Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, April 7, 2014

GC is off the HIZAM!!!! (27th email)

Hooooola lovely family what an awesome, better, crazy week!! :) This week was a serious change from this past couple weeks! We had an awesome Zone Conference on Tuesday where we talked about our goal of 33 baptisms as a Zone in the month of March (we only got 16) and other things. So basically we kind of got dropped cane on. Ha not so much but they talked a lot about change and how important it is to make a change in ourselves. This conference really did get me pumped up and ready to make a change. They had us write a self evaluation about ourselves and what we could do better. This really helped me realize what I can do better as a representative of Jesus Christ. I kind of droppped cane on myself actually and just told myself I need to make a change inside myself. I am so grateful for inpsired conferences like that because I know that is what I needed to be the best missionary I can be for the Lord and the people in Lascano. :) 

Friday was amazing day, we had a crazy opportunity to talk to B's mom about his baptism!! We really had the spirit there because Elder Massey told me he didnt even know what he was saying. But she agreed to support B to be baptized. WAHOOOO!!! We were on cloud nine, we were doing everything we could to get ready for the baptism, we had to fill that font!!!!!! We got it all ready and then finally it was the day, Saturday. We had planned on taking him to the first session of GC and then baptizing him right after. We stopped by at his house to pick him up but we found out that his mom was leaving to work at a festival that was going on, and B had to take care of his siblings. So sadly we walked back trying to think of some way to solve this problem, we watched conference, texted someone to help us watch the kids, she accepted so we hauled down to his house to figure it all out. However to our surprise we found out that B's mom was back at the house but she sent B to his grandmas house. We were like oh my goodness, this is a scavenger hunt!! But hey we werent giving up, we found his Grandmas house and he was there! But unfortunately in the end he had to help his Grandma and his siblings again for some reason. We still dont know what really happened, we tried our best we did everything possible we could do but it just didnt happen. We aint giving up on him of course we got some serious issues to figure out here. Can I ask for a special prayer from you guys on this one, we are going to need it! :) However we are doing good, there is always a lesson to be learned from every trial! We definitely understand how to be diligent and patient with the will of the Lord. 

It was also hard getting people to church for conference!! Who knows why? Who wouldnt want to hear the only prophet on the earth speak?? There was a festival this week for the town so literally everybody went!!!! As you see the opposition of Satan is really working hard here. But we aint giving up, as long as me and Elder Massey stay diligent and obedient we will definitely see miracles!! :) Those 2 things were pretty hard and frustrating this week but we are moving forward thanks for all the faith and prayers for us, fam!

Other than those things CONFERENCE WAS THE BOMB!!! It was a little hard to listen to. We had to listen to it in Spanish with English subtitles. Definitely a different experience but it went alright. We downloaded all of it in english to watch in our house this week ;) haha gotta get it in the native language! Its gold! I really liked the first session on Saturday that was my favorite. There were sooo many good talks as usual but I really liked Elder Hollands talk about comfortable Gods, and Elder Andersen talk on the temptations of Satan. I have never been so excited to go read and listen to the conference again! I am excited to better myself from this conference and hopefully help the people of Lascano understand the importance of this true restored Gospel!

Mom that would be awesome if you could send me the ensign each month. The mission sometimes gets them in bulk for the missionaries to pick up but that is sometimes a little difficult to get and pick up. I think if you send it every month it would be a lot faster!! So if you could do that, that would be AMAZING! Thanks mom love ya always! :) Oh yeah and it turns out I am 2nd counselor! Haha didnt even know it is kind of an inherited calling I guess. Its chill.

Anyways thats all folks! :) Finally get to meet Pres. Cook this week I am excited for that! LOVE MY FAM ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!! Keep it real, I got work to DO!!! :)

Les Amo su hijo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

ps. Happy late Easter I guess.....make me an egg please jk

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