Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

America....America....Uruguay te extrañaré (102nd email)

Dear Fam and Amigos,

                I felt like it would be cliché but very quaint to leave you guys with my testimony my very last week here in Uruguay, home of the mate!
                In the misión they have this tradition where all the people that are leaving (called valientes) give their testimony in the last Zone Meeting of the change. It was a neat experience for me because the whole week prior I was just trying to think of something super mind’blowing for everyone but I quickly found out a testimony is more simple and more powerful than that.
                I would like to bear my testimony that anybody can have a personal relationship with the Savior. One of the most precious principles that I have been able to learn and apply is the principle of faith in Jesus Christ. I can proudly say that I know that my Redeemer lives! The way that He redeemed me through his Crucifixion and Atonement is what motivated me all throughout my misión to keep trying. To walk in those streets, talk to people in a language that was quite difficult for me, and to testify about His redeeming love, and a better way to live life so we can have eternal happiness made it all worth it for me!
                I will never forget the phrase that my Dad wrote me every email he sent over the past 2 years, it said ¨Just do your best thats all the Lord wants from you, and thats all WE want for you…¨Those words echoed through my head many many times throughout the misión. I know that if we exercise ëven just a little faith¨it will grow into testimony and conversión. I would also like to bear testimony that the attitude we have in life and especially in the misión reflects a lot of the faith we have in our Savior. I have a testimony of a positive attitude, and leaving with and having a prayer in your heart every day. I would like to bear testimony that faith is power that makes us want to change, which leads us to humble repentance and then keeping His commandments.
                I know that this is the only true church of Jesus Christ, that we have His holy priesthood which means we are able to receive the saving ordinances for our salvation. I can honestly bear witness of this, I have felt the power and the reality of the gift of the Holy Ghost in my life. I´ve seen how the Gospel and the influence of the Holy Ghost can change people. I've seen it in their eyes and actions and I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven for letting me have these experiences that have changed me.

                I know the Book of Mormon is the Word of God and yes Joseph Smith did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, that they called him to be the prophet of the Restoration and he translated the book by the power of God. Thanks to him and his example of faithful service to the Lord, I have the blessing of being on a misión and knowing that this is what I need to be doing right now. The Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and it has been the greatest tool for me to learn of my Savior and apply his teachings.
                I love the misión, and Uruguay. I love being a missionary for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know he loves me and I love him and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
A servant in the vineyard   Sept 2015

Waiting for a train early in the morning to go to last Las Piedras Zone Meeting---brrrrrrr, it's cold! 

Las Piedras Zone

Finishing rebuilding the roof--a lot of work in a short amount of time!  FUN!

Little bit of service :-)

Looking good Elder Connor...

After the service project...GOOD EATS!!!  Love asado!

Elder Ivie was in charge of the asado :-)  

Like my chorizos?!  Tastes amazing!!

Farewell to families before leaving Uruguay...

Elder Ivie LOVES the Uruguayans!!  He says he's part Uruguayan!  Thank you for taking such good care of him!

Farewell to some favorite people!!  Gloria and Florencia, love your family so much!!  THANK YOU!  <3  <3
Sept 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

the last melon.... (101st email)

Hey guys…..
                Umm oh yeah do just to let you know next pday is going to be Tuesday due to changes, im not sure if you didn’t know that changes were next week sorry I forgot to let you guys know. Should be interesting to see where im headed off to next, that’s if they change me ;) I think my next comp will be a gringa ;) Hehehe this is real.
                Not sure what to write you guys…. The thing is there is a lot to write but such little words.  I wouldn’t say that Im trunky because I feel like its not over. I keep recognizing so many more things I need to get better at which keeps me motivated to keep going! J
                Not too much to tell today, did a couple fun things this week. As you see from the photo we continue with Flia Perez´s project on their house, this Saturday we are going to finish putting the roof up then they are going to cook us an asado for us, nice going away present eh?! The cool thing is G (the members partner) is REALLY interested in the gospel, he has SO many questions and sometimes reads what we leave him, sometimes ha. J We just need to get them both to church, with the rest of their fam and married!! It’s a huge challenge here, as you guys can tell but they are amazing! Coincidentally they live in the area the bishop told us to work in!
                We also had a Multi-Stake Conference yesterday. Elder Hales, Elder Cook, and some other authorities spoke over satellite and it was darn good! I love the First Presidencies focus on the Sabbath Day. To focus more on what WE CAN do for the Lord instead of what we shouldn’t do! That’s where keeping it holy comes in right?! Then of course talked about families, and missionary work. The thing I loved that really stuck out to me was the scripture that says we can find peace in this life and eternal life in the life to come. A way we can find peace is serving the Lord and helping others receive these 2 gifts from God! J It made me remember the peace I felt coming out of the temple a couple weeks ago! The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings that peace we ALL need.
                Its been awhile since I told you guys where Im at in the BoM. And of course Im super behind as usual, I just started Alma recently and Im more busy than ever! But you guys have inspired me, you took upon yourselves the commitment to read it all before I got home, and you HAVE done it or you WILL do it!! You guys were a lot more faithful than I was, sorry about it. Keep inspiring me, love you guys TOO much!

Alrighty this is it. SPRINT TO THE END!! Next pday will be visiting Bella Italia. I will fo sho give a high five to Flopy for you guys! :) Its going to be a bitter sweet week let me tell ya, wish me luck! 

les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
I've kept the faith!
Continuing with the rebuilding of the roof of Familia Perez

Better picture of Estefany & her family Aug 2015

Let me introduce you to Pancha!  Aug 2015

Elder Connor & Pancha (the goose)

Elder Ivie & Pancha

Chillin with Dana

Trying to lose a few pounds before coming home!  :-)  little late, eh?!

Last meeting with the Ivie League  August 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

Good gravy and pumpkin pie.... (100th email)

Dear FAM!
                I dont even know what to write-say anymore. I honestly cant even imagine what life is going to be like here in a couple weeks. Like its hard to even imagine it let alone think about so just to let you know dont worry about me. I aint trunky, I do miss you guys TOO MUCH but I aint trunky thats for sure! :)
                THIS WEEK WAS INCREDIBLE!! We had interviews with Pres. Cook and went to the temple too! It was incredible let me tell ya! Unfortunately they gave me the letter AFTER we went to the temple which was super dumb but hey I´ll get em done in a couple weeks here! The misión printed off all those names on your side mom (like 8). Elder Connor and I went first and did all the baptisms and confirmations and some of the initiatories but we didnt have enough time to do them all because the sesión was starting. Then we all entered the sesión, some other missionaries helped us out with all the names that were ready I hope that was ok! Thanks so so so so so so so mucho Mom, I hope you werent saving those names for a special someone or times.....Well sorry what I just wrote TOTALLY just deleted on me so im gonna have to make this a lot more brief. But the temple/conference was devine!!! I went into the conference with SOOO much stuff on my mind let me tell ya. But coming out of the conference and the temple was just sooo peaceful. I wouldnt say that I received a clear answer to all my questions and worries but I did find peace. I know what the Lord expects of me as his representative. He did say peace I leave unto you right when he was with his Apostles the night of his suffering in the Gethsemane..I completely believe in the promise now. :)

Anyways it was an amazing conference, and the day after was just as good. I really saw the hand of the Lord in everything that day. I think in fact I have a testimony that his hand is in everything that we do in his work. But I asked Him before we went out in the afternoon if he could guide us and help us recognize his hand in everything and it worked! We were led to a less active that was totally reading the True to the Faith book and wanted the missionaries to come over, and to get in contact with the bishop. Yeah we didnt know her before hand, we just knew where she lived and we decided to pass by her that day! The second miracle was a meeting that we had with the Bishop in his office. We shared 1 Nephi 16, where Nephi breaks his bow and then he makes a new one and goes to his father Lehi and asks him where he should go to hunt, Hehe you can see where im going with this now. Knowing that the bishop has the keys to tell us where he wants us to work in Santa Lucia, we asked him where we should go to find more people to teach. And uncoincidentally he told us to go to an area that we as a companionship recently decided to work in this past week!! He told us to start finding some members and work with them to find more people. We are working with an incomplete family now and hope we can find more success this week! The Lord works here in Santa Lucia, right? And lastly we had a charla with a member family that night, and comes to find out that they are like good friends with another incomplete family we are working with, familia fereira!! They told us they would be totally willing to have family home evenings with them and help us in whatever. Again uncoincidentally we were trying to find a family that could befriend this incomplete family and get them to church. Unfortunately the dad that isnt baptized had to work and no one else came from the family, but we will work extra hard this week with them! :) Just super small things that have made a HUGE difference in our excitement here in Santa Lucia!! 

Anyways times up, anything else you guys want to know, thanks for writing every week now even though I struggle to respond! LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH, see ya soon loves! :)

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Banana selfie...hehe :-)

Service project in Santa Lucia rebuilding a roof on August 21, 2015

Weekly futbol group on p-day in Santa Lucia   August 24, 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

ITS GLORIOUS! (99th email)

Hey guys!
                Wow who said life wasn’t fast? It has tripped me up over and over again now I just got slapped in the face! Where did she go? Oh well whattcha gonna do. Last p-day was soooo sick, kind of rainy and we got back a bit late because it was a longer bus ride than we thought to get to Aeroparque. BUT we got to see a few people!!!! J As you can see in the pic, we went to see Estefany and her fam! She is one of the best converts ever! J She is really amazing unforuntately its been hard for her and now she is inactive. Could you pray for her too, she is definitely in need of it. Yeah kinda sad but she´ll come back. The visit that we had with her and her fam I think really brought back good memories of everything we taught and learned!! J Im confident, she´ll get there. Then we went to go see one of my favorite member families, the one that we did skype with (Elder/Eric, ewww yeah I don’t know him like that, Petersen and I) in Aeroparque. Yeah you remember, and you guys took a picture with me and the mate stuff! J  YEAH IT WAS AMAZING, but so complicated and not enough time to see everybody. ·Bigboyshouse
                JUST IN CASE you guys were worried we had a better week. The thing I am STILL beginning to understand and get used to is that the mission life is always fun, it doesn’t matter if we have a good week or a tough one, I ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING! That’s what im gonna miss. Im sure im going to be learning everyday in life but im going to miss ALL the opportunities to serve the Lord and get better! Ahhh love the mish, love you guys.
                Anyways im having a dilemma, its alright, well I guess I got a little impatient but I already got my flight schedule from the offices ahhh 5 hour LAYOVER in Brazil, should be fun though to see a little more of Brazil eh? But its gonna be a long layover….

                Anyways the week, as I told you this week was BOLD WEEK! And it was sooo fun! We were going to go to this carnival thing they have here every week on Saturday but it looked like it was going to rain so they had to cancel it. L But this week for sure we be doin it!

What I did love about the week was the bus experience, we did it mainly to just get rid of fear of talking to people in a stressful place like a bus! Soooo yeah I was so freakin nervous you don’t even know. But we decided to do it, and see if the Lords promise was really true in (D&C 60:2-3). We waited for the bus and we didn’t think it would show up or there would be a lot of people in the bus but just when we were doubting one showed up and there was a lot of people well like 20, and all but 3 accepted a pamphlet about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really cool because I was really nervous, obviously, and stressed because of the type of place we were doing it. But I GOT up there and gave it a go, bore my testimony about Jesus Christ and invited everyone to church! So far we haven’t seen any results, SO FAR but the biggest thing for me was I really experienced the promise the Lord gives us in that scripture. I remember right before we got on the bus, I was thinking of any possible way so that we didn’t have to do it, but my comp. and I just did with NO FEAR and our tongues were loosed!! The scripture talks about that if we don’t open our mouths, what has been given to us will be taken away. I really believe that, if we didn’t do this activity we would have never known how it feels to experience the help of the spirit in those kind of situations. And who knows maybe we have been still fearful to anything like it later on. Hopefully this all made sense, but this was definitely the spiritual experience that the Lord wanted me to have this week! This is why I love being a missionary, and love the mission!

                Umm I was thinking about visiting one of my last areas, Bella Italia this week or next week. Hope to see Sebastian and Silvia!! J Oh yeah today we had another zone activity in Santa Lucia, the gym is absolutely sick but a bit far from everyone that’s the only problem. But it was a blast we played the usual volleyball and futbol.
                Soooo yeah im sure ill be getting a photo from Elder Petersen or you guys, im sure he did amazing with his talk yesterday, I really want to know how his trip went? Did you guys go to a lunchin after haha? I could see that. Oh yeah speaking of that,  Momma I think im pretty set on Hawaiian food and punkin for my homecoming.

                Oh yeah and the work is getting better here in Saint Lucy! This week we found 3 incomplete families that have people to RESCUE and BAPTIZE!! Its been a huge blessing to have a lot of work this upcoming week, just hope the spirit will guide us to know what to say and do. We also need to work with the ward more so they work with all of them, should be fun!! J And you see Dad, your advice was huge for us this week, heck ya I would give you a hug if I could….

ALRIGHTY love all TOO MUCH hope im not missin anything, have a good week good to hear that the countdown is still goin..... 

les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

PIC #1 the cheaper version of the uruguayo jersey dont know if Paul would like it, umm the insignia is different because its a false jersery but it would be like 20 bucks instead of 100. I let you make the decision momma on that one ;)

PIC #2 ESTEFANY AND HER FAM! Bittersweet it was..... 
Imitation Suarez jersey--one of  Paul Killpack's favorite players to watch

Went back to visit Estefany & her family in Aeroparque--August '15

Monday, August 10, 2015

Wow Serving Christ, eh?! (98th email)


A storm has come to Uruguay, good gravy its going to be a scary day especially because Im going to visit Aeroparque in this but its going to be WORTH IT!!!! :) Im super pumped. I´ll say HI to everyone for ya´ll even though you dont really know them personally. 

To be honest with ya it was an alright, rough week but we are better dont worry about it! Sorry I dont have to much to tell this week, Gloria is still in her sticky situation and hasnt changed her work day yet so we´ll be having a chat this week with her. Hahaha nah shes awesome. Florencia reminds me so much of you Alexis....I wonder whos taller? Anyways Im super pumped for this week, here in the zone we are doing BOLD week which consists of preaching in buses, in the carnival things they have here and much more! The main purpose of this project is to find new ways to teach people and doing it without FEAR at the same time, woot! So yeah, oooh and thanks dad for letting me know when Im speaking, should I start  preparing now? Haha thats crazy I already have a day to speak though, fetch!

I did have a couple things to ask you parents, but I´ll send it in the other email. Sorry I think this is like the shortest email I have ever sent to you guys, I literally dont have much to talk about this week. Is there anything specifically you want to know about whats going on here in Santa Lucia?

Oooh hows Carson doin, tell him to hit me up I miss that kid. Well anyways quack email I cant think of anything else to write, until la semana siguiente! LOVE YOU ALL too much! Have a fab week.

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Statue in Santa Lucia with Elder Connor August '15

Monday, August 3, 2015

the last month.... (97th email)

                Whatta think august already? Yeah. Im the same way. It was good last week to hear that I will be dying in Santa Lucia. Im planning on visiting Aeroparque this upcoming p’day and the Bella Italia the next. Quickly before I forget, does any of you want anything from Uruguay (besides me ;)). Like a souvenir or whatevs let me know!
                Its been a good week, in the sense of realizing the things I need to get better at. Dedication is the key thing for me, I learned that dedication starts off with the desire to do it obviously! I know my Savior will help me out this week in that aspect.
                G is doing great, still stuck in the same situation and hope that something happens. Her partner does show too much more interest in investigating the church, he doesn’t want to come to the charlas we have with G. HOWEVER he, G, and Florencia came to the Ward Activity we had where we watched Meet the Mormons!! YAY first time watching it the whole way through. Kind of interesting movie to be watching at the end of your mission eh? Didn’t cry if you were thinking that. But anyways yay for them for coming! I hope he has a different perspective about us Mormons now.
                Something interesting that happened this week, that proved that the spirit is really working hard through G was when we had a charla with her on Friday. We were kind of nervous ehhh more uncertain how we were going to present to her that she needed to change her work day so she could go to church. We knew that she definitely understands the importance of going to church and keeping the Sabbath Holy but we needed to present it to her in a way so she could figure out what SHE could do personally to keep the day holy and go to church!! So we went into the charla and right towards the end she said Actually I’ve been thinking to change my day, I know its going to be hard because Saturday is when I get everything done in the house but for now Im going to work every other Sunday so ill still be able to go to church.¨SO yeah she aint cutting it cold turkey but it’s a start, the Spirit filled the room and it was a good charla! J
                Other than that we are in the hunt as usual, but more than ever. Dad, what were some cool/fun ways you did in your mission to find new investigators? Please we need help!
                Anyways umm ideas for food in my homecoming, there is so much I want that I cant decide, im not kidding! Dessert, either cheesecake or pumpkin pie!! Ive been cravin´some Hawaiian goods lately, like kalua pork, teriyaki chicken, and mac salad ooooh! I think that’s what I would want, there is just so much I miss. People ask me what I miss I just tell them my fam and all sorts of types of food goods from ‘Mercia!
                OOOH I almost forgot to tell you dad, I got everybody in the district to open the heavens more every MORNING! I loved the idea, the Spirit touched me soooo strong when I read what you shared I just had to share it with my district. So now occasionally in the verifications I have with them, I ask them if the heavens opened this morning. Then I ask them how it felt, what their experience was like, and what they are doing differently to take advantage every morning to prepare for another great day in the mish! Yeah I was super pumped, most of them thought it was a good idea! J So thanks daddio.
                 With the topic of the temple names, I dont know if you already noticed but I already reserved and printed off quite a few on your side mom. So I will be printing those off here Uruguay if thats ok with you.  If not I will just wait for the names in snail mail haha!  Just let me know. MY BOYS are startin already good gandhi, cant wait!  :) SOOOO good to hear about corn beef though, everybody is off to washington, so pumped for her! :)

OTHER THAN that all is well, todo bien!! thanks for not countin down mom I appreciate it, JK fam count down please, its still super far away anyways right? Anyways sorry just this lamo pic for the week, but I hope you have a good one! love ya'll! Peace love happiness to all and to all a good night! LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!           

les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Santa Lucia streets August '15

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Saint Lucy and Elder Ivie = FOREVER! :) (96th email)


GOOD GRAVY! I almost just about slightly maybe shed a drop of water from my pupils when I saw Papa Franklin and you guys! :) Hope to hear from him soon, you guys look AMAZING! Yes momma you do! #love 

Well the news you have been waiting for 23 months now has finally come, and yes I will be passing away here in Saint Lucy in 6 weeks............feel free to prepare the casket now......

Wow I am very happy and speechless about this whole thing I gotta admit. I was hoping I would die here, I am pretty close to just about all my areas, this upcoming change I will have a chance to go see a few of my converts in Bella Italia and Aeroparque which has been an incredible blessing from the Lord! :) 

So this week has been a better one. Pretty pumped for this next change, Elder Connor is good and we will have a good time. G's status is something else I dont even know where to start! Oh yeah Florencia is doing amazing, dont worry too much Alexis! #mybestfriend I told you guys of the experience I had when I confirmed her right? AHHH IT WAS so special for me and I know it was for her. But yeah Alexis you should keep in touch with her, she loves you. Anyways G is doing alright, she is tossed and turned on what she should do. She told us that she is going to wait and she if her partner is really willing to change. She thinks that he just went to church to try and save his family but I aint spreading any rumor gossipy stuff so yeah we'll see what happens. But they're still living together however in different rooms. Thats the thing she doesnt want to get married to him at all, but it will be hard for her to seperate. G has a lot of faith and she understands sacrifice but its been a bit hard to make a decision, so definitely keep her in your prayers still. It would be cool to see her get baptized this change if you know what I mean ;). But the Lord will prepare her in his time, maybe he has a little more to do with G. Im just grateful I could see the progress and see the light that glows in her eyes from the Gospel! This is why I love being a missionary, FOR THE LORD not for what I want! :)

Other news about the week, we went and helped the elders in a city called Canelones with their open house!  It was awesome, it reminded me of the awesome experience that I had in Bella Italia when we did it there! :) I love hearing the words of Christ but in Spanish its really moving. And even better LOTS of people came and the elders have got lots of referrals to pass by now. However coincidentally they both got taken out, so the new elders lucked out ha! Anyways wish us luck with G and her partner this week, I hope we can have a charla with both. He actually wants us to teach him now so it should be good! :)

Good to hear from ya'll!! We'll see ya soon dont be trunky, but I give you all permission to start counting the days now if you want!! Ha yeah I know, I know you already started but now officially you got my permission. Maybe when I hit the 24 days mark you can pull out the christmas calendar countdown woohoo! Haha I love you guys TOOO MUCH, yes mom I will think about food. Pumpkin pie. Thats all. Jokes. But yeah pumpkin por favor and I'll keep thinking, i aint mad foos! Have a fab week! 

RUN to the end!

les amo, Elder Ivie

#1 SUP, from Uruguay! Yeah thats right parrots
#2 SHEEP in the house, fetch!            SANTA LUCIA
SUP, from Uruguay?!  Yeah that's right parrots!  July '15

SHEEP in the house,fetch!  July '15

Celebrating with Gloria's family on her birthday, July 18, 2015

Train tracks selfie...Elder Connor, where are you going?

the Ivie League District in Santa Lucia July '15--YES!!!

The name of the street we live on in Santa Lucia!  Coincidentally look at the date on the pic!  haha!!

Pic for the peeps!  Santa Lucia July '15

Elder Connor going for the goal!  

Gym selfie!  (from the bottom)

Gym selfie!  (from the top)

You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it!  Santa Lucia July '15
They have R.O.U.S's in Santa Lucia too!  July '15

Monday, July 20, 2015

Another week bites the brownies!! Hehe (95th email)

                What it is….just to be straight forward this was a WEIRD week!! It was a good one, me and E´Connor get along pretty good but this week just had a weird feeling.
                For example, actually this part was awesome. On Saturday was G's CUMPLEANOS (see pic)!!!! We made her brownies and put dulce de leche on top, I dont know if you can see it? But they were divine as usual!! It was a fun time, however they already guessed that we bought the trick candles that never go out, what party poops eh? ;) jk Oh yeah that day she told us that she has fully moved out now but her partner had a few proposals. Duh Duh Duh. He definitely doesnt want to lose her that easy. But the craziest thing he said to her was that he was COMING TO CHURCH on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a 360 right?? He was totally against it before Florencia´s baptism. But Im down for him coming! So that was something to look forward too, this is what we wanted from the beginning and the Lord has been touching his heart the whole time. J
                Sunday came along and the whole family showed up (all 3), they even beat us!! Even better I think he liked it, he was pretty ready to go after 3 hours of it but I really thinked he liked it.
                We´ll see how it goes this week, and if he would be willing for us to come over that would be awesome!! G is still a lot very split right now, she is seperated but confused with her partner right now. It is a very delicate topic so let the holy spirit guide her, and us! J
                Sorry I usually have lots of stuff tos ay but its a very strange week and im still trying to get my head around it. On the bright side, I got another letter from Grandma thanks GRAMS!! J Love you too much! Thats crazy that Jim and Donna are getting home so son and before me!

Very interesting sports news as well! YEAH RSL represent! And MERICA in futbol fetch ya! :) Atta boy Brett, he does deserve it. It was just a little hard at the time. SOOOO MANY more people are getting home, and my best bud!! :( :) Umm you could say to him TOO SICK FLAVA FLAV, and tell him I love his skinny little white body and I'll see em soon! :) Cool? Can you say all of that to him! JARRETT AND BRENNAN TOO! Fetch! Says sup from me too, if you see em around. Anyways I love you guys thanks for the lovely emails and kisses! KISSYS and HUGS and BIG kisses and LITTLE hugs for all! :) LOVE YOU ALL too much! Have a fab week. All is well momma.

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

sorry this computer is being dumpy sooo send awesome pics next week sorry my friends again!

Monday, July 13, 2015

BAPTISM BROWNIES!! (94th email)

Hey fam!
                Wow, single digits….9…..weeks! LOCO! We had a good week here, it was quite the busy one we were mainly scrambling to get everything ready for the baptism. We tried testing the Font and draining it when the lever you use to open the pipe to drain it broke!! It was super rusty and old so we were like shoot ¨this baptism HAS to happen! G is going to kill us!!¨So we talked to the bishop and he said that they would come take a look at it. They did come within the week (Friday) and said that it was super broken and that they would have to replace the whole  thing! Sooooo…the baptism WAS NOT going to be canceled. Luckily my Smart compy Elder Condor I call him, said lets clean it out real good then suck out the wáter with a wáter vac!!! (hence the vacuum, font selfies) Hey but it worked!! We cleaned it up on Friday all ready for the following day for the baptism.
                Saturday was the day. We started fillin up the Font at 10:00am. While it was fillin´up we made BAPTISM BROWNIES (which we burned) JJJJJJ.  But you´ll never guess who showed up, yeah you already know Elder Rollins showed up from Maldonado!! He was actually the reason we burned the brownies, we kind of got carried away chattin´. But it alright we just made another batch, Elder Rollins offered to buy the ingredients! Other than that it went all smooth, the baptism started at 3:00pm luckily lots of people showed up too!!! G showed up, and lots of Florencia´s little girl friends showed up as well to support her! J Her dad didnt show up unfortunately. But yeah Elder Rollins baptized her and I confirmed her yesterday in sacrament meeting. And boy the spirit of god like a fire was burning was felt during the confirmation! J Man am I blessed to know such amazing children of God. What did I do? I´m a chump. Thanks for the quote btw Mom last week, it really helped me focus and meditate on what the gift of the Holy Ghost really is. It gives light to everything. J So far I havent had moisture to the eyes. Maybe soon, you never know. G is doing good as well, she was so happy this weekend. I think she´s found her home. J Her and Florencia are going to a FHE with some members today, and I cant tell ya how pumped they were! Love them 2 so much! J Just as much as you guys! Hehe
                Oh yeah btw keep praying for the both but especially for G because other than having one of the best weekends of her life, its been a struggle moving out. Today she will be completely out of her house and living in her new one so keep praying so everything turns out well.
                I would like to thank you guys for all the fasting and prayer for them two, Especially what you wrote to Florencia, Alexis. They both were so touched about what you wrote Florencia. They told me that what YOU wrote really helped them get through this week. So way. To. Go. SIS!! J
                Anyways other than that we had a Multi-Zone Conf. in Florida, no not Miami which was really good. I saw Elder Petersen my trunky brother, he´s doin good. Still teasing me that he´s going to take a picture with you guys at his homecoming and send it to me! I´ll kill em! Another thing that was real cool, was they invited a few members to come and do practices with us. Which makes it way more real and the members can learn SO much and know what tolos we use as missionaries to teach and find people. J It was a great experience for all of us that will never be forgotten.

THANKS FOR THE EMAIL!! Got one from everyone of you today!! :) Thanks for all the prayers and contact you have with our investigators as you can see you guys are a HUGE part in missionary work, coincidentally in my mission hmmmm....wonder why?? Hahaha no but really thanks for everything, I'll see ya around and soon. LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!! 

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Elder Connor cleaning the font the day before Florencia's baptism

ooooh!  #ghetto!  Elder Connor being a 'boss' cleaning the font!

Florencia's baptism July 11, 2015!  Elder Rollins, Florencia, Gloria (Florencia's mom) & Elder Ivie.  SUPER day, doesn't Florencia look so happy!!

Elder Connor, Elder Rollins, Florencia, Gloria & Elder Ivie!  Awesome weekend!!!