Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Saint Lucy and Elder Ivie = FOREVER! :) (96th email)


GOOD GRAVY! I almost just about slightly maybe shed a drop of water from my pupils when I saw Papa Franklin and you guys! :) Hope to hear from him soon, you guys look AMAZING! Yes momma you do! #love 

Well the news you have been waiting for 23 months now has finally come, and yes I will be passing away here in Saint Lucy in 6 weeks............feel free to prepare the casket now......

Wow I am very happy and speechless about this whole thing I gotta admit. I was hoping I would die here, I am pretty close to just about all my areas, this upcoming change I will have a chance to go see a few of my converts in Bella Italia and Aeroparque which has been an incredible blessing from the Lord! :) 

So this week has been a better one. Pretty pumped for this next change, Elder Connor is good and we will have a good time. G's status is something else I dont even know where to start! Oh yeah Florencia is doing amazing, dont worry too much Alexis! #mybestfriend I told you guys of the experience I had when I confirmed her right? AHHH IT WAS so special for me and I know it was for her. But yeah Alexis you should keep in touch with her, she loves you. Anyways G is doing alright, she is tossed and turned on what she should do. She told us that she is going to wait and she if her partner is really willing to change. She thinks that he just went to church to try and save his family but I aint spreading any rumor gossipy stuff so yeah we'll see what happens. But they're still living together however in different rooms. Thats the thing she doesnt want to get married to him at all, but it will be hard for her to seperate. G has a lot of faith and she understands sacrifice but its been a bit hard to make a decision, so definitely keep her in your prayers still. It would be cool to see her get baptized this change if you know what I mean ;). But the Lord will prepare her in his time, maybe he has a little more to do with G. Im just grateful I could see the progress and see the light that glows in her eyes from the Gospel! This is why I love being a missionary, FOR THE LORD not for what I want! :)

Other news about the week, we went and helped the elders in a city called Canelones with their open house!  It was awesome, it reminded me of the awesome experience that I had in Bella Italia when we did it there! :) I love hearing the words of Christ but in Spanish its really moving. And even better LOTS of people came and the elders have got lots of referrals to pass by now. However coincidentally they both got taken out, so the new elders lucked out ha! Anyways wish us luck with G and her partner this week, I hope we can have a charla with both. He actually wants us to teach him now so it should be good! :)

Good to hear from ya'll!! We'll see ya soon dont be trunky, but I give you all permission to start counting the days now if you want!! Ha yeah I know, I know you already started but now officially you got my permission. Maybe when I hit the 24 days mark you can pull out the christmas calendar countdown woohoo! Haha I love you guys TOOO MUCH, yes mom I will think about food. Pumpkin pie. Thats all. Jokes. But yeah pumpkin por favor and I'll keep thinking, i aint mad foos! Have a fab week! 

RUN to the end!

les amo, Elder Ivie

#1 SUP, from Uruguay! Yeah thats right parrots
#2 SHEEP in the house, fetch!            SANTA LUCIA
SUP, from Uruguay?!  Yeah that's right parrots!  July '15

SHEEP in the house,fetch!  July '15

Celebrating with Gloria's family on her birthday, July 18, 2015

Train tracks selfie...Elder Connor, where are you going?

the Ivie League District in Santa Lucia July '15--YES!!!

The name of the street we live on in Santa Lucia!  Coincidentally look at the date on the pic!  haha!!

Pic for the peeps!  Santa Lucia July '15

Elder Connor going for the goal!  

Gym selfie!  (from the bottom)

Gym selfie!  (from the top)

You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it!  Santa Lucia July '15
They have R.O.U.S's in Santa Lucia too!  July '15

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