Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, September 29, 2014

¡SuPrIsE! (53rd email)

Hey ohhh Family!!
                Wow where has the time gone! Yes this past week was good ol´ hump week. I hit the big 1 and boy do I feel old haha. I spent the night with the Fla. Saravia (the family of Geraline and Brandy, recent converts). We shared a spiritual thought, played a few games, and ate strange food! Their dad really likes us and gives us basically what we want, its always something out of this world though! But I love it, we had some butifarra (cow fat) with a mcnasty name but hey it was some good pickin´. They are the best and they also gave me free  ice cream to celebrate in the house! J
                Now rewind…last P’day was a blast for me. We went to the MALL (Portones  its called), and to this store across the street called Inglesa. We went there first, it basically it’s a Uruguay wanna be Walmart but it was awesome in that sense! Lots of foreigners and lots of food from ´Merica!! I bought be some Double Stuff Oreos, which I haven’t had in a year and I am almost done with them!! They´ve lasted a week I think that’s a new record for me at least especially in a foreign country. I don’t know if I should tell you guys this but we had an embarrassing story. We were shopping and my comp. spots a girl that he think isn’t bad looking that wasn’t too far from us, we are guys we have to tell each other! He told me in English so she wouldn’t understand but come to find out she totally was gringa, speaks perfect English and had a Bruins t-shirt on!! What are the chances!! But luckily I don’t think she heard, I should have tried to talk to her. It surprises me when I find a person, other than a missionary that speaks perfect English. But you find a lot in Montevideo surprisingly, especially in the Airport, no kidding right?!
                Anyways random weird funny experience, then we went to the mall got Subway sandwiches, what?! It was just like Subway in Merica but a rip off, like 7 bucks for a drink and a 6¨! But it was delicious, its been a while. I also bought myself a black tie that is super fly! Thanks fam! J
                Anyways its been a busy week, we´ve been getting a lot of people for their baptism tomorrow!! It surprised me too but we reached our goals this month and we miraculously found like 6 people this week that could get baptized pronto!! We had 6 investigators in church this week! S came, an old inv. M, and T! Them 3 will be getting baptized tomorrow!! They have their interviews today, pray for them all that today and tomorrow will turn out good! J
                M is 9yrs. old, and is an friend of a recent convert. She loves talking to the missionaries but her parents not so much! Her mom hid from us everytime we passed by, but the other day we met her and she really trusts us and is letting M make the decision herself! She promised to bring her every Sunday, and we are hoping she pops her head in one day. T, is looking awesome she is a little girl that basically got baptized herself! She is golden and is set to go for today and tomorrow. We´ve been stopping by a lot this week, teaching her everything, and this Sunday she came and went with her sister!! Through her we have found lots of investigators in her family. N her brother and J his girlfriend are perfect examples of that. We are currently teaching them & they look very promising ! So we pushed their baptism date to October so they can prepare themselves better.
                Its been a blast working here, the Lord has blessed us and this area so much. He has helped us find his children that he´s been preparing! The other elders had 2 baptisms this past week, which was super awesome to see! J This is a mixed up email, but lots of random stuff happened like what I GOT THE 1st PACKAGE already!!!! It only takes like a month here in Montevideo!! JJ Ohhh such good candy, my comp. isn’t a big fan of it I don’t know why but hey more for me! But he loves the BYU shirt, and luckily it barely fits him! E´Guix missed out, but hey E´Aguilera loves it because he wants to go to BYU someday. Btw what the random controversy with the new BYU shirts? And momma wow, I am so set for the summer with the Gold Bond, its gonna be a comfortable summer! You sure do like to send things in bulk don’t you haha love it. I cant believe that its conference already again!! I am soo pumped, it starts at like 1 here hopefully I will be able to watch in english! You just cant beat English. Have fun at Priesthood Session Daddio, I´ll be thinkin about ya. J
                Alma 31:38- pray with faith and be swallowed up in the joy of Christ.  Spiritual goal for the week!! J I need to work on this a lot…

Btw yes Momma we see too MANY dogs, Uruguay is full of them and all of them have given birth and so they just run around in the streets with their udders hangin low!! Haha its nast! Thanks for the amazing quote Momsis from Uchtdorf I almost shed a tear! Well I basically did...what an amazing conf. it was I imagine! :) What an amazing sports week, BYU and WISC are killin it in the polls!! Love you all today and always!!! :):) Have an awesome week and conference!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Ps. Max Castro totally wrote me last week, I miss hearing from that man! So good to see how he was doin!! J

1st package received in Montevideo!  Man they put it through the ringer :-)

Got me some 'Merica candy, some Glide & Gold Bond and a shoe--I'm set!  Love the Uruguay bracelets that my younger sister Alexis sent me!

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