Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, August 24, 2015

Good gravy and pumpkin pie.... (100th email)

Dear FAM!
                I dont even know what to write-say anymore. I honestly cant even imagine what life is going to be like here in a couple weeks. Like its hard to even imagine it let alone think about so just to let you know dont worry about me. I aint trunky, I do miss you guys TOO MUCH but I aint trunky thats for sure! :)
                THIS WEEK WAS INCREDIBLE!! We had interviews with Pres. Cook and went to the temple too! It was incredible let me tell ya! Unfortunately they gave me the letter AFTER we went to the temple which was super dumb but hey I´ll get em done in a couple weeks here! The misión printed off all those names on your side mom (like 8). Elder Connor and I went first and did all the baptisms and confirmations and some of the initiatories but we didnt have enough time to do them all because the sesión was starting. Then we all entered the sesión, some other missionaries helped us out with all the names that were ready I hope that was ok! Thanks so so so so so so so mucho Mom, I hope you werent saving those names for a special someone or times.....Well sorry what I just wrote TOTALLY just deleted on me so im gonna have to make this a lot more brief. But the temple/conference was devine!!! I went into the conference with SOOO much stuff on my mind let me tell ya. But coming out of the conference and the temple was just sooo peaceful. I wouldnt say that I received a clear answer to all my questions and worries but I did find peace. I know what the Lord expects of me as his representative. He did say peace I leave unto you right when he was with his Apostles the night of his suffering in the Gethsemane..I completely believe in the promise now. :)

Anyways it was an amazing conference, and the day after was just as good. I really saw the hand of the Lord in everything that day. I think in fact I have a testimony that his hand is in everything that we do in his work. But I asked Him before we went out in the afternoon if he could guide us and help us recognize his hand in everything and it worked! We were led to a less active that was totally reading the True to the Faith book and wanted the missionaries to come over, and to get in contact with the bishop. Yeah we didnt know her before hand, we just knew where she lived and we decided to pass by her that day! The second miracle was a meeting that we had with the Bishop in his office. We shared 1 Nephi 16, where Nephi breaks his bow and then he makes a new one and goes to his father Lehi and asks him where he should go to hunt, Hehe you can see where im going with this now. Knowing that the bishop has the keys to tell us where he wants us to work in Santa Lucia, we asked him where we should go to find more people to teach. And uncoincidentally he told us to go to an area that we as a companionship recently decided to work in this past week!! He told us to start finding some members and work with them to find more people. We are working with an incomplete family now and hope we can find more success this week! The Lord works here in Santa Lucia, right? And lastly we had a charla with a member family that night, and comes to find out that they are like good friends with another incomplete family we are working with, familia fereira!! They told us they would be totally willing to have family home evenings with them and help us in whatever. Again uncoincidentally we were trying to find a family that could befriend this incomplete family and get them to church. Unfortunately the dad that isnt baptized had to work and no one else came from the family, but we will work extra hard this week with them! :) Just super small things that have made a HUGE difference in our excitement here in Santa Lucia!! 

Anyways times up, anything else you guys want to know, thanks for writing every week now even though I struggle to respond! LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH, see ya soon loves! :)

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Banana selfie...hehe :-)

Service project in Santa Lucia rebuilding a roof on August 21, 2015

Weekly futbol group on p-day in Santa Lucia   August 24, 2015

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