Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, July 20, 2015

Another week bites the brownies!! Hehe (95th email)

                What it is….just to be straight forward this was a WEIRD week!! It was a good one, me and E´Connor get along pretty good but this week just had a weird feeling.
                For example, actually this part was awesome. On Saturday was G's CUMPLEANOS (see pic)!!!! We made her brownies and put dulce de leche on top, I dont know if you can see it? But they were divine as usual!! It was a fun time, however they already guessed that we bought the trick candles that never go out, what party poops eh? ;) jk Oh yeah that day she told us that she has fully moved out now but her partner had a few proposals. Duh Duh Duh. He definitely doesnt want to lose her that easy. But the craziest thing he said to her was that he was COMING TO CHURCH on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a 360 right?? He was totally against it before Florencia´s baptism. But Im down for him coming! So that was something to look forward too, this is what we wanted from the beginning and the Lord has been touching his heart the whole time. J
                Sunday came along and the whole family showed up (all 3), they even beat us!! Even better I think he liked it, he was pretty ready to go after 3 hours of it but I really thinked he liked it.
                We´ll see how it goes this week, and if he would be willing for us to come over that would be awesome!! G is still a lot very split right now, she is seperated but confused with her partner right now. It is a very delicate topic so let the holy spirit guide her, and us! J
                Sorry I usually have lots of stuff tos ay but its a very strange week and im still trying to get my head around it. On the bright side, I got another letter from Grandma thanks GRAMS!! J Love you too much! Thats crazy that Jim and Donna are getting home so son and before me!

Very interesting sports news as well! YEAH RSL represent! And MERICA in futbol fetch ya! :) Atta boy Brett, he does deserve it. It was just a little hard at the time. SOOOO MANY more people are getting home, and my best bud!! :( :) Umm you could say to him TOO SICK FLAVA FLAV, and tell him I love his skinny little white body and I'll see em soon! :) Cool? Can you say all of that to him! JARRETT AND BRENNAN TOO! Fetch! Says sup from me too, if you see em around. Anyways I love you guys thanks for the lovely emails and kisses! KISSYS and HUGS and BIG kisses and LITTLE hugs for all! :) LOVE YOU ALL too much! Have a fab week. All is well momma.

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

sorry this computer is being dumpy sooo send awesome pics next week sorry my friends again!

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