Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, June 30, 2014

Disqualified but 'Merica? (39th email)

Package from Elder 'Papa' Franklin--love 'Merica candy :-)

Elder Ivie the Baker...?

Uruguayan celebration after Uruguay soccer beat Italy 1-0--June 24, 2014  

Dearest familia how art thou? You know what, just found out TODAY from this random guy that 'Merica is still in it!! And we playin against Belgium or something like that? USA, USA, USA! Unfortunately I cant say the same for Uruguay :( boy was it a sad day here on Saturday. All of the Uruguayos are blaming it on the FIFA Organization and Brazil for kicking Suarez out for 4mths. I saw a replay of him biting that Italians shoulder, yes I saw a replay but it was just on somebody´s TV in fact on everybody´s TV I couldnt help it! Anyways so everybody here says they lost because of that, just because Suarez is toooo good! Now they hate Brazil and want them to go down soo bad. But really thats all that people talk about down here, interesting eh?! Anyways I GOT ANOTHER PACKAGE! I AM SO LOVED! Ha this time from Elder Papa Frankilin, I had no idea he was sending me one either! I love that Elder so much! He sent me a bunch of goodies from Merica, oh how glorious!
Alright continuing on, my week was a good one. We´ve still been seeing a lot of opposition lately, trying to keep our spirits and attitude high! Thats my goal for the week. We had an awesome charla(lesson) with D, L, and her friend that happened to be in the house A Tuesday. We had lots of plans set out for them this week but unfortunately they all fell and we couldnt really contact them during the week! Which all led up to them not coming to church this week. (Brace yourselves I´m not mad but this is all what happened this week) Then we found out that B was leaving to 33 for 2 weeks for vacations, as well as for J too! We talked to the J'meister on Saturday and he was just about getting ready to leave. He is still grounded apparently just not for vacation (school break). And that aint the worst, we also found out that his Mom rather have him get baptized in the Catholic church, not knowing why just cause I guess. Now J is sort of starting to doubt the answer he got from the Holy Ghost. Remember a couple emails ago I said he recieved his answer, and wanted to get baptized. Well he lost a little of that desire which is the icing on a sad little cake. :( But hey things will get better, I know it will! It may not be easy in the moment but thats all part of the mission experience. Dont worry about us, just keep those people in your prayers and we will work it all out these next couple weeks. :)
I was reading in the recent Liahona Momma! Oh yeah thanks so much Im so excited to get them every month now! Anways I found a talk, dont know if you guys read it. Its called ¨Heavenly Help for Our Mortal Journey¨ by Bishop Dean A. Davies. He talked about how he accompanied Elder Holland in a devotioal with all the LDS Cadets of the U.S. Air Force Academy. Elder Holland had been answering a few questions when he just threw a random question that a cadet asked to Bishop Davies. The question was ¨Does the Lord give us challenges that are intended to impede our progress?¨ Quite the interesting question isnt it, it caught my attention. Anyways then Bishop Davies goes on and tells a few stories to back up his point and in conclusion he answers the question and says ¨NO.¨ I love what he says here also ¨When we face test and trials, rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, let us ask these questions: ¨What can I learn from this experience and How will this experience strengthen me and help me prepare for the future?¨ Wow, I love this with all my heart. I know sometimes I look at trials or test in the negative way because they bring negative thoughts and feelings! But what I learned from this talk is if we just take a step back, and see how this situation is going to help me, and move forward with a positive outlook. We are going to find that it is easier to bear with the help of Lord and his yoke! :) I know this is true, the times when I receive a stronger testimony is when I have to rely on my Savior, Jesus Christ. And I learn to trust and lean on his strength and mercy! I know I will see miracles happen this week if I can do this better personally and as a companionship. Elder Ramirez and I are going to be doin some serious work this week! Helping the branch out, and hopefully see some miracle progress with some of our investigators! :)
Hope you all had a good time up at the Irvine´s cabin!! I LOVED THE PICS sooo much, it is sooo awesome to see your guys faces also! Haha but where were you Mom and Dad? Im sure it was a little bit more quiet this time without the real party not being there! ;) Ha love you guys! I totally downloaded the video and Im going to watch it right now thank you so so much ive been dying to watch it for months! AHH! Gracias! Its good to hear the the 6th ward is still pumpin out those missionaries. People that just graduated are probably heading out which makes me feel sooooo old! good gravy.
Anyways love you guys TOO much! :) Thanks for always braggin about me! Ha have an awesome week and dont party too much! Talk to you guys next week! :)

Les AMO, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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