Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, March 31, 2014

Getting anxious.....(26th email)

Hahaha hooooola familia ¿cómo a pasado? Sounds like you guys have been having a crazy week! I bet Moms bday went sooo good, what do you mean you have been partying all week? Is that because all the crazy sports games and all! Speaking of.....WISCONSIN TOOO SICK!! Have they ever won the tourney? They are sooo close I cant even believe it. Its crazy I go through days now totally focused on the work that I forget I even watched sports before. Thats how it should be eh?! RSL is kickin trash too, wow they are always going to be amazing, they are making up the slack from turible Jazz. Anyways a NEW COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow finally its about time! Haha what did you do with the other one. SO this one has enough space to fit the whole fam? And a person can lay down?? Whatttt! I am hittin up that super comf, the first thing I get back! Hahaha that is nice timing right before conference! I dont think I have been more excited for General Conference until now! Its going to definitely be different but I am super pumped to just hear the inspired words! :)

Alright now to my awesome week as usual! :) The title says it all though...so we didnt get to do B's baptism this past Sunday. We passed by their house everyday but we could not get anytime with her because her kids were going wild or she wasnt there. Wow the opposition is really working hard right now but we got a set charla just with us and the mom this wednesday to help her understand. We are hoping it will work out because I cant tell you how ready B is! He is cruising in the gospel, he understands what a prophet is and is excited for GC! He is reading praying and teaching his friends the gospel and how to pray, and even that HE WANTS to be a missionary!! He is the biggest stud ever! :) Luckily though we got a super firm goal for this Saturday for his baptism in between the conference sessions. Keep praying one more week, he´s been a toughy but we will get there!

Other than that we found a new investigator this week that was super close to getting baptized a year ago with her daughter than somehow it just didnt work out. Her name is A L, and get this SHE texted us saying that she wanted to study with us and do what GOD wants!! Satan might be working the opposition but God is definitely working the miracles stronger! Oh yeah and we got the is kid named C that is like 16ish and he has got the same situation, we just got to line up a charla them both! The Lord is the head of this work, I have a firm testitmony of that and he is preparing the people that have been stuck in the darkness! Super excited for conference and those charlas this week!

Qué mas? Oh yeah MY SPANISH IS GETTiNG SOOO GOOOD!! Ok im not going to jump the gun and get to confident but I can pretty much say what I need or want to say now. Sometimes its a little rocky and not as flowy (is that even a word?) but whatever its getting sooo good. Talking is the secret hahaha who would of thunk? I think I am just getting a little bit over my shyness and seeing more confidence in myself and of course the help of the Spirit there is no other way I could do this! The main reason I say this is because I had to speak in church today for the first time! Woof I was a bit nervous but it honestly worked out awesome! I think I made sense...I think? I just got up there had a little plan but just went off on what the Spirit wanted me to say! Ahh sorry its hard to explain and a little cheese bomb but I am just sooo excited to see progress! :)

To answer your questions no I wasnt made 2nd counselor, but I still got lots of responsibilities in the Branch! We teach Sunday School and as I said I had a talk this past week. We are just the permanent fill ins, my comp. taught all 3 hours yesterday what a stud right? I stinkin love Elder Massey we have sooo much fun, and so chill and easy to get along with!  But yeah thats all I got for this week, I am in Chuy right now going to go buy some cheap stuff! Brazil is just soooo much cheaper I have no idea why?? But yeah thanks for all the support as usual (and the money:)) Love you more than Dulce de Leche! :) And thats saying a lot. Have an awesome week, and an awesome Conference on the sofa nueva!!!

Les amo, Elder Ivie 

PS: I will try to send some pics next week sorry I am still waitin on that camera cord, thats the thing with working in a pueblito (little town) we dont get mail super fast because the Zone Leaders live an hour and a half away! Esta bien.

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