Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

1...2...3...4...Transfers....excited for the change but bittersweet leaving Durazno! (23rd email)

¡Hooooola Familia!

Whats going on?!?!? Yesterday was the big day we got the call for transfers and............................................................CHAOCITO! Wow I didnt see it coming I am getting transferred with only one change with Elder Western! I am headed off to the zone of Treinta y Tres (33). I will be working in an area called Las cano and my companion is Elder Massey another gringo!!! From what I have heard, Elder Western knows him and he says he is a mega stud and an awesome missionary. He only has like one or 2 changes more than me so it should a little bit more interesting. Thats all that I know right now, I leave Durazno tomorrow morning :( I have to go Montevideo to maybe meet my comp. and take a bus to 33. It should be a long day, ive heard that 33 is like 6-7 hours away from Montevideo! Gooooodnight. But hey I am super excited to see a new area but sad to say bye to Elder Western and this area so soon. I really will miss Elder Western he was such a stud and we had so much time together in the Lords service. But its alright of course I will go where the Lord wants and needs me at this time!

Alright to our week of course as I always say its sooo good! Time is flying by here we found out that B our investigator is 8 instead of 9 years old so it will be a ward baptism instead of a convert baptism. But of course that is perfectly fine, to baptize someone shouldnt be just for a number for the mission. Just like Elder Holland said ¨this people arent lifeless objects disguised as a baptismal statistic.¨ He needs to progress into the waters of baptism and the only way he is going to get there is by following the Saviors teachings that we teach him. Elder Western and his replacement comp will help him with that here in the next 2 weeks. Its awesome to see how the gospel can change a families happiness, the Mom and B have gone to church for 2 straight weeks and they look happy as ever. Its gonna be sad not to see him get baptized but this isnt of course for me, its all his decision. B and the Fla. Delpino will always be in my prayers. Other than that we had a couple more menos activos come to church. One couple we have visited ever since week 1, when Elder Western came they went to church! Opa that was super awesome to see! Also me and Elder Western were going to start up english classes every Thursday this week. But yeah its going to be a little hard for him because I am leaving. However I think he is still going to try them and see how they work with his Latino comp. Oh yeah speaking Elder Western got one of those filler in missionaries from Uruguay to be his comp for like 3-6 weeks for some reason. Good luck Elder Western!

I got a quick spiritual thought that really helped me understand my purpose as a missionary again. Its in Alma 29:8-9 it talks about a missionary of the Lord, Alma and his testimony of missionary work. He is such an amazing example to me because he so willing and humble to whatever the Lord needs him to do. Even in those hard times of knocking doors in the dead heat or if all your plans just crash and burn to just keep going. But to ¨GLORY¨ in the things the Lord has commanded and that is to diligently work!! And in the end with diligently working that he become the instrument the Lord needs him to be and help a soul come unto repentance. Very simply put and thats just how missionary work is. I am fully convinced the success of missionary work directly reflects your attitude and desire to serve God, to feed His sheep, to LOVE him enough to sacrifice anything! this is my testimony I know the mission is changing me more than I ever thought already. Its always my goal to be positive in those hard times, and to see some souls life change because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that includes me.

Alrighty fam thats it I love ya and appreciate all the support as usual. I truly got the best fam and dont know what I would do without you guys. You guys always make me want to be a better missionary every week. Thanks for the letters and the packages as well. Oh yeah hey I worked with Maxy this week and he skyped Elder Castro so I got see and say ¨hi¨ to him cant really do anything more! Ive gots to stay focused on the Lords work!

Les amo mucho, su hijo Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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