Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, September 8, 2014

BAUTIZAR!...(50th email)

Oh family,
                Wow another week of insanity but awesomeness as you guys can tell from the pics!! J I guess I can say Ïm not in Varela anymore¨! Haha however I do miss that place gotta admit, lots of good friendships over there! I think it is easier to befriend people over there because well there aren’t as many!
                Ha but anyways Thursday was an amazing day! J As a Zone we had the opportunity to go to Carrasco and have interviews with Pres. Cook and go to the one and only temple in Uruguay!! AHH 2 times in a year yeah baby! And boy was it amazing, Pres. Cook had some great advice for me, I say this everytime but that man has one Spirit of Love and Comfort that just hits you soo hard. I can feel the love he has for me and for the work of the Lord! I love that man and also his hilarious wife! He taught me how that spirit works and the Doctrine of Prayer. He described to me the importance of the Godhead and their role in Prayer but in a super complex but obvious way! I cant even describe it to you guys, it blew my mind and made me want to study it more because I kind of already forgot how he phrased it! After that we had lunch in the mission home and went to the temple. Ahhh the temple was so good, I got some awesome spiritual guidance and revelation this time. I found something that I knew before but it blew my mind what I felt in the temple. I opened up to D&C 101, I had to look a little bit but when I found it, it was an answer to my prayer!! I will let you guys study for yourselves but for me it hit me like a wall how amazing it was! J
                And Saturday was the big day, the big day for BAPTISMS!! We had 3 baptisms lined up for this week, and they all got baptized!! J2 of our investigators M and B, which is the sister of G who got baptized last week! An important thing that my comp. taught me this week was the best way to work in Missionary Work is thought REFS. Or referrals in USA! Haha and that’s exactly what happened, B is the sister of G and M is one of their friends! We are seeing so many miracles here in Aeroparque, people are just sharing the gospel left and right and how I am grateful for that help and support! The Lord is hastening His work here and now in this ward and it is quite amazing to see and participate in it! J We also had 9 inv. in church this week with 33 lessons with members! As you guys can see the members are helping a bunch and we are seeing a lot of success here! Oh yeah also yesterday some recent converts got confirmed along with M and B, K and P!! Ahh I am so excited for this week! We don’t have any baptisms lined up this week sadly, but I am still super happy and excited to see people making the best decision they could make in their lives! J The Lord has really been blessing us this week!
                I don’t know if I am missing anything right now but I gots to go!! I love you guys SO SO SO SO SO much! I will send more photos next week I ran out of time! J Have an awesome week, and so happy you guys got to see the fam. This week!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Baptism of Melanie in Montevideo September 6, 2014

Melanie & Brandy on their baptism day 

La Playa (beach) in Montevideo

It's been awhile since Elder Ivie has touched sand!

Uruguay Stadium Centenario-SO COOL!!  Elder Ivie loves soccer!

La Playa (panoramic shot) :-)

Elder Ivie has missed McDonald's, as you can tell!!  :-)

MICKEY D'S :-)  ;-)

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