Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Changes...Lascano baby! (24th email)

I made here safe and sound here in Lascano but, boy has it been a busy ride getting here! Tuesday was my last day in Durazno I got to say bye to some people from the ward, the Bishop, Maxi, and B thats hopefully going to be baptized here soon! :) Wednesday was changes day we took a bus at 7 in the morning to Montevideo because thats where they do all the changes stuff then they send us on different buses to our areas. We arrived in Montevideo got to chat with some of my friends that I have met, I met my comp. Elder Massey he is awesome (I will talk about him later on). And lastly we had a meeting with the Cooks!! Chris´s grandparents opa che they arrived just last week! They are soo funny and nice I didnt get a chance to meet them personally but I will here soon! They are super funny and spiritual I just hope they stick around for a while haha. Oh yeah funny but scary story I accidentally left some of my bags unattended on the sidewalk and apparently some guy on a horse and carriage was scoping them out and almost stole them. But fortunately a Brother that was outside chased them off, that definitely wasnt any coincidence that was a miracle from the Lord. Then we left Montevideo to the zone of Treinta y Tres (33)! We arrived and stayed at the Zone leaders house because Lascano was like another 1hr, and a half away and we had a Zone Conference the next day. We got a baptism goal this month of 33....go figure eh? But apparently nobody has put that high of a goal before so we are pushing hard this month we are actually getting pretty close! After the meeting we left for Lascano, its a pretty little town here in the middle of nowhere! Its definitely not as small as I thought it was going to be, I am really coming to see that Uruguay is basically the South American version of Wisconsin! Haha go figure that too! There is definitely lots of fields but lots of trees and palm trees too. The area is pretty big but our ward isnt. In fact its not even a ward, its a BRANCH! Opa! And the chapel is a house!! First time ever working or even being in a Branch. This past week we had 13 people in church...wow right? Little different from Utah eh? Even Durazno! But I really am super excited to work here and have this new interesting experience! I think I am going to be like 2nd Counselor or something, we also teach Sunday School which will be good for my Español. I have basically already met everybody in they Branch, the President is a good guy, I love the Fla. Viñarte they are a bunch of recent converts and we meet with them all quite often! They are super crazy, but super funny and so loving I love them already. They have like 10 kids and one of them just got baptized this week, his name is Mauricio. He is about 23ish and so spiritual and so ready to walk in the way of the Lord. I actually had the opportunity to confirm yesterday!! Ahhh I was a little nervous because it was my first time but it went better than I thought it would. I think he understood me? Its was very simple but I felt the Spirit which is all that matters right? We got a few investigators here, one of them went to church this week, Br. He is a mega stud he loves to learn more, we are just working on helping him feel that this is the true church and this is the way the Lord wants him to go. We are teaching him how to pray today to receive that spiritual confirmation. We got a few others but I will tell this next week if there is any progress with them this upcoming week! :)

Lastly we had a cool opportunity to go to a city called Chuy for a baptism interview on Saturday! The cool part of this city is half of its in Uruguay and half of its in BRAZIL! Amanda probably has heard of this city...well maybe Brazil is huge! But anyways after the interview we had a little extra time before our bus left to look around! Its pretty awesome because there is a 2 way street, one of half in Uruguay, the other in Brazil! So literally we just crossed the street and we stepped into Brazil! How sick is that? Its pretty cool too because people start speaking Portuguese to you and its super strange but awesome! I was going crazy, we picked up some nice cheap Brazil goodies (Guarana, Fanta Uva (grape)). I remember Guarana from the states, its soooo good and sooo cheap! But anyways that was basically it, we could definitely feel the culture change! :)

Elder Massey is a mega mega stud. Everybody in the mission loves him and l love him already! It took a little bit too warm up to him but now we are good! He has 10 months in the mission so yeah little bit more time than me. He is from California but spent a year in Hawaii to go to BYU Hawaii. He is soo chill, and funny! He has got such a great attitude about everything and I want to become more like him. I have noticed this past week that I could have had a better attitude about things. I wasnt negative but I could have been happier than I was. So that is my goal this week, I want to change my whole outlook on things. I know we will have success and I will everyday more and more if I have a better outlook on things! I found an awesome scripture today its in 2 Nephi 31: 19-20. I love it because it asks the question like have you done all your good? Or something like that, it goes on and talks about how there is no way your could have made it this far without faith and hope in the Savior and His words. I know that is sooo true! I have grown sooo much in these past 6 months (almost). And I am not going to stop or halt my progress to become a better Christlike missionary. I am going to be better this change, faith and hope is the key to a good attitude! The mission is so awesome! I am excited to see what this new experience has in store for me.

Momma yes I have been getting the emails from you! Its just hard keeping up with them! I try to read them if I have time! Its good to hear that Spring is starting up, I am sure you guys are pumped because of that. 30 days for Tommy woooooow that has been crazy fast! So excited for that kid. Sports are looking good we will see if Byu and Wisc play this next week! Haha oh momma. Well its good to hear everything is just dandy, I love you guys too much to handle. This is probably the longest email ever, its been a big week! But until next week! Chao Que pasen bien!

Les amo,

Elder Tyler Ivie

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