Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, September 22, 2014

HUMP DAY is right.... (52nd email)

HoOoLa FaMaLiA
        Another week bites the dust, and what a week it was! A week full of
baptisms, games, Jenga, churizo, more food, ups and downs, and WORK,
lots of WORK!
        We´ve been having lots of Family Home Evenings with the recent
converts to strengthen them with their with family, while at the same
time increasing our inv. pool! :) J, the sister of G and
B has listened to us for awhile now, she's been to church but has
been kind of slacking off. But she promised us that she was going to go to church this Sunday! :) We'll be focusing on her this week, while
at the same time get the parents interested. They already love us,
they feed us all the time, and take us home we just need to get them
to stop smoking and to be interested! A little confusing but we are working
hard with that family.
        This past week we didnt have much time, but we worked hard and the
result is Sebastian and Florencia got :):):):):) BAPTIZED! :):):):)
(see photo) One of Seba´s friends in the church, Feddy, baptized him
and my comp. baptized Florencia! She was scared of a gringo baptizing
her, haha it was random but funny! It all went dandy, Seba had to get
dunked 3 times because it was Feddy´s first time baptizing someone
haha. It was super awesome to see them in white, although Seba didnt
like it so much, he said Ï am not getting baptized in this!¨But he did
it anyways obviously. They both got confirmed yesterday and now they
are both members of the church! Thanks for all the prayers this week
for them, I know they helped a bunch because we did have some
complications. Seba forgot to come to his interview the day befote!!
But fortunately we had an activity that same night and he CAME so we
just did it there! Woot woot! Oh yeah and you will never guess who
bore their testimony at the baptism, MELANIE! She is the older sister
of Florencia that recently got baptized and she is golden!! She has a
strong testimony of the gospel she reads and prays every night, she is
cruisin in 2 Nephi already! I cant even remember how long it took to
get to 2 Nephi for me before the mish.
        So yeah we´ve had quite a few activities in the ward, Friday as I
told you guys a Foosball Tournament which turned out amazing! Lots of
people CAME but unfortunately I went down in the 1st round, here
Foosball is like futbol! ´Dem Uruguayos are just too darn good for me!
Saturday and we had a Priesthood Activity we played of course futbol
and ate churizos!! Im obsessed, this ward is making me fat no worries.
        Sunday was a great day, I had to give a talk about Missionary Work,
it is still a little uncomfortable to give talks in Spanish I got to
admit. Spanish is a challenge for me but E´Aguilera is helping me out,
helping me overcome my shyness!:) Sunday we had 5 inv. in church, S
(sister of a recent convert, she looks promising), J and N
(relative and friend of our inv. T, they seem pretty interested). We’ll be working
with all them this week, should be a good one! :)
        Yes this week will be the big 1yr.!! Ta LOCO no?! I guess I should
party for it right? Its been an undescribable year, with many
blessings and challenges! I am very satisfied and content with what has
happened to me this past year, I’ll never forget it. But if anything
at all it gives me desires to try even harder this next year! :)Im
excited to see what the Lord has in store for me!
        Scrip. of the week was in D&C 58:2-4 with much tribulation comes many

blessings! Love it! Its a scripture that we should always keep in mind
when things are hard in our lives! :)

Thanks for the good times, and the support I love you fam and hope you
have a great week yall!! I love hearing from you every week!
#favoritepartofpday did i really just use a hashtag? LOVE YOU ALL TOO

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

ps. GC is coming up again?!?!
Baptism of Sebastian & Florencia!  Sept 20, 2014

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