Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, June 23, 2014

VAMOS ARRIBA CELESTE! (the color not the cousin, still love you though Celeste)--38th email

Hoooola Familia!
Buenos dias from Uruguay! Pretty normal week in the mission but you guys will probably think its not so normal. Uruguay won this week!! Hey hey its about time, this place was hoppin and I´m in a little tiny town, I cant even imagine what happened in Montevideo! People were just yelling from their cars, honking their horns, doing whatever to support their country. We thought it would be a lot easier to work because people would have been super happy, willing to talk to us because they were filled with adrenaline but, it was exactly the opposite. Little hard in the work side but good for Uruguay that they won! Hey heard that USA won too!! Woot woot! But not sure about the Sunday game, im sure I will be finding that out from one of you guys today! Crossing fingers....
Umm so yeah lots of opposition this week, we had a little trouble gettin people to church this week. On Wednesday we passed by J's house and his mom answered the door and said J had been grounded and he wouldnt be ungrounded until he got his grades up! So that put a HUGE damper on everything because for one thing he is impossible to find, and now we couldnt even talk to him. We try explaining how coming to church will help him be more focused on his homework but she didnt really agree with that! So we really havent had a good sit down charla with him this whole week and he couldnt come to church yesterday! We are still trying to keep high spirits because he is so golden and ready for this step! He hurts when we have to push back his baptismal date and im sure it hurts for the Lord even more too. But oh well there always will be opposition. We are praying hard to get contact with him this week and get him back on track! Can I ask you guys to keep him in your prayers especially this week! Thanks so much :) Its been difficult with S and M because its just getting up and going to church which is holding them back! We had a good lesson with them on Sat. though. We kind of layed out everything they have to do to get baptized. There biggest task is to get married and in order to do that, S has to get divorced from her previous husband. We told them that all of this depends on them, that we cant force them to do anything but God really wants this for them and they have to find out for themselves! I felt the Spirit, and the love God has for both of them and their family! We gave them a picture of the Uruguay temple and they are so fascinated with it and kept saying ¨Que precious!¨ Like how pretty, how precious its awesome! We invited them to put that on their wall, and to put it in a place where they will always see it. To have that ultimate goal, to get sealed for eternity with their family! Oh how I hope they get there someday. With that lesson it struck me hard the importance of having a family sealed and united in the gospel for all eternity! I just couldnt stop talking about the happiness we have felt together, I know this is super cheesy but thanks for all the awesome memories fam! :) Anyways so we will see what happens with them this week!
We also found 2 old investigators this week named D and his daughter B. We had a couple charlas with them this week, and we got one today with them wish us luck! D is very hesitant to listen but his wife L and his daughter B both want to get baptized! Woot woot! We are going to plan a date tonight for B and probably talk about that L needs to get married first! Boy have my eyes been opened to the world where nobody wants to get married just live with each other! Utah really is a bubble....but I love it! Anyways yeah they are awesome I think they are going to let us come over Wednesday to watch the game with them! The Uruguay game, we can watch it, if we watch it with an investigator I believe so should be interesting never watched a full game with a bunch of Uruguayos! :)
Also lately Ive been thinking of how we can help this branch grow in other ways than baptism! This branch definitely needs some more unity in building the Lords kingdom! Always something we should be striving for! We are trying to think of different ways to excite them and want to leave with us or bring their friends to church. Because I remember before the mission I knew it was important to be involved in the missionary work but I didnt know really why it was important? Members are key to missionary work, if we got a member to go visit some of our investigators or even their friends that would be amazing! But im sure every returned missionry knows how hard this is but it can be done! Not sure how right now because never really tried it too much in my mission especially in a Branch but we are going to see miracles! Little by little I might not see it in my time here but I know it can and will happen! For example we had an activity with the some of the Young Adults from 33 on Saturday and boy did it turned out awesome! We had them get out, rescue and find some less actives and investigators with us to bring to the activity and hey we got a few! Some less actives came and got to talk to some of their old friends and see how fun the church really is! I think they had a good time and hope it sparked something back into their hearts! With this turn out I think we are going to be doing a lot more activities in the future and why not theres food everytime! ;)
Quick little scripture in Hebrews 5:8 it says ¨Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered.¨ Interesting scripture to me because its talking about Christ and how it wasnt easy for him, of course it wasnt. And sometimes its hard to keep all the commandments because we got the influence of Satan too. We might suffer through pains or temptations but everytime we learn a lesson out of it! We always learn to be more obedient and dependent on the Lords guidance for help! It increases our patience, strength, and humility in our day to day lives. Quick and simple but sometimes not too easy for me, Ive been trying to get better at it though!
Yeah thats pretty much it sorry not too exciting of an email but I am doing better than ever, happy, healthy, and hearty! :) Love the mish, love you guys always! Are you guys really heading off to Disneyland? Jelly. Haha jk VAYENSE! Umm I do have one request is there anyway that you can send that #BecauseofHim video to me through email or something? I still havent seen it and I still want to see it sooo bad! But if you cant find a way then really dont worry about it, I will find a way! The weather is getting pretty chilly I got to admit! Its usually warmer outside than it is inside! I starting to pull out the gloves and beenies! I think the winter here is going to be just about the same as Utah maybe worse with the humidity. Its going to be crazy! Wow a crazy match though with ´Merica and Portugal! 28sec. left oh well at least its not a loss woot! Sounds like everything is going good there though! Hope you had fun at G camp Momma! You are the queen of G camp´s! Thanks for all the prayers guys, it helps me along every day. :) End of June.....thats freaking me out lets just not talk about it. Love you guys TOO MUCH! You guys just brag about me too much, im not that cool. Anyways chaoucito! 

LES AMO, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie


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