Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the longest email you've ever seen....brace yourselves Uruaguayo style (48th email)

Good day familia!
Boy do I got a crazy email for you! Mission Tales, Mission Tales, Mission Tales, Mis-sion Tales (can you guess the tune?) But really this week was crazy insane brace yoursleves!
Where to start today was insane we arrived to the church and to our pleasant but not quite so pleasant surprise we found out that somebody broke in! Luckily they did not steal anything but they broke windows, sprayed the fire extinguisher everywhere so yeah we've been busy trying to clean up. Oh yeah and to top it off apparently a cat got in and messed everywhere too! Ahh crazy random story and we still have some work to do.
Anyways to the big news will I be staying or goin?!?! Annnnnnnnd.......................chau I am bouncin!!!! Crazy right?! Ive only had 2 1-2 changes here and now Ive got to go! Wow now all the memories are hitting me! Ive learned so much here and grown closer to Lord these couple changes than Ive ever been in my whole life! :) I will miss it but the Lord needs me in another places and that would be..........Montevideo!!!! Yes I will be headin to the big crazy eastern part of the city. My area is all Aeroparque B, Zone Este!! Yes my area is named airport because I imagine its close to the airport! Woopa I got admit I am pretty excited for this new area though. :) Never been in Montevideo before so we will see how it goes. Unfortunately thats all I know, they didnt tell us our comps. So you will have to wait till next week! Bueno, wish me luck!
But here in Varela its been a killer, miracle full week! Let me start with miracle #1, I had the impression to go contact a referral that we got along time ago but never contacted! We almost forgot about it but luckily it turned out to be a woman named K with a past of missionary visits! She told us her story of how she almost got baptized 4yrs. ago but she wasnt quite married yet. The missonaries were helping her out with it but apparently they took them both out of the area and the other missionaries lost contact with her. But anyways she is sooo awesome she wants to get married so and does her husband they just need to arrange it! Ive heard marriage is sort of a long process, I dont know never done it hehe so it will be awhile but I have to faith that she will get baptized in the near future!
Miracle # 2 we ran into another woman named E H, (a friend of a member) that almost got baptized two years ago but got offended somehow. But she loves the church and loves the story of Joseph Smith. Shes been to church before we just need to help her clear up the doubts, she is super probable for a baptism in the coming months as well. As missionaries we love to meet people like this, that have a past with missionaries and still would like to listen! I see great potential in her.
Miracle # 3 another member of the branch has been talking with her neighbors for quite sometime now about the gospel. The parents are not quite so interested but will support their kids which might help them come around. Apparently the little 8yr. G had been WANTING to get baptized for quite sometime he´s just been waiting to get some plates in his head taken out. They took them out this week and now in no time we will be able to teach him! The Hermana told us that this is HER baptism haha she is too good! :)
Miracle #4 the biggest one of them all, so we had Stake Conference this past weekend where Elder Bednar, Elder Arnold, Elder Hallstron, and the 2nd Counselor of the Primary spoke (I dont remember her name). Anyways the session Sunday morning, the Varela Branch took a mini bus to 33 to see it and guess who came?????? K!!!!!!!! Yay she committed to come earlier on in the week and she arrived!!!!!!!! :):) An investigator in the church, she is so awesome and sooo ready!! She said she really enjoyed it, besides her son running around everywhere. It was an awesome conference but just a little bit hard to pay attention trying to preoccupy her son. But its alright we just were sooo excited to see the faith she showed by coming all the way to 33 with us all! She even walked all the way to the church with a swollen leg. I hope the best for her, she is a great woman! :)
As I said it was a crazy weekend, we as missionaries got to attend the adult session at 8pm on Saturday! So we took a bus about 30min. to 33 but sadly we found out that there was no bus to take us back in the night so we had to stay in the Zone Leader´s house for the night, wake up, and take a bus at 7:30am back to Varela. And give ourselves just enough time to shower and head on over to the bus to go to 33 again. I dont know if that any sense but it was a crazy 2 days of traveling!
Its been a hot week here in Varela, people are saying that the long streak of raining is about to come, its called la Santa Rosa (the Holy Rose)! We also went exploring in the outskirts of Varela for a little bit this week. Thats the reason I am sending a bunch of pics of us on the train tracks! Very cliche eh?!
This week in my studies I LOVED the story in Alma 21 about Alma and his brothers in the city of Middoni. It says that the people of Middoni believed in little what they said-preached and were eventually thrown into prison. But it says in 14 that they were freed by Ammon and King Lamoni and this is the part I loved. RIGHT AFTER they were freed, they started to preach the gospel again with the guidance of the spirit! There were diligent missionaries and in the long-run the Lord blessed them with people to listen and baptize! Its quite the lesson I learned from Alma and his bros. It shows that diligence brings blessings, we just need focus ourselves in the moment and not bail when things are not going the way we want too! I can testify that this happens in the mission, in fact everybody in life but its how we react, and what we do that will define the outcome! I can say that this happened this week in Varela, we've been trying to be diligent and the Lord has blessed us with all these miracles! And in this occasion lots of them!! :)
I am so grateful for this area, for the people I was able to work with. My comp. has been good to me, Im gonna miss that little man he was one funny kid! I think he is going to miss me too ha! But most importantly I am super grateful for this little time the Lord has given me to serve His chilren here in Varela! :) I am grateful to meet J and see the change that happened in his life because of the gospel. By the way he got ordained an elder on Sunday and received the Melchizedek Priesthood! What a mega stud, he looks so happy and ready for this new responsibility! He has helped us soo much this change, visiting people with us in the burning heat. He will surely be blessed, he already has and will continue to be blessed for what he does here in Varela! Last of all he received his Patriarchal Blessing this past Wednesday as well!
Alright I think that is just about it for the week! Haha as you can see now its been a HUUUUUGE week here. But now its my turn to go see a new part of the Lords vineyard! :)
And daddio thanks so much for the explanation to my Q I knew you would answer it even though its not doctrine it makes sense!! What a stud muff you are! Ummm the answers to your question I am doing fabulous Dad the money is good, my health is good maybe I am a little fatter here in the winter but the Lord has really blessed me with amazing health! The language is going better these past few weeks Ive been trying to put myself out there and just say what I am thinking and it really amazed me what I was able to say through the help of the Spirit. I still get scared sometimes but my comp. has been a real help and for that I am super grateful for a latino comp!

Love, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

ps. what a long email, and pics too! Bonus for you guys!
Outskirts of Varela August 2014

'Look over there, can you see that?'

Looking good Elders!  

Last week in Jose Pedro Varela with Elder Guix August 2014

Sure going to miss this Elder!  He is so much fun & have learned so much from him!

Outside the Varela Branch building August 2014

Mini bus ride w/Branch members to Stake Conference in 33 on August 24, 2014.
One of our investigators came with us too!!  She really enjoyed it!

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