Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, August 31, 2015

the last melon.... (101st email)

Hey guys…..
                Umm oh yeah do just to let you know next pday is going to be Tuesday due to changes, im not sure if you didn’t know that changes were next week sorry I forgot to let you guys know. Should be interesting to see where im headed off to next, that’s if they change me ;) I think my next comp will be a gringa ;) Hehehe this is real.
                Not sure what to write you guys…. The thing is there is a lot to write but such little words.  I wouldn’t say that Im trunky because I feel like its not over. I keep recognizing so many more things I need to get better at which keeps me motivated to keep going! J
                Not too much to tell today, did a couple fun things this week. As you see from the photo we continue with Flia Perez´s project on their house, this Saturday we are going to finish putting the roof up then they are going to cook us an asado for us, nice going away present eh?! The cool thing is G (the members partner) is REALLY interested in the gospel, he has SO many questions and sometimes reads what we leave him, sometimes ha. J We just need to get them both to church, with the rest of their fam and married!! It’s a huge challenge here, as you guys can tell but they are amazing! Coincidentally they live in the area the bishop told us to work in!
                We also had a Multi-Stake Conference yesterday. Elder Hales, Elder Cook, and some other authorities spoke over satellite and it was darn good! I love the First Presidencies focus on the Sabbath Day. To focus more on what WE CAN do for the Lord instead of what we shouldn’t do! That’s where keeping it holy comes in right?! Then of course talked about families, and missionary work. The thing I loved that really stuck out to me was the scripture that says we can find peace in this life and eternal life in the life to come. A way we can find peace is serving the Lord and helping others receive these 2 gifts from God! J It made me remember the peace I felt coming out of the temple a couple weeks ago! The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings that peace we ALL need.
                Its been awhile since I told you guys where Im at in the BoM. And of course Im super behind as usual, I just started Alma recently and Im more busy than ever! But you guys have inspired me, you took upon yourselves the commitment to read it all before I got home, and you HAVE done it or you WILL do it!! You guys were a lot more faithful than I was, sorry about it. Keep inspiring me, love you guys TOO much!

Alrighty this is it. SPRINT TO THE END!! Next pday will be visiting Bella Italia. I will fo sho give a high five to Flopy for you guys! :) Its going to be a bitter sweet week let me tell ya, wish me luck! 

les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
I've kept the faith!
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