Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

La Semana de Milagros!! (25th email) -- Elder Ivie has been out 6 months already...ahhhh!!!

Hooooola How is everything goin?!? Comin up on Momma´s bday eh?!?! Whats the plans!?!? I am so glad you got the card Momma. Also getting sups excited for conference in 2 weeks wow I remember watching it in the CCM like it was yesterday! The hard thing here in Lascano is we only have a computer that can transmit it in Spanish.....sooo we might be watching it in Spanish. Its going to be quite the experience I will understand pretty good but it will be hard to pay attention I just know it. But maybe later on we will figure out how to watch in english on a Pday or something. Its all good.

Wow what a week fam, I never saw any of this comin. So here is what happened you know our investigator B? We bumped up his baptism this Sunday because he is a stud and he is so ready. Here is what happened. We taught him everything, he recieved his answer from the Lord and the only thing missing was the baptismal interviews. So the Zone Leaders came here to do it, but when we went to go pick up B from his house he wasnt there!!!!! So we freaking out trying to call him (he is 12) but his Mom had his phone. We thought he was trying to avoid us or something. We decided to go searching with him because he was probably hanging out with this friends. We called the Zone Leaders and let them know the situation and they told us to pray. So we were looking for a place to pray because we were like in the middle of a noisy street, when 3 random people that we have never met before called us over. Elder Massey decided to go talk to them. It turns out they just wanted to know  where we were from, it was like a 30 sec. conversation then they left. But here is the miracle right when we turned around we saw B and his friend walking on the sidewalk a block down!!!!! MILAGRO! There is no way that was a coincidence. It might be cheesy but I am thoroughly convinced that the Lord put those people there to stall the time for just a moment so we could find B!!! Ahhh soo cool then we had the interview and he was set. However Saturday night rolled around and we went to go visit him to make sure everything was good. But to our surprise his mom was having some doubts. She didnt want him to get baptized on Sunday which kind of stressed us out because we knew and B knew he was ready. We left it at that because we had to go back to the house. We prayed and were hoping we could make her understand tomorrow the importance of B's baptism! This is honestly the best thing he could do for himself right now. To understand his Father in Heaven more and to recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide him of course. So we went to go visit them in the morning right before church and unfortunately we found out that he had an asthma attack during the night and he couldnt come to church or his baptism.

Anyways lots of potential let up to this bummer, but we still have high hopes for B this week. The Lord is just sending tests of our faith and diligence and we aint given up! :) We got B's baptism this next Sunday and we are going to finalize everything we need for B and for his mom. Keep them in your prayers especially this week thanks guys! :) Im so excited for this week because this could be my first baptism too! Other than that huge story we got a few others investigators named C and S we are working on. The whole family are members but inactive, and their daughters C and S never got baptized. So we are going to be working on getting them back to church and hopefully get the 2 daughters in the waters this week too! :)

Lascano is rolling here, as you see we got lots of potential and we are working our hardest. Elder Massey is such a stud muffin, its hard not to compare myself to him because he is such a stud. He is teaching me just to have an amazing attitude about everything and have the attitude and hope that we will baptize! :)

Me and Elder Massey are doing awesome, cant wait for this week, I set some awesome goals this week too! Thats another thing Elder Massey has been teaching me. Anyways thanks for all your prayers and support! You guys know that I LOVE YOU snug as a bug in a rug! :) have an awesome week!

Love, Elder Tyler Ivie

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