Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, January 19, 2015

Buena Italia! (69th email)

Good Afternoon my dear family!

Tis´ another week has past! Wow time does fly by especially seeing those pics that you sent me Mom & Dad! LOVE! :) Thank you I almost shed a joyful tear of the good memories and hugs we've had! Haha anyways it was a better week here in Bella Italia for us. Yes Mom I'm eating good, the members feed us here like everyday! :) Shakira is cluckin´ around like usual, she is like 15 years old and she lays an egg like every 2-3 days! She's a boss. Lindsay it is super great to hear that you have BOUGHT Rosetta Stone and you will be learning from the Natives! I love it, you've gotten serious now cant wait to chat up with ya. However I will for sure be teaching you the Uruguay accent, none of that Peru nonsense jk! But really Uruguay accent is the bomb. Alexis the sewing queen, atta go girl already preparing for motherhood eh?! Im super glad you enjoy it, you need to teach me but really. Sounds like you are on the hyper side, I guess all of us go through that stage, Mom, Dad, and Linds good luck with that one haha. Mom thanks for the awesome quotes and talks on hope/light, really an awesome truth to remember there thanks so much. However what do you mean you are DONE with the sports? Details what happened?! Maybe I dont want to know....well anyways that stinks :( DAD!  Crazy things happening!  Im pumped for you, especially if you arent as busy and not going to crazy. I would love to hear details as time goes on.

Anyways quickly on to my week, we had a good week! Tuesday I had a chance to go to the big boys house again!!!! Yep we went back to Malvin for a Multi-Zone Conference, all the Zones of Montevideo went which is like 4! Yeah so it was awesome I got to see my friends from my past zones, ate some Subway for lunch, learning how to bring the Spirit better and more into the charlas that we have with our investigators and last of all learned about some Family History interestingly enough! I think we are going to be doing some of that ourselves in the upcoming months so we can help the recent converts and our investigators get involved in it! Wow I was quite surprised the church is hauling with the familiy history. Yeah I am a little behind, as you can tell but anyways it was an awesome conference. Also we had a couple of intercambios with other missionaries. I got to work with a super newbie Elder Holmes. And while we were working a former investigator approached us in the street, his name is W and said hey what happened? My baptism is tomorrow right? Its was crazy because we talked to him in the street but we were never able to find his house. But the Lord blessed us with a miracle and luckily he found US again! :) He rememberd that we had scheduled a baptism date for this week with him. But obviously we got to get him to church, and have him take the charlas! So yeah sorry I am being very brief because I am running out of time but yeah miracles here in Bella Italia! :) Also S's family is starting to go to church again, and once they get reactivated we can schedule a date for S to get baptized, because he wants to! So yeah we are hoping the best for these 2! :) Thanks for all the prayers! 

Thats all folks! It should be a good week ahead of us. Recently our mission just started this new program to get the members involved more and in a more EFFECTIVE way! :) Which is key, so yeah we got a few meetings this week to talk about it and I am super excited. This really is a Marvellous Work & a Wonder! :) Love you guys TOO MUCH! Thanks for everything have a killer week, see ya

Les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie
Montevideo Uruguay Mission--Dec '14

MultiZone (Montevideo) Conference--Jan '15

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