Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, October 13, 2014

Anda che! (55th email)

Hello my gorgeous family!
                What a new change here in Aeroparque! How things over there in Tierra alta!? ;) Love you guys! Whats new? How was the big girls bday?! I bet you all partied hard eh!?
                Things have changed a lot here in Aeroparque, I am with Elder Petersen now, hes from good ol´Eagle Mt! Gotta love them gringos. He is cool, he is a great missionary very obedient and helps me be more obedient. He´s only got 6 weeks more than me, so we are both youngens chillin´in Montevideo! We also got 'a new to the misión' missionary in the house Elder Cannon from Dallas, Texas. Its hilarious to see what he does because he says exactly what I used to say! He´s a funny kid! Lets just say it should be a good change with the newbies…I hope.
                Not too much happened this week to be honest but it was a good one. Tuesday E´Aguilera said bye bye to everybody, and Wednesday we headed off to Malvin, Montevideo for changes! I got to see some of my amigos like usual Elder Wilson, Massey, other cool people from my group! J I met my comp. and then we bounced! This week was mainly just getting to know the Ward and our investigators for my comp. It always takes a bit to get comfortable with the new area, comp. and Ward. Should be a great change! Yesterday we had 4 people committ to come to church but they all were sick or slept in L It didnt turnout as well as we hoped but on the bright side Tatiana got confirmed yesterday! J She is quite the interesting-awesome girl she reminds me a lot of you Alexis. I guess every Little girl reminds me of you! And with Sofie, that got baptized 2 weeks ago turns out she got sick yesterday and couldnt come to church to get confirmed. L Hopefully next week! Other than that we are working with a few of Tatiana's siblings and her mom so that they can come back to church because a long time ago they were comin to church but they never got baptized! It would be awesome to get Tatiana some more support in that way. J
                On Friday, we had a Zone Conf. and they shared an awesome scripture in Ether 6 about the Brother of Jared and when God lit the rocks. In verses 2-3 our ZL´s replaced the words ¨stones¨with the word ¨missionaries¨us whatta ya know! But it was super scriptual, they taught us that we are exactly like the stones that gave light to chase the darkness away in the barges! This is what we have been called to do, to invite ALL to come unto Christ. And as we all know Christ name is the Light of the World! We already have this light, we already know it exists however as missionaries we need to lead those people out of their own personal confusión and darkness. Quite simple but an amazing and super principle to keep in mind! To keep shining bright for those who need it! J Just as Wiley Payne Allred was, he gave everything for the church. His testimony just inspired me to keep spreading this work. What a true disciple to Prophet of God he was! Thanks for sharing that with me Daddio. I will definitely use his inspiring testimony, as well as yours and mine to testify the truth of this work! J

Ummmmm what is this really happening?!?! Hermana Irvine is already coming home from her mish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok we are too old, this has got to stop! GOOODNIGHT wow I remember saying bye to her just like it was yesterday!!! Good gravy!! I dont know what to say, her email was really touching though, that should be exciting to see her again. Momma Im glad it was a good sports week, what ballers and of course I remember Melvin Gordon how could a forget a beast like that? Well I hope to see pics next week of Moab and Alexis´s bday!! :) You guys are the best, party it up in Moab for me, get some Moab Diner and Ye Ol´ Geezer for me! Haha have an awesome time, miss you and love you all forever and always!!!!!!!!!!!! :):) PS. I might get the 2nd package tomorrow seria buenaso!

**Here's that brief testimony of Willey Payne Allred (a distant relative)Tyler talked about:
He was very stern, yet kind and tenderhearted. When he was 78 years old he rode a white horse from Emery to Fountain Green and said he was not very tired as he could get off and walk the rest himself. He had a very strong testimony of the gospel and proclaimed right up to his dying day that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God, A while before his death he dictated his testimony to his granddaughter, Mary Johannah Allred. She wrote it in her autograph book and he signed his name. His hand was very snaky and trembling, but the words he dictated rang strong and true, They are as follows: "Joseph Smith was the greatest man I have ever known, and a true Prophet of God." signed, Wiley Payne Allred. He passed away March 28, 1912, at Emery Utah, at the age of 94. A true and faithful Latter Day Saint.
Elder Aguilera & Elder Ivie being guapo--Oct 2014

Elder Peterson & Elder Ivie after going through a muddy field in a rainstorm--Oct 2014

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