Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, September 1, 2014

M.O.N.T.E.V.I.D.E.O...(49th email)

Better late than never like Elder Johnson said...

Hello my dearest family, I am alive but my mind isnt!!!! Ever since I got to Aeroparque, oh my Ive been going crazy!! But I am lovin it here, I have a complete different perspective of Uruguay now! Let me just say that Varela is COMPLETELY different from the crazy city!! In bus I am 30min from the beach, 20min from the temple and mission home in Carrasco. Im in the big boy house now and boy is it crazy. It is such a weird feeling the different lifestyle thats here, everything just moves faster including the Lords work!

Alright I am going to give you guys a REAL brief summary of what happened this week because we ran out of time this P-day! (we took a visit to INSANITY town but how I do love it! We went to the beach, the mall, mcdonalds, Uruguays stadium, basically all in montevideo!) Dont worry I will for sure send pics next week and lots of em. Anyways we got the call Monday night and found out I was heading to a new world no joke. I packed up my bags, said bye to everyone I could in Varela and headed off to Montevideo the next day! I met my comp. Elder Aguilera, he is from Chile and has like 6mths. left or so! I really like him, he is a mega stud but totes a jock. Haha but it doesnt bother me at all, he is a good missionary, loves the people and works good! I am looking forward to working with him this change, I know he is going to help me a lot especially with the language. He is already teaching/forcing me to speak louder and with more confidence. I think we will be good together, I just hope he gets along with me with me and my gringo, ignorant, nerdy personality! Haha he makes fun of me all the time because I have a baby face, but I think he just jokin if not it doesnt offend me because everyone says it! ;) But anyways a little bit about the ward it is HUGE!! Dad you sent me a photo of the church but it didnt work but I am sure it was the one, it is right off the highway! Anyways as I said its GIGANTE, we got 4 elders working here pumping out the Lords work and its an awesome experience! :) 

We are having lots of success here in this ward of Aeroparque, we got a ton of members that will feed us, and more importantly give us references and work with us which helps a TON as I saw with J in Varela! But specifically our area, there has been a lot of success. In the month of August they just about been baptizing almost everyweek here! And that includes this week. YES we had a BAPTISM this week!!! (I will send the pic next week I promise). Her name is G. S., she is actually the first one in her family to get baptized and she is only 8yrs. old! She is really setting a wonderful example for her family and friends! Now her sister and a friend might get baptized because of her example, B. and M.!! ITS GONNA BE AMAZING!! :) We are hoping the parents and grandma come around as well soon. Pray for the Fla. S., thanks loved ones! The Lord is working miracles in this ward, because the ward is so united in one purpose and that is the Lord´s work! 

But yeah thats basically it for this week in a quick summary I hope I can go into more detail next week! I just wanted to let you know that I am doing great here, it might be a little crazy here for the body and mind but hey we are never bored here on the Lords service! :) LOVE YOU GUYS TOOO MUCH! thanks for the emails every single week! you guys never miss, what an amazing fam I got....WOOT! have an buenaso week!

Les amo demasiado, Elder Tyle  Ivie

ps. Momma yeah I think my comp. wants a CTR ring of carbon. Not quite sure what he exactly wants but maybe you can look he showed me a picture it has like black on the inside. If its not too expensive could you send me one and him one. Maybe just for this week, keep your eyes open and I will try to describe it better next week! Sorry just look if its too expensive really dont worry about it! LOVE YA MOMMA annd send CANDY from 'merica!!! its gold! :)

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