Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, August 3, 2015

the last month.... (97th email)

                Whatta think august already? Yeah. Im the same way. It was good last week to hear that I will be dying in Santa Lucia. Im planning on visiting Aeroparque this upcoming p’day and the Bella Italia the next. Quickly before I forget, does any of you want anything from Uruguay (besides me ;)). Like a souvenir or whatevs let me know!
                Its been a good week, in the sense of realizing the things I need to get better at. Dedication is the key thing for me, I learned that dedication starts off with the desire to do it obviously! I know my Savior will help me out this week in that aspect.
                G is doing great, still stuck in the same situation and hope that something happens. Her partner does show too much more interest in investigating the church, he doesn’t want to come to the charlas we have with G. HOWEVER he, G, and Florencia came to the Ward Activity we had where we watched Meet the Mormons!! YAY first time watching it the whole way through. Kind of interesting movie to be watching at the end of your mission eh? Didn’t cry if you were thinking that. But anyways yay for them for coming! I hope he has a different perspective about us Mormons now.
                Something interesting that happened this week, that proved that the spirit is really working hard through G was when we had a charla with her on Friday. We were kind of nervous ehhh more uncertain how we were going to present to her that she needed to change her work day so she could go to church. We knew that she definitely understands the importance of going to church and keeping the Sabbath Holy but we needed to present it to her in a way so she could figure out what SHE could do personally to keep the day holy and go to church!! So we went into the charla and right towards the end she said Actually I’ve been thinking to change my day, I know its going to be hard because Saturday is when I get everything done in the house but for now Im going to work every other Sunday so ill still be able to go to church.¨SO yeah she aint cutting it cold turkey but it’s a start, the Spirit filled the room and it was a good charla! J
                Other than that we are in the hunt as usual, but more than ever. Dad, what were some cool/fun ways you did in your mission to find new investigators? Please we need help!
                Anyways umm ideas for food in my homecoming, there is so much I want that I cant decide, im not kidding! Dessert, either cheesecake or pumpkin pie!! Ive been cravin´some Hawaiian goods lately, like kalua pork, teriyaki chicken, and mac salad ooooh! I think that’s what I would want, there is just so much I miss. People ask me what I miss I just tell them my fam and all sorts of types of food goods from ‘Mercia!
                OOOH I almost forgot to tell you dad, I got everybody in the district to open the heavens more every MORNING! I loved the idea, the Spirit touched me soooo strong when I read what you shared I just had to share it with my district. So now occasionally in the verifications I have with them, I ask them if the heavens opened this morning. Then I ask them how it felt, what their experience was like, and what they are doing differently to take advantage every morning to prepare for another great day in the mish! Yeah I was super pumped, most of them thought it was a good idea! J So thanks daddio.
                 With the topic of the temple names, I dont know if you already noticed but I already reserved and printed off quite a few on your side mom. So I will be printing those off here Uruguay if thats ok with you.  If not I will just wait for the names in snail mail haha!  Just let me know. MY BOYS are startin already good gandhi, cant wait!  :) SOOOO good to hear about corn beef though, everybody is off to washington, so pumped for her! :)

OTHER THAN that all is well, todo bien!! thanks for not countin down mom I appreciate it, JK fam count down please, its still super far away anyways right? Anyways sorry just this lamo pic for the week, but I hope you have a good one! love ya'll! Peace love happiness to all and to all a good night! LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!           

les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Santa Lucia streets August '15

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