Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, May 5, 2014

¡¡¡¡Opa Dia de la Madre Coming UP!!!! (31st email)

Oh. my. goodness. time is goin by so fast but what an awesome week it was!! We have been working super hard this past week and we got to see some the fruits of our labors! This week I really learned a bittersweet lesson on faith and hope. I noticed something different this week that me and Elder Massey did this week. Our attitudes were totally different. We worked with more of the mind set of hope, hope that everything was going to turn out good this week for our investigators and for ourselves. This Thursday we had a zone conference in 33, and they focused a lot on this topic. To have faith and hope for every person that you talk to. When we talk to the people on their doorsteps or on the street we should picture them as having white clothes on and coming closer to Christ. The people do have their agency so they obviously dont always accept us at this time. But everybody should get the same equal oppurtunity to hear the gospel! And thats where we come in, we cant take away the persons agency but we sure can change ours! Sharing His word needs to have the work of faith and hope in it. With that goal in mind I know that we can achieve anything with the Lord on our side. He is on me and Elder Massey´s side, and He has blessed us with success!

I don´t know if I talked about L in the last email. But he is a recent investigator that we just found and wow what a past he´s had. He´s been involved with so many drugs and bad things but luckily he has stopped and been away from it for 5 years. He still smokes but I know that he has been looking for this path for awhile. The gospel is a way out for him, it is amazing to see such a change in a person. It isnt quick or easy but he is making some serious progress. He came to church yesterday, and we gave him a nice lookin white shirt and tie. He looked so awesome I cant wait for his planned baptism on the 18 of May! He has gone from smoking 25/30 cigarretes a day to 5/8 a day in about a 3 days time! Wow  this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the priesthood is his power, we gave him a blessing I know the Lord is with him and helping him along the path! :) Oh yeah and we found this awesome family that are always so excited to see us!! The whole family is pretty interested but one of their little Daughters, named S is incredibly excited! She reads the pamphlets and prays every night!! She is like Alexis´s age and just wants to learn more and more everyday! She´s looking to get baptized on the 25 of May we just need to get her and the whole fam. to church. Here this Sacrament Meeting starts at 11 and they have futbol at 11!! That was a bummer when we heard that. But the little girl S doesnt play so maybe she can come alone or something else will work out!! We are praying for miracles for this amazing family, we are hoping the Mom will come to see how this Gospel changes families for brings them even closer forever! :) So basically we got an awesome week planned ahead of us! AHHH im so excited! (especially for this next Sunday too!)

Alright heres the news Sunday May 11 I will be Skyping the best fam in the world for 40min this time. You guys got church at 11-2 soo we were thinking about calling you guys around 1-2pm OUR TIME!! So if this all works out we will be calling you around that time just right before church! Hopefully thats alright! LOVE YOU! SO STINKIN EXCITED! But hey im still focused on this huge week for us! :)

And Momma what an email!! The package is going to get here crazy quick!!!!!!!!! Thank you Anna´s friend I dont even know her but I know she is an awesome lady!! Thank you so so so much whoever you are! The mission office is perfect, thanks so much for everything Momma thats gonna be perfect for Winter time! Oh yeah and one last thing thanks so much for the letter Momma! Ive read a little bit, oh how I love cheesy letters! :) I got it sittin here right now and I cant wait to finish it! LOVE you always and forever Momisis! Haha

Alrighty fam see YOU GUYS IN ABOUT A WEEK!! WOOT WOOT! Hehe cant wait and I know a little bit more Spanish this time! Love you guys so much enjoy the nice spring weather in good ol´ Utah! Oh good times mowing that lawn, I can smell it right now! 

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie 

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