Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, May 12, 2014

Long time no see....(32nd email)

Hola Familia!!! I feel like I just talked to you guys recently oh wait oh yeah I talked to you guys YESTERDAY!! :) Oh my goodness it went sooo fast and I freaked out the whole time! It was perfect the connection was awesome and all I wanted was to see your faces and hear your wonderful voices! How is my Spanish?! A little better I hope? The only thing I wish I could have done better is find out what is going on in your lives!!! Goodness we didnt talk about that at all! Oh well but it was just simply amazing and its definitely giving me a gigante boost for this upcoming months!!

Anyways work wise it was an ok week here in Lascanito! We were just getting blown out of the water because L was making so much progress! He told us he only smokes one a day now but unfortunately we found out he bought another pack and has been sort of lying to us! There is always opposition and agency with the people of course. We dont really know how much he smokes a day because he wont tell us the truth. But we feel and think it is a little bit less because he does look better, more happy, and healthy. Its been difficult to get him to understand to just trust in God. But by doing so you cant just sit back and let God do everything right?! We will see how this week goes, if everything goes alright we will have the baptism for him on the 25th of May because he didnt go to church yesterday! It is a long story, and super complicated but I will try to keep you guys updated as simple as I can! Keep praying for him!! :) Other than that, we have been sort of losing contact with a few of our investigators, they are just not home or cant have a lesson in that moment which has been a bummer! But one important lesson that I applied really well is having an attitude of gratitude in YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES just as Pres. Dieter F. Uctdorf said. We have been having a lot of success lately and even thought this week was a little tougher I still kept high spirits. I am super happy right now and looking forward to this next week for what I can learn and apply for myself and our invesitgators! I know super cheesy but I am on cloud 9 here on the misson. I definitely miss you guys so much but I know that this is what I want to do right now and I am going to take advantage of the mission and not let it take advantage of me!

Mom, Dad, Lumps, and Alexis LES AMO MUCHO!! You guys are the best thanks for all the packages, letters, support and a billion things more! Hopefully I will see those packages in my hands this week Im super excited for that! We have a Multi-Zone Conference in a place called Melo this Wednesday! Super excited for that! It also sounds like a huge week for you guys! Way to go Isaiah he must be soo pumped it soo awesome to see him get out there and join the amazing force of Gods Army, I cant believe Scott is already done!! It did seem a little longer than normal but maybe its that way because I love that man soo much! :) TANNER got married Holy Smoly Holy that is AWESOME! CONGRATS BRO! Good for him but im going to stop because thinking about marriage makes me barf right now. Annnnnnd sounds like a sick week of sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JARED ABBREDERIS A GREEN BAY PACKER!!! MY BOYS i dont care if he basically got picked last he is tooo sick, im sure you were screaming Momma! Haha RSL never ceases to amaze me too. Alright I think thats it thanks for again FAM! LOVE HIM A FULL!! Have an awesome cold week! Haha jk ;)

Les Amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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