Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, May 19, 2014

Supresa!! (33rd email)

Oh Dearest Familia!
PA! What an interesting week it has, I got a couple surprises for you guys! First I GOT ONE OF THE PACKAGES!!!!!!!!!!! The one with my camera cable, it was sent all the way back in March! Crazy but hey I got it now and it sooo awesome it made me so happy you dont even know! But I wondered where my other package was? Maybe they didnt get it sorted in time or Anna´s friend didnt get it in! Im not sure but its alright I will get it soon! :) Now dont feel bad.  I am hoping Anna{s friend found that camera cable and put it in the other package! Other than that the package was amazing!! Alexis those bracelets are so sick, ive already gave it to some of my friend kids here and they loved them, they wanted like 5 a piece! :) Did you make them yourself? And Amanda thanks so much for your bracelet too its soo professional I carry it every with me! I am a missionary with steeze now! Grandmas thanks so much for that bag, the quote book, and the magnet I super excited to check that out! Love ya Grammy Grums! ;) Oh and Momma of course thanks for those open whens....I already opened one today super excited to check it out I just want to open them all right now! :) Anyways thanks everybody love you so so much! Now for the huge surprise for the week. Me and Elder Massey got a call from the Zone Leaders on Friday, they said that the Elders in a place called Varela were having serious relationship problems and they need to do an emergency change! Soooooo......they transferred me out of Lascano 3 weeks into the change!!! LOCASO eh?!?! So yeah right now I am in another little town called Jose Pedro Varela with Elder Ramirez, and Elder Massey is with the comp. of Elder Ramirez! So yeah I packed my bags and left Saturday morning to Varela like 40min. away from Lascano so not far at all! I am with Elder Ramirez, he isnt a latino kinda weird right! He is a gringo from Shelly, Idaho and he has like 15 months in the mission! So far I like him a lot, he is pretty easy to get along with, he is super funny and nice! Im excited to work with a new comp. And a new area these next couple weeks! But that doesnt mean im not going to miss Elder Massey. He is golden, I love that Elder-man and I will miss the good times we had but the Lord needs me here at this time, his will is greater than mine!
Saturday was pretty crazy but we did have a Zone Conference in a place called Melo on Thursday which was awesome! Yes I got pictures with President and Hermana Cook! :) (hopefully I will be sending those in a few weeks) Hermana Cook also took some pictures so she might have already got them to you already! It was really good to see them and I learned a lot from the conference. I learned a lot about being a consecrated missionary and what I need to do better, to become more consecrated to the Lord and His work. Also about the importance of Repentance for our investigators and how we need to focus on the steps of repentance more than just telling what it is haha go figure eh?! Also President Cook wants us to focus a lot more on retention these days! Like having more Family Home Evenings, and Retention Lessons. I love this because I feel like that is something I learned really quick the mission. Is that we need to be focusing on keeping the people we have as equal as finding a baptizing more people! As I told you guys in the Skype call its hard to keep retention here so I am really excited for this new focus!!!! I would tell you more about Varela but there isnt that much to be honest its pretty and small like Lascano. We are in a branch again with about 15-20 members that come every week.
I will tell you more about the work here in Varela next week I still trying to get to know everybody. But in Lascano, L is looking awesome!!! He is either smoking 1 or none a day so we were just helping finish that little bit! Me and Elder Massey bought him some candies to suck on, and we we also put up little photos of Jesus and baptism all over his house! Haha it was so funny I love that man so much, I hope Elder Massey can get him in those waters!! If he does I might be able to go to his baptism in Lascano we´ll see! :) I would love that so so much!
I think that is basically my week though, thanks for the all prayers and support! Me and Elder Ramirez are here to get Varela moving!! We are going to baptize the world!! Its sooo good to hear that you guys got the letter finally! Sort of cheesy but I thought it would be good to maybe write a letter to my one and only family haha hoped you guys liked it! :) Sounds like everything is doing good there as usual, I want something from that amazing garden. Mitch Call´s story was crazy 17 to 72 members!!! That is huuuge especially for a branch! What a difference one person can make thats why every lesson and contact means so much! Its hard to think that way sometime when you go out throughout the day but I know it so true and I will try to better at that. RSL is WINNING still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And those 3 are training for the world up???? OPA! Go pacers also. Anyways it was soooo good to hear from all you guys I will let you know if I need anything momma but I good for now! LES QUIERO SIEMPRE Y PARA SIEMPRE! Have an awesome Spring/Summer week!

Love, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Elder Ivie & Sister Cook (Mission President's wife--sure do love the Cook's--my friend Chris Johnson's grandparents!)

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