats how our investigator pool is doin. I dont know any advice? Ha this week is a huge week, especially because its a new change! Every change is like a New Years resolution. I really want to rely on the Lord more, to do more things the Lord needs and wants me to do! I try to do my best with following His will always but, its definitely a challenge for me! Its gonna be an amazing next change!
As I told you guys in the last email we had a conference with Elder Gonzalez from the 70 on thursday! His wife, President Cook, and Hermana Cook all came too! It was soooooooo awesome, probably one of the best conferences I have ever been too! Elder Gonzalez is a true special witness of Jesus Christ, I know it, and I felt it! His testimony was so powerful, it really impacted me this week. It was like a discussion, he just talked about hope, faith, the power of our calling, how we can do better individually and collectively! All 4 of them talked and everything was so good but, of course I picked some things out that I just absolutely loved! Before the conference our leaders told us to go into the conference with a question like we always should! And boy did Elder Gonzalez answer it. He talked a lot about faith and how we can develop more faith! As members of the church we are always trying to increase our faith but for me at least I start doing super good then I go back down and feel like there is something missing! It always is quite simple and small but its always something! Elder Gonzalez said the 3 things you can do to increase your faith is 1. Pray, ask for an increase of faith to Our Father in Heaven, 2. Learn of Christ, through the scriptures, 3. Be a good boy like Elder Bednar said! This week I realized again the importance of scripture study, especially from the Book of Mormon! A thing that Pres. Cook said is just like our investigators if we want a true conversion of the Gospel of Jesus Chirst we. Have. to. Study. And. Ponder. The Book of Mormon (something like that?) But how true is that, yes the Bible is true scripture and we need to study that too! But what I have found out during my mission is people need to know of the Book of Mormon! They need to read it, ponder about it, and pray about it! Sometimes I forget the importance the Book of Mormon and it is soo crucial not only for the people we teach but for us to continue studying and looking for answers! I know it might sound like a blonde moment for me, I definitely know the importance of it but maybe I just take it for granted too much! I´ve gained a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon this week. I understand who Jesus Christ is, and what he truly did for me more fully! This week I am going to continue focusing on faith and how others can become converted through and faith in Jesus Christ with the help of the Book of Mormon! Anyways off the boring rant but it was super awesome to experience that this week, to hear from a 70 and hear what he had to say to us from the Lord! :)
Always today I bought a little adaptor thing that hopefully will work to upload all my photos finally!!! Speaking I got the OTHER PACKAGE!!!! (hopefully there will be a photo) Ahhhh you guys are amazing!  Can you please tell Anna and her friend thanks a million for me! I really appreciate the sacrifice they did for me to get that package super quick. Alexis I love those bracelet things I am going to put them on everything I have! Momma thanks so so much for the warm stuff its gonna be perfect! The slippers are amazing, luckily it hasnt been cold enough to start wearing the beenie's and the gloves! But I will fo sho need them here soon. Annnnnd surprise surprise (I forgot how to spell it I think?) the Franklin´s sent me a package too!!!!!! Package full of candy from ´Merica!! They are so so so so awesome! You guys are the best thank you so much, I cant thank you enough I am guarding that package with my life! Haha anyways yeah thanks Fam, thanks Momma Franklin, Huston, Garrett, and Elder Franklin! Those packages sure brightened my week! Love you guys sooo much!
Thanks sooo much for the prayers and the love I feel constantly! Its awesome that you guys got to see a bunch of people this week! I guess its summer so everybody is coming back! I love that photo with Kalli, Missy and Alexis sooo cute! Alexis is too huuuuge though! NOOOO for RSL! :( what a tragedy what happened?!?! oh well. Well I hope everyone is doing awesome thanks for much for all the emails and support again!  Have an awesome week! Les Quiero!!! :) 

Love, your son and only amazing bro. Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Zone in Triente de 33

Elder Massey :-)
Elder Ivie & good friend Matt Ricks (from Idaho who served his mission in Uruguay)