Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, August 18, 2014

Woopa! time is....(46th email)

Buenas Tardes y'all!
Another week here in Varela goes by, crazy loco! Elder Guix and I had a good week, it wasnt an easy one but we are here starting the new week off fresh! :) We met some old investigators this past week, T and B. O., that committed to come to church this week but sadly they didnt make it. :( Not sure what happened B recently had an operation and its a little hard to walk and it was a little chilly in the morning as well! Oh well we will see what happens this week. This week was a little difficult with L, D, and B we couldnt get a well planned in charla with them and they arent coming to church. L committed to read and pray about everything but unfortunately she hasnt done it for many reasons.  We might be losing them here this week or the next but, pray for all of them and that everything will turn out right! (like you always do thanks!)
Thats the sad news but we had an awesome charla with one of our investigators A, not sure if I told you guys anything about her. But me and Elder Ramirez found her like 3mths ago, she is a Catholic and definitely likes to take her time on reading and meditating about the things we teach. Everybody has their time right!? We just got to be patient with her and she will come around. She is the woman that thinks the BofM is better written than the Bible not sure if I told you guys that already. But anyways we passed by this week and woaaah she told us right off the bat that she read but was mad!! We were shocked, well at least I was Ive never had someone be mad about a specific principle about the church just in disagreement with something. She asked this crazy question that through us both off, and at this time we hadnt said a prayer yet. So my comp. asked if we could start with a prayer and talk about it after! We said a prayer and suddenly I could feel something different in the room, we were able to answer her question through the Spirit using the scriptures and testifying. She was just bothered with a sentence in the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. We talked about this life is a trial but as we suffer through this life WITH Christ we will find peace and happiness in this life and for eternity (Romans 8:17-18)! I always knew that Christ was the center to the Plan of Salvation but this lesson just took it to the next level! The spirit was soo strong, she told us that she felt so much peace that we could answer her question but we told her it was the Spirit testifying of the truth. This lesson was a HUGE testimony builder that the Holy Ghost really is the Master Teacher! She is looking very potential to be baptized here soon just got to get her the answer she needs! Ahh!
Oh yeah this week we got to do a service project for President Alejandro, laying down some cement for a patio out back! Pa, its some heavy work but luckily we got lunch and dessert in the middle of it, I think they both trust and like us a little more! :) See photos for the goods
I cant believe im saying this but next week we get the call again......pday on tuesday btws. But what?!?!?! That is insane what a fast change, the weeks are becoming a sweet dream Dad. Its sooo good to hear from all of you! I cant believe summer is over, well winter but yeah! I love that talk by Pres. Uchtdorf momma! There is a mormon message on that talk, its a bullying video you should watch it, its pretty neat! Dad thank you for the crazy doctrinal talk I am so excited to find out the answer haha love ya daddio, by the way I didnt forget about you but HAPPPPY B-DAY this week Dad oh Dad! There are good things waiting in store for you ;) Party like you are 20 daddy love ya! Alexis you went on California Screamin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOCO!!!!!!  2 times good night after 2 times I get sick, I will have to challenge to 3 then! Lumps I sure do love you, hope everything is rico your way ha! :) LOVE you all, momma sure if you want to send the shoes go right ahead Im down. But I am not in desperate need for them, but I wouldnt mind having them and another package YAY! Have an awesome week, eat some ice cream for me at the party! Love guys too much! ps sorry the email is a little shorter

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie 
Elder Ivie in his dream truck!

Elder Guix getting ready for some 'heavy work'!  Service project in Varela Aug. 2014

Cement pad that we laid down for a patio!

Service project ROCKED!  Love that face :-)

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