Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, April 28, 2014

Estamos...28/Abril/2014 (30th email)

AHI ESTA! Pretty chill here I hit my 7 month mark this week, holy crazy locaso! I feel sooo old  here but I know at the same time I got a lot more time to work like crazy! It was a good week, its awesome to hear from you a lot of you today!!! I AM SO GLAD you got the package, I just hope the jerseys fit alright probably not but hey its the thought that counts right! Yeah momma you hang that sick towel up, I loved it so much I almost bought one for myself! :) Love you guys and get pumped for FIFA!!!!!!!

Our week was a quiet week. Lots of work of course but a very quiet week too. This past week was changes as you guys know now so my comp. had to make the long haul to Montevideo for a leader meeting because he is the district leader and I went to the city of 33 to work with a another Elder, named Elder Oliver. It was a good time, he is a stud and I learned to just trust in myself and the Spirit will do the rest! Now we got a couple new Elders in the district and its gonna be a great time I think! But what I am jealous about is they showed the #BecauseofHim video at changes in Montevideo so I didnt get to see it! But its alright just a little thing but I know how much you guys loved that video so maybe I will see it in the near future! 

I dont really know why I said it was a quiet week though because we have been finding a bunch of new investigators that are super interested! We did all that was possible to get them to church yesterday but it didnt turn out as good as we wanted it to! Sunday morning is always insane for us missionaries. Im sure you Dad can attest to this. We are just going from house to house waking our investigators up to go to church!! But hey we got someone new this week in church named L, he is a good guy, he´s got a hard past with drugs and stuff but with the gospel anybody can change right! :) He came to church and stayed for the first 2 classes but left right before sacrament which is obviously the most important so that was a little bummer but me and Elder Massey and going to do some serious work this week!

We have been losing a few investigators too. Which is the something that just happens in the mission unfortunately. B really lost his excitement and now he says he doesnt want to come to church anymore! Which is a killer because he was as ready as you can be! We will keep passing by him and talk with him and hopefully maintain the friendship but its just not our time to baptize him right now I guess! We obviously know that this is the most important thing he could do for himself right now! But unfortunately he doesnt think so at this time so we will see what happens I will keep you updated as the weeks go by! 

However as I always say me and Elder Massey will keep doing our thing and we will find those people prepared at this time! He is really helping me keep the attitude of work and to be super diligent I love it!! 

Thanks for organizing the package Momma im sure its gonna be great as usual! I will try to send a separate email with the info about the shoes but I think just a dr. scholls thing will be great! Its just the sole in my shoes are worn down so thats why I think im getting the blisters! I dont need new shoes, just new soles or the dr. scholls things! OH yeah and also GO Andrew holy genius he is! that is so awesome! Hi Kris and Ted love you guys soooo much! :) And last of all..... CORBIN ADIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHH my that is amazing news, the jazz are going to be tooooo sick now! Whos the new coach?  Anyways thanks for all the emails fam! You know I love you too much!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Until next week Nos Vemos Lunes!!!

Les Quiero, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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