Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, July 13, 2015

BAPTISM BROWNIES!! (94th email)

Hey fam!
                Wow, single digits….9…..weeks! LOCO! We had a good week here, it was quite the busy one we were mainly scrambling to get everything ready for the baptism. We tried testing the Font and draining it when the lever you use to open the pipe to drain it broke!! It was super rusty and old so we were like shoot ¨this baptism HAS to happen! G is going to kill us!!¨So we talked to the bishop and he said that they would come take a look at it. They did come within the week (Friday) and said that it was super broken and that they would have to replace the whole  thing! Sooooo…the baptism WAS NOT going to be canceled. Luckily my Smart compy Elder Condor I call him, said lets clean it out real good then suck out the wáter with a wáter vac!!! (hence the vacuum, font selfies) Hey but it worked!! We cleaned it up on Friday all ready for the following day for the baptism.
                Saturday was the day. We started fillin up the Font at 10:00am. While it was fillin´up we made BAPTISM BROWNIES (which we burned) JJJJJJ.  But you´ll never guess who showed up, yeah you already know Elder Rollins showed up from Maldonado!! He was actually the reason we burned the brownies, we kind of got carried away chattin´. But it alright we just made another batch, Elder Rollins offered to buy the ingredients! Other than that it went all smooth, the baptism started at 3:00pm luckily lots of people showed up too!!! G showed up, and lots of Florencia´s little girl friends showed up as well to support her! J Her dad didnt show up unfortunately. But yeah Elder Rollins baptized her and I confirmed her yesterday in sacrament meeting. And boy the spirit of god like a fire was burning was felt during the confirmation! J Man am I blessed to know such amazing children of God. What did I do? I´m a chump. Thanks for the quote btw Mom last week, it really helped me focus and meditate on what the gift of the Holy Ghost really is. It gives light to everything. J So far I havent had moisture to the eyes. Maybe soon, you never know. G is doing good as well, she was so happy this weekend. I think she´s found her home. J Her and Florencia are going to a FHE with some members today, and I cant tell ya how pumped they were! Love them 2 so much! J Just as much as you guys! Hehe
                Oh yeah btw keep praying for the both but especially for G because other than having one of the best weekends of her life, its been a struggle moving out. Today she will be completely out of her house and living in her new one so keep praying so everything turns out well.
                I would like to thank you guys for all the fasting and prayer for them two, Especially what you wrote to Florencia, Alexis. They both were so touched about what you wrote Florencia. They told me that what YOU wrote really helped them get through this week. So way. To. Go. SIS!! J
                Anyways other than that we had a Multi-Zone Conf. in Florida, no not Miami which was really good. I saw Elder Petersen my trunky brother, he´s doin good. Still teasing me that he´s going to take a picture with you guys at his homecoming and send it to me! I´ll kill em! Another thing that was real cool, was they invited a few members to come and do practices with us. Which makes it way more real and the members can learn SO much and know what tolos we use as missionaries to teach and find people. J It was a great experience for all of us that will never be forgotten.

THANKS FOR THE EMAIL!! Got one from everyone of you today!! :) Thanks for all the prayers and contact you have with our investigators as you can see you guys are a HUGE part in missionary work, coincidentally in my mission hmmmm....wonder why?? Hahaha no but really thanks for everything, I'll see ya around and soon. LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!! 

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Elder Connor cleaning the font the day before Florencia's baptism

ooooh!  #ghetto!  Elder Connor being a 'boss' cleaning the font!

Florencia's baptism July 11, 2015!  Elder Rollins, Florencia, Gloria (Florencia's mom) & Elder Ivie.  SUPER day, doesn't Florencia look so happy!!

Elder Connor, Elder Rollins, Florencia, Gloria & Elder Ivie!  Awesome weekend!!!

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