Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, January 5, 2015

Bella Italia part dos! (67th email)


Yes I made it safely here in Bella Italia! I am basically just in downtown Montevideo now and interestingly enough I can still SEE the airport from my area! I think there might be 1 area splitting Aeroparque and Bella Italia. But Im in a different Zone, crazy right?! But yeah I like it here, I cant lie its been a little tough week finding some people. Yesterday our only progressing inv. L texted us and said that she doesnt want to keep taking the charlas!!
:( That was a little strong blow HOWEVER we are moving forward with faith! Its been a little tough for me being Sen. Comp. too. Its hard for me to take the lead on some things but, I am very convinced that I was sent here to Bella Italia so that Elder Olsen could help me out! He is awesome, really direct and isn't scared of anything. I get along with him, I just hope the feeling is mutual! I can tell we have a lot of differences but hey we are meant to be companions and I am very excited to work with him and get to know him more this change! :)

Its been quite the crazy week though as usual! Since last P-day me and E' Petersen had to go say bye to a few people. Pretty sad I gotta admit but thats how the mission is! You get so close to these people because I love them and really was grateful to meet them and serve them! I think saying bye to Estefany (Recent Convert) and her family was the hardest for us! E' Petersen and I got so close to her because she was so awesome, and so prepared! We were so blessed to teach her and see her get baptized. Lots of crying too but not from us fortunately, but almost from me! Ahh well I had some great/challenging times in Aeroparque but I am better because of them! I know the Lord needs me here in Bella Italia! Oh yeah other facts that I havent really told you guys. Elder Olsen is from Kansas City, Kansas! Hehe, he's got a funny accent. Umm Bella Italia is a ward about 60-70 strong and it belongs to the MaroƱas Stake! We are the only 2 here in this ward BUT it is a big area like always! We have a chicken in the house...well in the backyard, named Shakira!!!!! THE BEST!! She is hilarious and fat always cluckin' for food. I will have to take a picture with her and send it to you guys next week! :)

By the way thanks for all the emails this week! Its the BEST to here from just about all of you!! :) Good news about 'dem Badgers!!!! TOO SICK! My boys got a HUGE game this week! And to answer your question, why not!! I would love them! I love those Gingerbreads the only weird thing is it blazing hot here!! But anyways YES mom I want them! :) Linds remember when we found Alexis's old cup of Hot chocolate with the mushy gingerbread cookies in it! Hahahaha dont ask me how I remember that experience but it scarred me for life! Anyways anything else I need, nah...nothing I really need need. Stuff that would really yummy to have would be like cookie/cake mixes, mac n' cheese, peanut butter, just stuff that can be easily made that I really miss! Haha BUT mom it really isnt that necessary. And you dont have to send me all of it at once! Thanks momma! I am so blessed to have a Momisis like you Momma! LOVE packages! :) Haha

Anyways that its for the week, here we go, week DOS in Bella Italia, wish us luck and many prayers! :) I love life and the mission! Have a great week everybody, it was awesome seeing a picture of Eldine! I miss that sweet lady! Walkin' her to her house every Sunday.... :) LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie

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