Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, April 14, 2014

Feliz Pascua a ustedes también!! (28th email)

OOOPA! FELIZ PASCUA for some reason I thought it already passed? I have no sense of time here its just flyin! Its sounds like everything is pretty chill in Highland just like Lascano eh?! I havent gotten the package yet unfortunately but its alright the misión has definitely taught me an amazing Christlike attribute of PATIENCE! :) Sounds like a pretty quiet Spring Break though...I bet the Aquarium was pretty neat. How neat is that? And a new Muppets Movie what the what? Another one? Interesting....

As I said before this week has been pretty quiet here in Lascano almost always. Same with the work, of course we worked our brains out as usual because there is actually a lot of work to do its just hard getting the fruits of it. It has taught us a lot of PATIENCE and HOPE for the future. Its getting pretty cold down here I got to admit but, nothing near Utah yet. My companion is dying, he's from Cali. haha its so funny! ;) The cold really gets to the Uruguayos though, that was the main reason why we only had 9 people in church yesterday. Nobody likes to leave their houses when its raining and freezing but the members and the missionaries go figure right? The friendship with B has been kind of fading, we pass by his house everyday but he is either sick or gone. We aint givin up on him but he has definitely been a challenge. We just need to get him excited again! :) A L, and C are sort of fading away too, we havent been able to get a lot of visits with them because they are always busy. But of course we are DILIGENT and PERSISTENT!! We dont take no for an answer. Other than those slight challenges we are always good and happy in the Lords service. We found 2 families that are sort of interested so we will see how that goes this week!

We had an awesome Zone Conference with Pres. Cook and his wife as you guys know! It was super awesome to meet them, they are super funny and super spiritual at the same time! They told me that Chris (Elder Johnson) was on the plane heading to Taiwán and the language is kicking his butt! But he is a stud and I am so excited for him. The Zone Conference was all about change and how to always look to the future. I learned a lot on what I could do better as a missionary and the great responsibility we have for our own specific áreas! Every week is just a start over, What can I do better this week that I didnt do as well last week? I love that question because there is ALWAYS something! Scripture Study, PMG, and prayer help you answer those questions! :) I got a strong testimony of that. This work is inspired always with direct revelation from God. I am on the Lords side, I am His son, Messenger, and friend. I love the Lord and I want to do better this week for Him and his children.

Thanks for the support y´áll! I hope you have an amazing week in the warm sunshine luckies! Its sooo weird Ive been scorching hot for a whole year and now I startin to feel the chilliness! :) LES AMO MUCHO!

Love, Elder Tyler Ivie

ps. my feet got wrecked this week but im doin awesome and better dont worry
pss. thanks everybody for writing me! I got amazing family and friends!

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