Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, July 6, 2015

My Country/Family 'tis of thee! (93rd email)

Hey peeps!
               HAPPY BDAY ‘MERICA!! Wow I cant even tell you how good 4th of July was here. It was good as it could have been outside of MERICA! J So yeah we got a call from the zone leaders on Thursday saying that one of their investigators named Mitch invited all the gringo missionaries in the zone over to his house for an American BBQ!! Yes I said American, because he is from Lousiana baby!! He still has this sick accent, and is working for his church or something because of course he's a preacher. So yeah he invited us over for lunch and there was NO way we were going to turn it down! And boy did he cook!!!! It felt like home again, all we needed was fireworks haha! Yes I will come out and say it, it was a trunky day. The ZL’s, us, and one other gringo companionship came over and we stuffed ourselves with Lays potato chips, peanuts, and coke for appetizer. And chicken (with a bit of that good cush Lowry’s smothered on), and some well pink asado!!!!! WE WERE in heaven!! J So thankful for Mitch, he loved having us over just speaking English the whole time with us, and I felt bad but he just kicked his Uruguaya wife out of the house for while we ate but she was ok with it!! God Bless America right!?! To end it all of we had chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla ice cream! What a good way to start of the fast eh?!
               Anyways so yes I am doing sooo good as you can tell! J We got F’s baptism finally this week on Saturday, which is a huge blessing and miracle! Thank you for all the prayers! It looks like its going to work out just fine this week. But don’t stop praying for them! You wont believe how excited F and G were, when you friended F on Facebook Alexis!!! There were like what an amazing sister you have!! Yeah they be right. They told me they wrote you in English and you responded in English obviously! Then they sent you a question ASKING IF YOU SPOKE SPANISH!! They understood or at least translated it but they wanted to know if you Alexis know how to speak the ESPAÑOL haha it alright! #languagebarrier. I think that’s what happened. But anyways keep in contact Alexis, they already love you, almost as much as I do! J Good news too E’ Rollins is coming from Maldonado to baptize her, I believe I will be confirming her! J
               This week we had good one, we extended our zone plan farther then just asking the missionaries about what the Atonement means for them but we took it to the member and investigator level and it went amazing of course! The thing is the WHOLE ZONE did it ALL week, and we all loved ‘em so I challenge you guys. Whenever you are in a charla, or chattin’ with someone ask them what the Atonement means to them. Its an insant Spirit inviter! J Btw what is your guy’s favorite scripture on the Atonement. I want and need to study it more in my personal study this week and next. Btw I hope the BofM reading is cruising still, I'm still goin' don’t worry just a bit behind and slower! But its alright I love hearing the things you learn. Most of the things we learn I share in District Meeting (especially cause your guys are in Alma)!
               This next week we got a good one, tomorrow is a Multi-Zone Conference with Pres. Cook in Florida yes, Miami NOT but the place is call Florda its about 2hrs. away in bus from Las Piedras. Should be fun then we got a Zone Conf. on Friday just thought I would let you know.
               I guess I could share a scrip that made me think of you Mom and Dad. Its found in Moroni 8:1-3. Its not because Im trunky but it made me think of the letters that you sent with me at the beginning of the mission. And the awesome emails EVERY week that keep me going! Thanks guys, I love you both TOO MUCH!
Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

PS: Do you guys still keep in good contact with The Franklins? They are homies, IM SO HAPPY Papa is goin to UVU this year with me.
An American BBQ for the 4th of July 2015

An American investigator, Mitch invited the American companionships over for the 4th of July for the BBQ

Elder Ivie says this rottweiler is just as adorable as he is!  Ahhhhh....

Elder Ivie's version of an Uruguayan rodeo   

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