Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, August 11, 2014

God Lives (45th email)

Oi familia!
Boy do I feel good after this week! It went by really fast, we had 2 conferences in 33 on Wednesday and Thurs. First off we had our monthly normal Zone Conference, first one with Elder Massey! What a stud! I went into the conference with a question and it sure got answered. Just a little heads up this week has been full of some revelation, answers from God-- craziness thats why I feel sooo good! :) I liked a quote that they shared from Elder Bednar, (its not going to be perfect because I had to translate it into english) something like this:¨You were called because He trusts you. You havent been called to serve for what you've been, but what you can become.¨ I learned the only way to achieve what we can become is through Jesus Christ and His Atoning Sacrifice for us! I learned that we learn and progress when we fall short, we learn to be better and more importantly we learn that we cant do it ourselves! After that I had a interchange for a day with our District Leader, Elder Torres. It went good, we worked here in Varela and we got rejected a bunch but we stuck it out and a learned a bunch from him about confidence! He is such a stud, he is actually from my group in the CCM! Love that man!
Then Thurs. We had a Multi'Zone Conference in 33, the most dearest President and Hermana Cook came to spend the day with us! :) We learned an insane amount of information that normally before the mission would honestly have put me to sleep but the conference was so inspired I felt the spirt so strong, and it was yet another answer to my prayer! :) #2 and counting....they talked about how to be a better PMG missionary! They talked about 5 requirements to help us accomplish this task.
  1. Comprehend who we represent and how to service Him
  2.  Be Worthy
  3. Treasure the Words of Eternal Life
  4. Comprehend that the Holy Ghost is the True and Supreme Teacher
  5.  Comprehend that teaching is much more than to talk and exhort
All wonferful points I definitely need to work on but what caught my attention was in general I need to devote more time into PMG! And not do it because I should but because I want to because the Lord wants me to be a PMG missionary! I committed myself then and there to study it more, especially chap. 6 how I can develop more Christlike Attributes. While I was thinking about how and why I should do that more this week, I had a thought pop into my head referring back to my patriachal blessing! I remembred a whole paragraph in my blessing that talked about this topic, and it really got to me. I understand what I need to do better and what the Lord expects from me as a representative of Him! :) It almost brought me to tears how the Lord answers in so many different ways, and in this week he answered very willingly!
However that wasnt the end, Saturday morning study blew my mind away, I wont bore you too much with all that I learned but I was reading the in the August Liahona that got here this week thanks momma! And I ran into a short quote in a story that really impacted me. Elder Holland said ¨the past is to be learned from but not lived in.¨ Love it! And in another story I was reading a random woman said ¨Our faith in Jesus Christ allows us to align our will with that of our Heavenly Father.¨ I always knew this was true but the way she phrased it really got to me! I learned that basically if we have perfect faith in the Jesus Christ we will perfectly understand the will of God and why things happen the way they do! :) It is a principle we should always strive to work on.
Alright so anyways hopefully that wasnt too boring I just wanted to share with you guys the spiritual experiences I had this week. It was quite the slower week, B said she would try to make it to church for a hour but it ends up that she didn't go and was sleeping when we called her :( Noooooo, to be honest I really dont know what to say. We will see what happens this week but we might have to drop them soon because they arent progressing. :(:(
Anyways that was my weekish. The Cooks told me that Chris had his first baptism and his mission Pres. Sent him back to the area he was in to baptize her!! Pretty neat eh?! What a stud Elder Johnson is. Hope things are going good at home, Alexis getting pumped for school! Mom getting pumped to relax maybe...Dad getting pumped to work even more, but hopefully taking BREAKS! And Linly getting pumped to work more in the super dece restaurant in Park City! Do you live there Linly? I figure you do just for obvious reasons! What a cute family we are eh!! Love you guys toooo much THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR THE PICTURES!!!! Ahhh you guys are all soo amazing, what an awesome trip and lindsay basically had all her friends there at the same time! Que cosa! It was like another session of skype seeing all those photos!! AH I think I understand why you guys love photos from me so much! Times are good, the mish rocks Love you guys TOOO much have an awesome killer week! :)

QoftheWeek see if you can guess it...im asking you guys because neither me or my comp. fully understand it. In 3 Nephi 16:1-3 it talks about when Jesus visits the Americas but he says ¨I have other sheep, which are not of THIS land, neither of the land of Jerusalem, neither in any parts of that land round about whither I have been to minister.¨ So who are these lost sheep' They arent from Jerusalem, the Americas, or of any part of that land round about. Who is he referring about??

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

the photo is the branch of Varela again, we had a Branch Conference where the Stake Pres. and all the leaders came down here and spoke to us! It was amazing, they are watching over good ol small Varela.
Branch Conference in Varela August 10, 2014 (Stake President & other leaders came down)

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