Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, May 26, 2014

School's out! TIME TO WORK!!! (34th email)

Hola mi familia!
¿Como le fue su semana? Mine was alright, a little rougher than usual I got to admit but hey thats the mission right! And I got some great goals planned this week that I want to work on to have a better week! Im still here in Varela, next week is changes again!!!! Time is crazy insanely fast here its blowin my mind, today is my 8 month mark and I am so grateful for still a bunch of time left to have some more amazing experiences. With changes coming up in about a week, we shouldnt be seeing to much of a change as me and Elder Ramirez will be probably being staying here for another changes at least! Woot! That also means that pday will be on tuesday next week instead of monday like always!
Alright to our week then, as I said it was a little rougher week for me personally! I like Elder Ramirez, he is nice and funny and he is a pretty good missionary but I still do miss Elder Massey haha! No problem there though just me personally. I noticed this week that I wasnt feeling as spiritual as I usually do, I felt guilty and fearful which are both attributes of Satan. I noticed that my faith was lacking a little to be honest! With that little lack of faith there was that spiritual hole that felt. Thats why it was a tougher week for me but, dont be worried im doing sooo much better right now! I was going over faith in Preach My Gospel and it was awesome and I saw what I needed to do better! I saw I quote that I wrote in Preach My Gospel, it was the Pres. Uchtdorf quote from the Oct. 2013 Conference. It was the ¨doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.¨ quote and after reading this it lead me to read that talk that he gave called ¨You Can do it Now!¨ Ive read it before, but this time I had a different perspective on it, you know how that sometimes happens. So anyways I read it and fully understand what I needed to work on to have the Spirit stronger in my day to day life! I understood that I am not perfect, even as a missionary, but that something is expected of me. And that every time we obey and follow the Savior that is an act of faith. It all starts with faith, there is a reason why its the first principle of the Gospel! So I made some awesome goals to pray with more faith, to take advantage of my studies more, and to follow the Spirit! I am excited this week, I am super excited the Lord has given me another week to be better! I am going to be better this week in my self'less service and by doing that I know I will see miracles both in myself and in the people we are teaching!
Speaking of people, we have been finding a bunch of new people that have been super interested its just hard getting a sit down charla with them because they are either busy or making it seem like they are busy! Im sure every missionary can attest to that, is that right Dad? ( oh yeah by the way thanks on your advice with kindness in your last email, I loved it and will continue to get better at that too!) We don´t have too many golden investigators but we are looking. There is one named M that had everything taught to her and has one of the biggest teaching record ive ever seen in mission! But she is always busy and HAS to go to futbol every week for her son so thats a little difficult. She loves the missionaries and knows the Gospel is true but she just cant make the huge commitments to come to church and get baptized. We stop by her a couple times a week so we will see what we got with her comin up! Not sure about this other one but while I was on a interchange with Elder Pike, our District Leader in 33. Elder Ramirez found 3 girls that said they WANTED to get baptized and serve missions themselves! We have a charla with them tonight so wish us luck, I hope it turns out good I have faith it will!! We also have a less active member M too that has been having a problem with smoking lately! But boy have we seen miracles in her, we made a calender with boxes she has to check when she does it like, ¨I didnt smoke today?¨ or ¨Did I read in the BoM today?¨ Prayer, stuff like that but a couple nights ago she committed to stop smoking completely which was awesome! But what was even better is she texted us the next night saying she checked every box!!!!! Woohoo we were so happy for her, and she´s gone to church these past 2 Sundays even when its been like suuuper cold (well for the Uruguayos at least, they said it got down to like negative 1 in Celsius this week which is like 30 degress farenheit!!) Crazy right? I remember last winter when it was like -15 degrees farenheit! But hey it hasnt really hit winter yet so yeah it might get pretty bad! Im not going to lie its been a bit nippy, I had to pull out my huge 3 in one coat from Mr. Mac a couple days ago! Pa! That thing is awesome momma thanks so much momma! I finally getting the justice I rightfully deserve eh_ Its getting cold here while you guys are warming up nice there, mowing lawns, gardening, all the goods!
Lastly I thought I should tell you guys this, the best thing that happened this week is that you know me and Elder Massey´s investigator from Lascano, L? Well.......he got BAPTIZED yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is such a stud I was soooooo excited for him, unfortunately I couldnt make it to the baptism but its alright I am just soooo stinkin happy for him it doesnt even matter! I will send you a photo of Elder Massey, him, and I soon here!! What an amazing change he has made, remember how I told you he had quite a sketchy past, and he was smoking like 25 a day! Well he stopped, and now he is baptized, getting confirmed next week and hopefully receiving the priesthood here soon! :):) PA! The worth of souls is great, the Lord lives and works miracles in every aspect of our lives! L's change is just another testimony of that, and I am so entirely grateful to take part in helping him come to Christ! :) thanks for all your prayers too, I know he couldnt have done it with all the support even though he doesnt even know you guys! Thanks again! And the dulce de leche on the cake was we had a Priesthood Meeting for the stake in 33 yesterday and he came so I got to see him all dressed up, looking all spiffied up in his new suit coat the church gave him! :) Haha so awesome!
Well that was basically was my week, quite a rollercoaster eh? This thurs. We got a mission conference and Elder Walter F. Gonzalez of the Seventy is coming to speak which should be so exciting! Thanks for all he prayers and sweet lovin like always! I cant believe Missy is getting married and Scott is already home! Alexis woohoooo tennis is my jam!!!! We are playing when we get back! And Linds San Fran.......what?!!? Anyways chao love you guys have an awesome week! I sure will! :)

Love your son and only brother, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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