Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, August 10, 2015

Wow Serving Christ, eh?! (98th email)


A storm has come to Uruguay, good gravy its going to be a scary day especially because Im going to visit Aeroparque in this but its going to be WORTH IT!!!! :) Im super pumped. I´ll say HI to everyone for ya´ll even though you dont really know them personally. 

To be honest with ya it was an alright, rough week but we are better dont worry about it! Sorry I dont have to much to tell this week, Gloria is still in her sticky situation and hasnt changed her work day yet so we´ll be having a chat this week with her. Hahaha nah shes awesome. Florencia reminds me so much of you Alexis....I wonder whos taller? Anyways Im super pumped for this week, here in the zone we are doing BOLD week which consists of preaching in buses, in the carnival things they have here and much more! The main purpose of this project is to find new ways to teach people and doing it without FEAR at the same time, woot! So yeah, oooh and thanks dad for letting me know when Im speaking, should I start  preparing now? Haha thats crazy I already have a day to speak though, fetch!

I did have a couple things to ask you parents, but I´ll send it in the other email. Sorry I think this is like the shortest email I have ever sent to you guys, I literally dont have much to talk about this week. Is there anything specifically you want to know about whats going on here in Santa Lucia?

Oooh hows Carson doin, tell him to hit me up I miss that kid. Well anyways quack email I cant think of anything else to write, until la semana siguiente! LOVE YOU ALL too much! Have a fab week.

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Statue in Santa Lucia with Elder Connor August '15

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