Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Semana de Cambios (35th email)

Feliz Junio!!! Hola familia how are things goin in the heat of Utah? Im doing better this week haha I am always doin good just last week was a little but rougher! We got the change call last night and we both are staying haha surprise surprise!! LOCASO eh? Yeah so Elder Ramirez and I will be together for another 6 weeks at least! But we found out, remember Elder Western? My comp. before Elder Massey in Durazno, yeah well he is comin to 33 and being our new District Leader!! Ha small world, and whats even more interesting is he was Elder Ramirez´s comp. before too so we are both pretty excited for that! Elder Massey is staying in Lascano for another change so he isnt gone quite yet!
Anyways not seeing too much change here in Varela we are still trying to find some more people to teach! Those 3 girls that I told you guys about last week, are suuuper awesome but the parents are kind of a little fishy, and not big fans of us!  So we are just trying to get there trust and hopefully be able to share more with them this week! We are trying to get them to pray and how to recognize the Spirit. Wish us luck with them this week! We also had an awesome charla with one of investigators named J, he is like 17 years old and a pretty religious kid. He is so hard to find because he is always playing with a friends like a teenager should be! But, we had an awesome charla with him yesterday about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism. Sometimes people have a hard time grasping on the concept of having the proper authority to be baptized but he understands it super well! We invited him to be baptized and he said yes!! We just need to set a date with him and get him to church which is going to be the most difficult, because he goes to 33 every Sunday! But anyways thats how our investigator pool is doin. I dont know any advice? Ha this week is a huge week, especially because its a new change! Every change is like a New Years resolution. I really want to rely on the Lord more, to do more things the Lord needs and wants me to do! I try to do my best with following His will always but, its definitely a challenge for me! Its gonna be an amazing next change!
As I told you guys in the last email we had a conference with Elder Gonzalez from the 70 on thursday! His wife, President Cook, and Hermana Cook all came too! It was soooooooo awesome, probably one of the best conferences I have ever been too! Elder Gonzalez is a true special witness of Jesus Christ, I know it, and I felt it! His testimony was so powerful, it really impacted me this week. It was like a discussion, he just talked about hope, faith, the power of our calling, how we can do better individually and collectively! All 4 of them talked and everything was so good but, of course I picked some things out that I just absolutely loved! Before the conference our leaders told us to go into the conference with a question like we always should! And boy did Elder Gonzalez answer it. He talked a lot about faith and how we can develop more faith! As members of the church we are always trying to increase our faith but for me at least I start doing super good then I go back down and feel like there is something missing! It always is quite simple and small but its always something! Elder Gonzalez said the 3 things you can do to increase your faith is 1. Pray, ask for an increase of faith to Our Father in Heaven, 2. Learn of Christ, through the scriptures, 3. Be a good boy like Elder Bednar said! This week I realized again the importance of scripture study, especially from the Book of Mormon! A thing that Pres. Cook said is just like our investigators if we want a true conversion of the Gospel of Jesus Chirst we. Have. to. Study. And. Ponder. The Book of Mormon (something like that?) But how true is that, yes the Bible is true scripture and we need to study that too! But what I have found out during my mission is people need to know of the Book of Mormon! They need to read it, ponder about it, and pray about it! Sometimes I forget the importance the Book of Mormon and it is soo crucial not only for the people we teach but for us to continue studying and looking for answers! I know it might sound like a blonde moment for me, I definitely know the importance of it but maybe I just take it for granted too much! I´ve gained a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon this week. I understand who Jesus Christ is, and what he truly did for me more fully! This week I am going to continue focusing on faith and how others can become converted through and faith in Jesus Christ with the help of the Book of Mormon! Anyways off the boring rant but it was super awesome to experience that this week, to hear from a 70 and hear what he had to say to us from the Lord! :)
Always today I bought a little adaptor thing that hopefully will work to upload all my photos finally!!! Speaking I got the OTHER PACKAGE!!!! (hopefully there will be a photo) Ahhhh you guys are amazing!  Can you please tell Anna and her friend thanks a million for me! I really appreciate the sacrifice they did for me to get that package super quick. Alexis I love those bracelet things I am going to put them on everything I have! Momma thanks so so much for the warm stuff its gonna be perfect! The slippers are amazing, luckily it hasnt been cold enough to start wearing the beenie's and the gloves! But I will fo sho need them here soon. Annnnnd surprise surprise (I forgot how to spell it I think?) the Franklin´s sent me a package too!!!!!! Package full of candy from ´Merica!! They are so so so so awesome! You guys are the best thank you so much, I cant thank you enough I am guarding that package with my life! Haha anyways yeah thanks Fam, thanks Momma Franklin, Huston, Garrett, and Elder Franklin! Those packages sure brightened my week! Love you guys sooo much!
Thanks sooo much for the prayers and the love I feel constantly! Its awesome that you guys got to see a bunch of people this week! I guess its summer so everybody is coming back! I love that photo with Kalli, Missy and Alexis sooo cute! Alexis is too huuuuge though! NOOOO for RSL! :( what a tragedy what happened?!?! oh well. Well I hope everyone is doing awesome thanks for much for all the emails and support again!  Have an awesome week! Les Quiero!!! :) 

Love, your son and only amazing bro. Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Zone in Triente de 33

Elder Massey :-)
Elder Ivie & good friend Matt Ricks (from Idaho who served his mission in Uruguay)

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