Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, June 9, 2014

Este.... (36th email--36 weeks out!!) WOW!!

Thumbs up Elder Massey!  :-)

Awesome kid--Bryan!

Leo--Elder Massey baptized him in May 2014

Amazing family in Lascano--there's like 15 kids!

Elder Massey baptized Rueben in Lascano (helped teach him!)

President Cook & Elder Ivie--June 2014

Sister Cook & Elder Ivie

Sure do love PACKAGES!!!!!!!!
Keep 'em coming!!!  :-)

Buenas Tardes Familia!
And yet another awesome week passes by! I am doing pretty good here in Varela. Its been pretty hot during the days but when the sun goes down its gets freezing!! Its so weird I cant tell if I am in summer or winter! I cant believe its already June, Alexis is probably just chillin, Momma you are chillin too probably but super busy with camp and YW stuff!? When is camp I forgot? Daddio you never have a summer off, you are always goin at it! Someday I will be as efficient as you, one day! And Linly what are doing? Preparing for San Fran, and still workin at Communal? Sorry I feel like I dont ask how you guys are doing individually very much so I hope all is BUENASO and LOVE YOU! And finally the wait is over for you guys, I will be sending lots of pics today so so sorry!
Anyways first week of the change and the work is picking up a bit like it should be. We got one investigator in church today, his name is B. He is the son of S and M (the couple that we´ve been teaching for a while that arent married). He is pretty cool, definitely has a short attention span but we are going to try to teach him a lot this week and see how ready he is for baptism! But its been a hard decision because we would love to baptize him but his parents arent baptized and arent too interested right now! We´ve been trying to keep it really easy and slow for them so they can see the importance of a Gospel centered home. They committed to go to church Saturday night last week. But when we passed by them before sacrament meeting they just barely got up and werent up to going! We were like noooooo! Its so hard to get them to church and it was perfect weather!! But hey we tried all we could do, but they just chose not to go this week which was a super bummer. Patience is a virtue eh? Thanks for the advice in the last email Dad by the way, they do have their agency and we have to respect that! We will see how the lessons go with them and B this week, keep you updated! But it was awesome to see B in church yesterday or even an investigator its been a few months since we got one in church!! So me and Elder Ramirez are pretty satisfied with that! :)
I dont know if you guys remember my last few emails I was talking about a family with 3 girls that we were trying to contact! Well, we found them all together and had an awesome charla with them Wednesday and we got another one tomorrow!! We are teaching different doctrine in their house so its going to take some time before they can tell and feel a difference in their lives! However the 3 girls that only turned out to be 2 (the other one was just a friend of them) are so awesome! They volunteer to say prayers and love talking about things of God! I am super excited for that lesson tomorrow, we are going invite them to be baptized! Pray for that one. Other than that not too much news with all of our other investigators they were all in the Festival that was this weekend! All day and all night long I believe, LOCO!
Spiritually its been a better week, I would love to share a scripture this week I feel like its been along time since Ive shared a scripture, uh oh my bad! I was listening to the talk that Elder Holland gave in like 2009 or 2010 about the Book of Mormon! Ive always love that talk its a classic and it helps me realize how important it is to our investigators and for ourselves. At the end of the talk he references a scipture in 2 Nephi 33:10-11. It is when Nephi is bearing his testimony about the Savior it says quite simply that if believe in Christ, you will believe these words because these words are His! Ha super simple but super close for people, even for me sometimes to understand! If we believe in Christ, we will not only believe them but we will want to apply them in our lives to gain a stronger testimony of Our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ! I love it so much, He is the reason I am here and He is the reason I keep moving on! Mom I love that one quote you sent me, the quote from Elder Ballard where it talks about the days in the mission, and how everyday is the Lords and so I am going to work the hardest and treat what that day deserves! Time flys by here and sometimes its hard to see how important every day is to us, to our investigators, and especially to the Lord! Anyways thats what I learned today if it made any sense thanks for all the support and prayers, I know you guys are cheering and praying for me!
This week we got a few conferences, its gonna be a busy one! We got interviews with Pres. Cook on Wednesday and Thursday a double mission conference in Montevideo!! So both missions in Uruguay are comin and Elder Robbins from the Seventy will be speaking which will be amazing! He served his mission here a long time ago, we are super blessed to have so many General Authorities come and speak to us! Super excited for those 2 days as well! Also Elder Massey baptized again in Lascano, he baptized one of our investigators named R. We werent sure he was baptized already so they must have figured it out and yeah its awesome to see Lascano still baptizin the world!! Its kind of sad not being there for those baptisms but obviously the most important part is that they can come to Christ, and no matter where we are, we are serving God and sharing the message of salvation that is so awesome to me! I will send you guys a pic of the baptism.
Oh yeah and question for Big Anne, do I really have to wait to open that card? I know you and normally you are super sarcastic and joking but Im not sure on this one! Christmas is sooo far away Anne please! Ive been obedient so far. And Dad really Mountain Men.....Momma GO RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wins on a double fault that is insane!!! :) So happy for him thats his 9th?! Anyways you guys have an awesome summer hot week! You are guys are amazing and I loved that picture at the dinner table with the classic or should I say not classic Lasagne recipe! Haha go Momma love all you guys! :)
Les quiero, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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