Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

La Semana de Cambios (29th email)

Hello there family! First off so so so sorry forgot to tell you this week is changes so we have pday on Tuesday as you soon will figure out! Ive been usually good at telling you guys but totally spaced it this time dont kill me! Im ok just chillin here in Lascano as usual time is goin crazy fast! I cant believe I already have a whole change with Elder Massey and guess what.............WE ARE BOTH STAYIN! We got the call last night and we are both chillin here together for another change! WOOHOO I am pretty pumped!!! Elder Massey is a mega stud and I didnt want him to go. I hope he feels the same way.....ha  hope Im not drivin him too insane!

So nothing crazy here, it was definitely a crazy work week! We had 2 intercambios this week. One with the Elders in Chuy, I was with Elder Cross. It was a good time he is a gringo with the same time as Elder Massey. We did work! They got a huge area and I learned a lot about patience with him. They were having some huuuuge Easter Festival there too! I know what you are thinking another one. Thats what I was thinkin. Everybody we talked to was out of town so it was hard to get some new investigators for them but it was still a good time. The other intercambio we had was with the Zone Leaders in 33! I was with Elder Lacey, another gringo and we worked in Lascano! I love Elder Lacey he taught me how to just  work till you die basically! Just give it all like we should be 24/7 to the Lord. He talked to everybody in the street and invited a lot of people to be baptized. I learned a great deal of the importance of inviting someone to be baptized right there (as long as you do it by the Spirit of course). It really  helps you understand and know if the person is willing to follow God and progress at that time! Those are just a few tiny lessons I learned but now lets get to some funny and crazy insane stuff! After the day was done with Elder Lacey and I we had to take a bus back to their area in 33 to pick up my comp. Holy Smoly crazy in 33 there was a festival there too!!!! Goodnight!!! Uruguay is full of festivals and it just kills us! The bus was packed and we had to stand up the whole way with crazy people talking the whole way. But that wasnt even the worse. On our way back the next morning the bus was packed again!!! But this time everybody was drunk. I had this drunk guy talkin to me this whole time about who was the first sinner! The conversation has no point but I definitely realized that I wasnt in mormonville once again.

Another funny and embarrassing story I had was we went to a members kid  birthday party on Thursday just to go say Feliz CumpleaƱo! They invited us in and to sit down for just a minute and chat. They gave us a pizza and told us to sit down. Right when I sat down the chair just collapsed, And everybody saw!!! SOOOO embarrassing! People were just laughing and I felt sooo bad. From that point on I realized that I am HUGE! No more dulce for me eh. I like to blame it on the loose chair though! ;) 

Alright those might not be as funny as they seem but it was funny in the moment! you had to be there. But now something serious I studied this week. Elder Massey showed me this scripture this week that really hit me. I dont think I have shared this with you guys but if so bear with me. Its in Alma 32:27 it talks about exercising just a particle or a twig of faith and how that will change your desires completely!! Ive been thinking a lot lately because although it might be small and easy to overcome my blisters on my feet were killing me. I sometimes thought it would just be easier to take a small rest than to keep walking. But then I remembered this scripture. Even though this trial is very small I had to put my faith in the Lord and hope for the best. And boy did the Lord grow my faith substantially! I feel so much better spiritually and physically now thanks to my Savior! There is a small Mormon Message named Mountains to Climb by Pres. Eyring that talks a lot about this! I love it and invite you to watch it! Speaking of everybody is talking about this Because of Him video! Hopefully I will be able to see it here soon! Unfortunately I cant go on Mormon.org but maybe the mission will allow it soon here! Im sure its AMAZING because its because of Him we are a here, its the reason Im on the mission, and its because we can live eternally with him and families once again!

Thanks Fam for all the support as usual, looks like you guys are gettin all set up for Mothers day eh?! Haha thanks I am mega excited of course, I will let you know more news as I get it! Investigators are doing alright! We are still working on B, he went to the Catholic church the other day to see what path he wants to take! We are crossing fingers we knows the Spirit of Truth and he recognized the difference! 

Mom I got a few requests! Haha I need a few things, some new soles in my  Dunham shoes there are already wearing down (hopefully that is possible). And a few things for winter because its gettin a little chilly down here I got to admit. So maybe just like a beanie, gloves the thin and big ones, and warm slippers please! Thanks you da best! :)

Anyways thats my week fam!! I cant wait for this new change with Elder Massey once again! :) We are going to baptize the world this change!! LOVE YOU guys so so so crazy much! Have an awesome week yall!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Love that smile Elder Ivie 

What is that look?  Nice smile Elder Massey!

Wanna a kiss?  haha

Beautiful sunset in Lascano

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