Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the rest week! (51st email)

                What up! So so so so so so sorry for the late email we ran out of time yesterday so we just took a little time to send everything! LOVE YOU ALL! What a good week we had here in Aeroparque, very quiet nothing too crazy but with lots of success. Yesterday was a crazy end to the week me and my comp. were flying everywhere trying to get everybody to church! I left with the other elder of the house Elder Ospina to go pick up some of their investigators and recent converts. While my comp. went to Ward Council. We picked them up but only the recent convert, P came out because it was raining and her sister and Mom (their investigators) didn’t want to come out! We were sad about that, we stood there for like 5min. thinking about what we could do but we ended up going without them! We picked up some more of their inv. and took the bus to church! When I got there my comp. told me to go with Hermano to go pick up a recent convert and a inv. of ours. My comp. called them before then and said they didn’t want to go this Sunday because it was raining and our inv. M didn’t feel ready but we convinced them to come. So we picked them up and when we pulled up, and they were waiting for us! MIRACLE! M should be getting baptized here in a few weeks, he is trying to give up a lot substances.
                Right after that me and my comp. went to go pick up a new inv., T a 10yr. girl, just like you Alexis (but not for long, bday coming) that we invited to church. We passed by and she came with us, with her sister-in-law Y, too!! Turns out they have been to church before when they were super young. Anyways I don’t know if any of this made sense but it was a crazy day and long story short we got 5 inv. to church!!
                Recently we have been focusing a lot on our investigator S, 14yr. old jock! Haha he is awesome too and is going to get baptized this week, with the sister of M (recent convert) F! They both should be getting baptized this Sat. if everything turns out alright, we are super excited for that we got to work super hard this week for that!! Special prayer for them 2 this week! J Thanks! Anyways what a Sunday of miracles we had, it was raining the whole time but we were able to have so much success! Thank you tender mercies of the Lord.
                Now rewind back to Monday, E´Aguilera showed me around one of his old areas La Costa! We went to the beach again!! It was super pretty over there, the beach was huge, and you could see some islands off the coast by the city of Atlandia (Uruguay´s version of Atlantis)! Would like to go someday and check it out. Anyways we went and said  ¨hi¨ to some of the members and people  he knew there, then we went to the best pizza place in Uruguay and I will have to agree! I should have taken a picture of it but it tasted a lot like Merica, like California Pizza Kitchen! BUEN PROVECHO!
                Tuesday, we had a Zone Conf. in Malvin. We focused a lot on 3 specific goals, 1. Invite all to be baptized 2. Pray with faith 3. Exact Obedience. I can say it really helped me this week to be a better missionary! J
                Here in this ward we do lots of activities and I think that’s why this ward has sooo much unity!! Its amazing to see! But anyways Friday we had a Tournament of Ping-Pong and boy did it turn out amazing! We made brackets, snack tables, lots of people, a prize, we had the goods! It was super fun and we had lots of less actives, inactives, and investigators come! J This upcoming Friday we are going to do tournament of FOOSBALL! Wish me luck! J
                Saturday was an awesome day, we had a World-Wide Service thing for the church. Not sure if you guys did it or even had it, I don’t every remember doing it back at home. But anyways it was awesome, we went to an area called Paso Carrasco and served at the school. We cut grass, painted fences, sweeped, and picked up trash! It went by real quick because a lot of people showed up. Pretty awesome to participate in that I hope I get the chance next year!
                D&C 109:57 was my fav. Scrip this week, it talks about us as missionaries and how people will come to know who we are and who has sent us! I think that has a big part in the scripture that talks about how every ¨knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ.¨ One day everyone will come unto the light, some sooner than others that’s why there is missionaries and missionary work so that we can find those people that are ready to accept the Gospel and the Atonement of Jesus Christ in their lives! Wow just writing this gives me the shivers how important the work of the Lord is in every single one of our lives! J I am super happy here guys, E´ Aguilera is teaching me a lot, sometimes I feel stressed that I can’t do things the way I want but with practice I will get there!! :)

Thanks for the good times, and the sweet lovin y'all, I hope you like all the pics!! :) I've had some crazy few weeks here! I LOVE IT!! Have a good week, and enjoy the fall weather because here comes the cold AGAIN MUHAHAHA! I'm weird. LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH

Les quiero, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie 

ps. thanks for the packages Momma you da best and so is OUR BOYS!! good sports week if I might say :)
Elder Aguilera & I in Aeroparque Sept '14

Geraline's Baptism Aug 30, '14

La Costa--an old area of Elder Aguilera's

Atlandia--Uruguay's version of Atlantis

Islands off the coast of Montevideo, Uruguay

Practicing for Foosball Tourney with Aeroparque Ward members Sept '14

Ping Pong Tourney with Aeroparque Ward members

Uruguay's Football Stadium

Elementary School in Montevideo Sept '14

La Playa (beach) in Montevideo

Soaking in the beach air in Montevideo Sept '14

Shopping Center in Montevideo

'Elder Ivie' on the beach in Montevideo

Getting ready for a run Elder Ivie  :-)

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